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"How Much Do I Need To List To Make A Living On eBay?" This is one of the most common questions that people ask us. The person knows they want to quit their job, they're ready to courageously take the jump, and all they want to know if what they should do. All we can ever say is: "it depends", or "read our Manifesto".

This question especially becomes urgent as the slow summer sales begin and new sellers get totally freaked out because they aren't making the same money they did during the busy holiday season. We point folks to a podcast we did last year on The Scavenger Equation. In the simplest terms, the amount of items you need to sell depends on how much your expenses are each month. If you live an expensive life with heavy debt, you need to sell a whole lot of old shoes. If you are frugal like us and have no debt, selling becomes a much more casual endeavor.

If you ask this question to a hundred eBay sellers, you'll get a hundred different answers because we each have our own equation. Some scavengers have five kids and another on the way. Some have no kids and only have a cats to take care of. Some of us are just out of college and need to pay off student debt, while others are in retirement and just supplementing social security income. No one can really tell you how much you need to sell on eBay to make a living. You have to do the dirty work of working out a realistic monthly budget, cut out as many expenses as you can, and start listing.

In this episode, I mention this article about a whole batch of new online services that help people sell their stuff. These are the high end folks! They'll always be leaving stuff for us Scavengers to find and sell.

 Our Store Week May 22-28, 2016
  • Store #1
  • Total Items in Store: 3698
  • Items Sold: 23
  • Cost of Items Sold: $91
  • Total Sales: $857.65
  • Highest Price Sold: $150 (vintage headboard)
  • Average Price Sold: $37.28
  • Returns: 0
  • Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $100
  • Number of items listed this week: 84

  • ----------
  • Amazon FBA Store
  • Number of items sold: 14
  • Amazon total sales: $145.27
  • Amazon FBA Fees: $75
  • COGS (shipment to FBA included): $10
  • Net profit after COGS: $60

  • Bonanza:
  • Sold 0 items
  • ----------

  • Store #2
  • Total Items in Store: 882
  • Items Sold: 10
  • Cost of Items Sold: $22
  • Total Sales: $431.61
  • Highest Price Sold: $90 (leather garment luggage)
  • Average Price Sold: $43.16
  • Returns: 0
  • Number of items listed this week: 20


  1. Week May 22-28, 2016
    Total Items in Store: 721
    Items Sold: 3
    Cost of Items Sold: $90
    Total Sales: $200
    Highest Price Sold: $115 (NIB Waterford Glasses)
    Average Price Sold: $67
    Returns: 0
    Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $360
    Number of items listed this week: 34

    Blah, dead week. Three sales is pretty much the worst I've had in months. Although, 2 of the sales were higher dollar. The Waterford glasses were a shot at retail arbitrage - Marshalls had Waterford glass sets for $85 so I thought I could get $200+ for them, but I assume everyone had the same idea because the Amazon & eBay prices were a race to the bottom. I'm actually surprised that I got $115. The other bigger sale was much more in my wheelhouse - a WWII watch sold for $70 best offer, paid $5 for it and had it quickly serviced just to make sure it worked.

    Since I had off on Friday for the long holiday weekend, went to a sale that looked really promising from the photos - a little bit of something for everyone: original Star Wars toy with their original boxes, 1970s Pink Floyd/Led Zeppelin/Rolling Stones t shirts, WWII memorabilia, train sets & accessories, primitives, housewares, jewelry, and much much more. I got there about half hour before opening and I was #91 on the list. Boo. As I stood there waiting in line I saw piece after piece of things I wanted - the rock Ts, a lot of the Star Wars stuff, railroad lanterns, person after person with multiple boxes. But, I got in and was shocked at how much was still there. Bought $300 worth of Star Wars toys (listed all for at least 3x-4x what I paid), rock tour pins & buttons from Zeppelin/Floyd/Iron Maiden/Rush/The Who, 2 small ounce bags of original 1950s Lionel coal & grass for your set ups, a 1982 Sanyo Boombox (thanks again Steve!), and a few other odds & ends.

    Used yesterday & today to get everything listed.

    1. Good point about really good Estate sales, I have gotten into the habit of going later and still find great stuff at good ones, yes it is frustrating to see great stuff you missed walk by, but being able to buy other good stuff more than makes up for it.+

    2. We went to an estate sale yesterday in the last hour on purpose. Everything was 50%. Only two other people there. We had the time to look through everything in peace and quit. Unfortunately there wasn;t much we liked, but Ryanne got a nice piece of jewelry that might be a surprise big sale.

      For me, I hate the frenzy of an estate sale that's just started.

    3. I wish there were more estate sales here. There's about 1 or 2 a week max. We went to one this weekend on the 2nd day and they had a sign that said everything under 150 dollars is 75% off. That is when learned I suck at estate sales. For some reason I feel overwhelmed by the setup and can't pick stuff the way I would in a store. It's a similar feeling to being at an antique mall where everything could be something. I didn't buy anything and I was sort of mad at myself. I did pet a really cute dog though. For people who go a lot, what is your system?

    4. I go in with a couple canvas shopping bags and grab anything that's even remotely interesting, I go through each room twice starting in the basement. I then find a quiet corner and look the stuff up, if it's not worth my time to list I just put it down on the nearest table.

      I hate the frenzy of the being first but I love the stuff I find, I'm usually in the first ten they let through the door.

    5. Garage sales are more my thing but I'll stop in at an estate sale if I pass one while out at garage sales. Something they do around here that drives me nuts, the estate sale companies will partner up with a real estate agent that is trying to sell an empty house. Basically you go to what you think is a normal estate sale and what you get is an empty house that is for sale where they carted in whatever was left over from previous sales/auctions. These are a big waste of time in my opinion.

    6. Ha. I've heard of other estate liquidators doing this. They stage the house as an estate sale to "upsell" the discarded items. I guess the real estate agents get foot traffic. But if the house is nicer than the items in the sale, the house can fool you into thinking they're more desirable than they are.

    7. Several of the estate sales I've been to lately have definitely been "salted" with items from local thrift shops and other sales. Annoying. I'd much rather buy marked-down estate sale leftovers from the thrift shop than overpriced thrift shop picks from an estate sale company!!!

    8. Kate, they do the same thing here too but I'm not sure it's from thrift shops. I suspect that the estate sale companies offer to buy items that don't sell and then they bring those items to the next sale. I think they do this partially to "fill out" a sale but it becomes very obvious sometimes when you see multiples of the same type of item and you know that one person wouldn't own that many of the same thing. My impression of estate sales by me is that they are simply too expensive when they are run by one of these professional companies.

    9. Personally, I prefer estate sales to yard sales or thrift stores. By seeing the way the person lived, I can try to piece together a story about them. Were they simply hoarders? Were they collectors? If they were collectors, generally things are kept nicer, sometimes you'll find something more rare, etc. Sometimes you pay a premium for that, but it helps me tell a story in my listings for higher dollar items. If you have a half a million dollar home, fine furniture, Hermes scarves, a Burberry jacket, I feel comfortable that the Chanel purse is legit.

  2. I'm wondering if I can have some help with Bonanza. My eBay store and Bonanza store are linked up. Yesterday I had a paypal notification stating i received money on a Bonanza sale. Cool. The only problem is that the item actually sold on eBay already, months ago. I thought eBay and Bonanza are supposed to stay synched up. I plan on refunding the buyer on paypal but I don't see anywhere on Bonanza to cancel the sale. Any advice on canceling the sale and avoiding this situation in the future? Thanks

    1. I have my Bonanza & eBay synced as well and haven't run into this problem when selling on eBay. I do, however, have to end an item on eBay when it sells on Bonanza - the sync is on the Bonanza side and not the eBay side.

      I think some callers a while back mentioned something about duplicate listings like this and really the only solve is to do spot checks of inventory every so often.

    2. yeah that's weird, it should have synced up so that Bonanza knew you had already sold that. they do have a click box now where you can have Bonanza end your listing on ebay when it sells. i'd be hard pressed to tell you where it is though. maybe get on the Bonanza help forum and ask for a look at why that happened.

    3. I have my Bonanza store setup to sync with eBay everyday, which removes any items from Bonanza that have already sold. I don't really sell enough on Bonanza to worry about it more than that.

    4. I had this problem until I changed my Bonanza settings to remove any items that ended on ebay. If I ever had an item go unpaid or had to cancel and relist I would have 2-3 of the same item on Bonanza.

  3. First of all, I am posting from an ancient laptop since I woke up this morning to a fried hard drive--I suppose that I will lose my scavenger club card, but instead of having it repaired I bought myself a nice new laptop on Amazon--forgot to mention that I had busted the LCD on my laptop a few months ago, so I went new (lucky that I had money for such an emergency.) Anyway, I won't be able to listen to the actual podcast for a few days. Still will post my stats:

    Total Items in Store: 161 on ebay, and 290 on Etsy (I had planned to get up to 300 but I can't list anything from this laptop alas.)
    Items Sold: 1 on ebay, 7 on etsy
    Total Sales: $268
    Highest Price Sold: $95 fur on etsy
    Average Price Sold: $33.50
    Returns: 0
    International sales:1

    From nearly $700 last week to less than 3 this week. Yes the summer is slow, the worst is that ebay yielded ONE sale, now that is really bad--I did turn down a couple of low ball offers because they entailed elaborate packing jobs to Interntional buyers, so no thanks, my labor has some value, LOL.

    1. Sometimes it's good to buy a new. Computers are relatively cheap these days. Need to invest in the tools of the trade.

  4. This is Sonia.

    Which tool do are people using to calculate weekly numbers posted here? It looks like I can get the info from Sales Reports, but ebay hasn't posted the report for last week yet, at least for me. I'm not on Seller Hub - maybe it's there. I've pulled these rather awkwardly from my own spreadsheet.

    Total Items in Store: 231
    Items Sold: 8
    Total Sales: $180 (not including shipping)
    Highest Price Sold: $44 (1980s sequined top)
    Average Price Sold: $22.50
    Returns: 0
    International Sales: 1
    Money Spent on New Inventory: $100

    My favorite sale this week is the $44 vintage (1980s) sequined evening jacket by Laurence Kazar, that I got at a church rummage sale for 50 cents. Also glad to pass the $20 ASP mark, and hope it keeps climbing as I try to be more disciplined in my scavenging and pass on items that I think are really cool but won't sell for much and things that are perfect but priced way too high.

    My goal right now is to try to focus on listing the backlog of items that has been building up, and try to avoid the strong pull of the treasure hunt for a while. Really difficult when I keep passing all these yard sale signs all over the place!

    1. There's no specific tool to find your sales numbers. Just go to 'sold items" and sort by what sold that week. Then it just takes some minor calculations.

    2. Thanks Jay!

  5. 5/22-5/28/16
    Total items in store: 362
    Items sold: 11
    Cost of Items Sold: $14.36 retail + $24.50 thrift + $5.85 consignment
    Total Sales: $272.11
    Avg. price: $24.74
    Highest price item: $64.00 New Vineyard Vines Sherpa Vest
    International sales: 0
    Returns: 0
    Money spent on new inventory: 0
    Number of items listed: 12

    This was a great week for me. It was the first time over $200 in 2 months. I sold 5 more items than last week. I've also sold 2 items today. I had 3 sales to states I had not sold to this year, ND, SD and WY.

  6. Items in store: 279
    Items sold: 15
    COGs avg: $2.10
    Total sales: $387.25
    Avg sale price: $25.82 (higher than usual because of $100 Brooks Bros blazer sold (paid $2.50 for))

    Broke sales record previously held by last week. This week I will be meeting my eBay limits of 330 sold/listed (can't get my raise until June 11th). All of my listings are free shipping but this week I will add $5.99 flat shipping to all of my listings. This is an experiment brought about by the discussions with Tom. My store should be about the same size throughout the week due to my limits. The idea is that I am able to still have as many sales as previous weeks except with more profits.

    1. It's great to hear your progress as you keep growing your store. Hopefully this helps other new sellers see the work and evolving that it takes.

      As far as your experiment of free shipping vs calculated shipping, remember that it'll take more than one week of data to help you make a decision.

  7. I think I commented too late on the last post, so here is the ol' cut and paste:

    I don't ever do free shipping, but the 20% off FVF doesn't apply to shipping, so wouldn't it make some difference if you only did free shipping and were getting 20% FVF off the item price? I haven't figured out if it would end up a wash. Has anyone considered this?

    I was also thinking, until I'm doing R&J level sales, the TRS FVF discount might not add up to enough to put myself under the gun of same or 1-day shipping.

    Which reminds me, I recently ran across a huge volume seller who had 99.9% positive feedback, offers fast and free shipping, but wasn't a TRS. Didn't quite understand that...

    1. "Fast and Free Shipping" =
      --the listing offers free shipping
      --both the buyer and the seller are in the US
      --there is a high probability that the item will be delivered within 4 business days or less

      So it doesnt mean the item is shipping the Next Day which is a requirement for Top Rated Sellers.

  8. The 20% off is only on the Ebay fees for sold items. It is not on the shipping or the store cost or the listing fees. In reality it's a pretty low number. If you sell $3000 a month and pay 10% (really pay less) that's $300 and 20% of that is $60. If you sell $1500 then your monthly savings would be $30. Yes free shipping would enable you to get the 20% on shipping, provided the sale price with free shipping is the same as you were getting plus shipping.

    I often wonder if I should get off the next day shipping. The Post office is 1/2 mile from my house, so I have all kinds of options.

    1. We do next day shipping because we we are able to. I honestly don't think it would affect your sales significantly if you did three day shipping.

      What I do think is short-sighted is when sellers say they only ship once a week. I know that seemed to be a popular system in the early days of eBay because it was convenient.

      If a seller simply cannot ship regularly, then I guess that's the way it is. But shipping every morning seems doable for many sellers. It seems smarter as well to ship 3-4 packages each day versus shipping 30 in one day.

  9. Store Week 5/22-5/28

    Total items in store: 723
    Items sold: 7
    Cost of items sold: $3.06
    Total sales: $163.95
    Highest price sold: $45.00 (Eddie Bauer down vest)
    Average price sold: $23.42
    International Sales: 0
    Returns: 0
    Money spent on new inventory this week: 0

    Another very slow week. But I got the down vest for free out of a lost and found cleanout at my work, so at least that was a win for the week!

  10. Total Items in Store: 634 (609 last month)
    Items Sold: 63 (50 last month)
    Cost of Items Sold: $159 ($175 last month)
    Total Sales: $1,151 ($904 last month)
    Highest Price Sold: $70 - Charm Bracelet and charms
    Average Price Sold: $18.26 ($18.08 last month)
    International Sales: 4 GSP
    Number of items listed: 65 (47 last month)
    Spent on new inventory: $261.50 ($591 last month)

    10 of the items I listed in May sold in May.

    I bought a lot of about 25 gun manuals at an
    estate sale. When I got home and checked on
    eBay, I learned that 5 of them are not allowed
    because they have information about converting
    guns. I should do okay on the other ones.

    Is anybody thinking of going to the eBay thing
    in Las Vegas? The party and food part sounds
    good, but I think I will get better eBay info
    here from J&R and the other members of this board.
    Thank you all.

    1. WOW!!! great sales! Thanks for sharing and giving us hope:)

    2. My numbers for May just increased some. I just sold another old computer core memory card for $150 (best offer- pending payment) and received another best offer of $50 for another item which I will probably accept shortly. Busy holiday.

  11. I have a 12' rug that weighs about 40 lbs that I am planning to list for $1000+. I have never listed anything this heavy nor expensive before and I have only used USPS so far. Which shipping service is preferable for something so large and expensive?

    1. i think FedEx ground is going to be the best price for shipping this. plus ShipSaver insurance for the price. once you photograph it, you should wrap it up so you'll know the size and weight to put in the calculated shipping price. good luck! i would love to see the listing once it's up.

    2. This is Sonia. I just sold my first rug! A braided wool rug for $100 that I bought for $25. I looked into FedEx ground, which does have the best prices, but I'm out in the boonies like J&R, and this sale isn't high enough profit to justify driving 2 hours (1 hr each way) to the nearest FedEx ship center, so I'm going with USPS. Luckily the buyer was okay with it. Probably should have priced more aggressively, but I was very hesitant b/c it's my first experience selling a rug and I panicked when I noticed a whole bunch of flaws when I looked at it closely at home.

  12. May 22-28
    Total Items in Store: 198
    Items Sold: 8
    Cost of Items Sold: $66.25
    Average Cost of Items Sold: $8.28
    Total Sales: $389.90
    Highest Price Sold: $99.99 (Handbag)
    Average Price Sold: $48.74
    Returns: 0
    Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $203.46
    Number of items listed this week: 16

    Fairly slow sales week but, like you, I've come to expect that this time of year. Picking/Shopping has been good.

  13. 5/22 – 5/28

    Total Items in store: 463
    Items sold: 12
    Cost of items sold: approx. $53.25
    Total Sales: $315
    Highest price sold: $70 vintage post cards
    Average price sold: $26.25
    Int’l sales: 0
    Returns: 0
    Number of items listed this week: 0
    Amazon disbursement - $244 – includes ebay to amazon and thrift store
    Full time ebay goal - March 2018

    Ebay to Amazon experiment – Had 1 sales. Cost $30. Sold $72. Amazon fees $11 (15%). Profit $31. Average profit per sale $31.

    I made a return this week for an item I had purchased. It was listed as new. There were 2 pictures that were not very revealing. When I received the item and opened it, it was obviously not new, in very good condition, but not new. I messaged the seller, he called me and proceeded to lecture me about how his item was not new, but it was in great condition. I told him it was not new, and I could not pay the new price for it (there is a large discrepancy between new and used on ebay). He asked me if I was a reseller, and I told him I was, then he went on a rant about resellers screwing him and messing his rating up. I just kinda laughed and told him again you cannot list the item as new when it is used.

    1. I bet he thought darn he can't get over on you because your a reseller too. Even if he thought it was new due to its condition he still could have described it better so there's no confusion. I do hate that sometimes it doesn't give you a like new option when something is new but maybe out of its wrapper or the box has a ding but there's no new with defects option. I don't get why every option isn't always available. Glad you held your ground. If he's noticing a trend then that should tell him he needs to do better.

  14. Retro Treasures WVMay 30, 2016 at 10:11 AM

    Weekly numbers

    Items in store: 314
    Items sold: 13 (1 Bonanaza, 2 Facebook, 10 ebay)
    Sales: $915.72
    COGS: $240
    Profit: $675.72
    Average profit: $51.98
    Best item: Grave Digger Power Wheels $275, New Nintendo 3DS $262

    Amazon FBA numbers:
    Items sold:4
    Fees: $40.59
    COGS: $20
    Profit: $53.37

    Pretty good sales this week. The 3DS and Power wheels were awesome sales!
    The 3DS was a special edition Zelda 3DS and was brand new.

    I'm finally tackling my storage organization issues. I got an Edsal 60"x24"x72" metal storage rack on amazon. It works great! I can put 20 of my 18 gallon storage tubs on it. I ordered 2 more. At $100 each they are an awesome deal.

    I'm getting all my unlisted inventory organized into clear tubs and on shelves. It will make my listing much more efficient.

    Have a great week everyone!

    1. That's smart. Good solid shelving is a must, especially if you plan to load on so many bins. We found that just making shelves out of 2 x 4's and plywood works well too if you can drill into the wall.

    2. Retro Treasures WVMay 30, 2016 at 12:05 PM

      The back of my storage shed I made wooden shelves. They are incredibly sturdy and are great. Once I found these metal ones though at the $99 shipped price point, the time it would take to make more wooden ones wasn't worth it.

    3. Cool. Any chance that the shelves would fall over with 18 plastic bins on them? I know we pack in some heavy items.

    4. Costco has baker's racks and some heavy duty steel racks that range from $80 to $200. They hold a lot of weight.
      For the baker's racks you can buy plastic shelf liners to make a solid surface, but I've just been using cardboard.

      Also, I'm a fan of the Sterilite clear gasket boxes. Every couple of months I can usually find them on sale for about 1/2 off from various big retailers in my town. They must be getting popular because I just saw in an ad that ziplock is now making similar boxes.

      I agree with Jay. If you can, it's always a good idea to secure big racks or even bookshelves to walls. Also shimming the bottom to make them level (or even very slightly angle back) is usually beneficial. Just make sure your shims are stable.

    5. Retro Treasures WVMay 30, 2016 at 4:00 PM

      The shelf I got are rated for 5000 lbs. I also secure them to the walls. I ordered two more that will run out into the room and I'll run some wire to the roof rafters to keep them from tipping over.
      The wood ones I made I can climb on and I'm a big guy. They are also screwed into the walls.

  15. Ryanne and I been doing some googling about an issue. Thought someone here might have a better solution.

    How do you test a charger without a battery? Like those chargers for power tool batteries?

    1. I use a multi meter volt tester, they're pretty cheap.

    2. i have one of those, i'll pull it out and see if i can figure it out.

    3. I take a photo of the meter hooked up to whatever charger I'm selling showing the readout and include it in the listing.

    4. I have a broken multimeter. I guess I'm going to have to get a multimeter to test my multimeter... ;)

    5. Careful or they'll multiply.

  16. Total Items in Store: 318
    Items Sold: 4
    Cost of Items Sold: $88 (one was a gift that didn't fit - free)
    Total Sales: $192
    Highest Price Sold: $119 (New sheet set; paid $68 on clearance)
    Average Price Sold: $48
    Returns & GSP sales: 0
    Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $13
    Number of items listed this week: 4

    Sales are dead this holiday weekend for me - running a sale, two auctions, ended a few listings. Only new RA items sold this week and at the pre-sale prices.

    Listing and buying was quiet this week as I tackled some life business and planning. Going to be having my rotator cuff repair surgery and unable to use my right arm for six weeks in the Fall. I'll be off my other job and need to consider how much Ebay I'll be able to accomplish. Does anyone use voice recognition to list? Maybe I'll put the 13 year old to work. In the meantime, need to step up the listing on my backlog.

    I went to the Habitat Restore this week. Their hours are limited and I don't get there often. They had some awesome items and I bought a couple of small mid-century light fixtures to resell. Blows my mind how much stuff there is if only I could get more listed! I'm about a year and half into this and I need to learn to avoid picking items that will yield <$20 due to my own Equation. Time is the kicker for me but I'm hooked on this. BTW, that was one of my very favorite episodes you made. Have a great week everyone.

    1. Quick note to booksellers. I bought a set of Madonna's English Roses books on Ebay this week. We have Prime but no sets were offered. Sets of children's books seem like a great reseller item to me, even if you have to create the listing. I didn't want to go through on Amazon and read all of the damage descriptions and put them all in my cart.

    2. The Habitat ReStore in my area has become ridiculously expensive. Seems like they have followed Goodwill, St. Vinnie's, et. al. Not complaining, I go elsewhere, but it's still a bummer.

    3. I used to love my restore place but they moved to a larger building and now it's set up like mini rooms in a house. Everything is super expensive and I was told they have someone who researches everything they get in of value and prices it accordingly. It's still good for furniture and bubble wrap due to the sales they run. I do miss the old hodge podge version though.

    4. Yes, I noticed some things were priced high for what they were. The light fixtures I bought were on the bottom shelf and apparently not considered valuable at $3 each. Smoked glass midcentury outdoor sconce and an aluminum bullet indoor sconce. Like GW it might depend on who is pricing.

    5. I think it also matters what part of the country a restore (or any thrift store) is in. The restore in Wichita slowly raised prices.The restore in Dillon Colorado used to be reasonable . The next year we went back, most of the furniture had 1st dibs listings with them.Guess they figured most people there were on vacation and would spend money

  17. Store Week 05/22 to 05/28, 2016
    Total Items in Store: 954
    Items Sold: 9 (6 on ebay, 3 on bonanza)
    Cost of items sold: $ 20.75
    Total sales: $ 239.17 ($156.95 ebay, 82.22 bonanza)
    Highest price sold: $ 35 Mens Hawaiian shirt
    Average price sold: $ 26.57
    International sales: 0
    Returns: 2
    Money spent on inventory: $ 40

    I’m working through my death piles and am making some headway. Some of the items were bought when I first started out so I’m picking out the items that I can get a higher price on and then donating the rest.

    Bought a vintage LL Bean leather briefcase at a community yard sale Friday. Very excited to list, prices range from $30 to $199 so I’m listing at the higher end.

    I had 2 returns this week for fit...a hat and a shirt. No big deal but the hat buyer started a return in ebay and then opened a case in Paypal. So I think that the buyer thought they would get their money back and keep the hat if they opened a case. However, paypal is requiring them to return the hat in order to get their money back.

    Back to listing!

  18. May 23-29 2016
    • Total Items in Store: 693
    • Items Sold: 27 eBay 1 Bonanza
    • International 3 GSP
    • Total Sales $1511.71
    • Highest price $200 Sony DVD Recorder (Bonanza)
    • Average Price Sold: $48.59
    • Returns: 0
    • Cost of Items Sold: $80
    • Cost of items purchased this week $50

    I bought a 2004 Dodge Caravan this week, I needed something other than my Civic when I go scavenging as I find myself self limited at times, especially when going to an auction. It's got removable seats so lots of room for stuff and dogs. Asking price was $1800, I offered $1000 and got it for $1200 cash.

    I put it to use Saturday morning, I saw a listing on CL for a pair of Sansui speakers in the free section, what? These are really great vintage speakers so I told him not to give them to anyone else, I'll be right there. I loaded up the dogs and drove south an hour and a half to Yankton.
    The guy bought them in Italy in 1969 while in the service, perfect condition. He said he probably should have charged for them as he had several calls about them. It's good to be first.

    1. you are a true scavenger my friend.

    2. Hey Steven.. Great Deal on the Van. We have been looking for some sort of Van or Turck down Atlanta way but couldn't find much for under $4,000 or so. We just put about $1,200 into fixing up my wife's Lincoln Town Car [front end and 4 new tires] and we are just going to use it like a truck. The Town Car has an enormous trunk and back seat space.
      How many miles on the Caravan. Just looked up a 2004 and only see one within 500 miles of Atlanta with around 190,000 miles and they are asking $4,750.!! Must just be the Atlanta market.
      We also figure for about $250 we can get a trailer hitch put on the Lincoln and get a small trailer if need be for smaller furniture pieces.
      But Great Pick on that Van. mike in Atlanta

    3. Thanks, this one has 170k on it.
      I started looking earlier this spring and the prices have started going down as the temperature has risen. Mini vans for sale are numerous around here as people are now after SUV's so I took advantage and got a vehicle that's in decline as far as popularity.
      I may ditch the Civic when the lease is done and upgrade to a newer model van.
      That Town Car will hold a lot of stuff and used trailers are cheap.

    4. I think that is where we are headed. The Town Car is a 2001 but only has 112,000 miles on it. yep, it does hold a lot, we have gotten coffee tables PLUS end tables, small round and drop leaf tables in it. With the trailer set up, we think we can do a dining table and chairs, hutch [laying down] and few other larger pieces. Then either haul them to our antique booths are into our home storage for the "local pick-up" experiment we are going to try, selling out of our basement storage area. Being a larger car, we think the Lincoln can pull a little weight also. mc in atl.

    5. It would be interesting to hear the vehicles people love for scavenging larger items - or how they make it work. I've considered everything, but there is a premium on new and used SUVs - and gas will go up again. I'm a bit of a car expert and I'm having trouble deciding what my next vehicle will be. I've been tempted to get bigger stuff, so a van is probably in my future. If I can find a good one, the old Toyota Previas were ahead of their time and hold quite a bit. When they go up for sale, they're usually a relatively good deal. I also might keep my eye out for a Honda Element, but they seem like they could be a bit under-powered. If I have to bite the SUV bullet, I'm considering a Ford Escape, but I don't love that option. Anyway, if people have any recommendations based on experience, feel free...

    6. Retro Treasures WVMay 30, 2016 at 3:55 PM

      Can't go wrong with a minivan. Can hold 8 people or 8 sheets of plywood. Doesn't get better than that.

      I myself drive a Chevy Sonic as my daily driver and I love it. With the back seats down it holds a ton. I get picked on at work because it is usually stuffed to the rafters. I'll laugh with them all the way to the bank.

      My family car is a Honda Odyssey minivan. I've hauled huge items, such as pinball machines, while still having my family in the car. If I go by myself and take the middle seats out I can haul more than pretty much any pickup truck can.

    7. I bought one of those 8' by 4' Harbor Freight style trailers years ago for about $300 and never looked back. I only use it about 3 or 4 times a year, but it's real handy and doesn't require extra insurance. The maintenance and registration fees are very minimal. As Long as you have a place to keep it it's a home run and can be towed with just about any car.

      It's light enough that you can moved it around by hand, but has a capacity of 1000 lbs or more depending on what wheels you have on it. I scored because mine had a diamond plate floor on it, but you can also put stake bed sides or box it up, whatever you want.

      It's not near as handy as a minivan or pick up, but I have a station wagon already, so this kind of bridges the gap for me.

    8. My research lead me to the Chrysler products minivan, ideally I wanted a 2005 or newer that had the stow n go seats, no more hauling the seats out when you need room, it's a really nice feature, they just disappear into the floor.
      I love the Previa, I used to be a Toyota mechanic in the mid nineties and although they're solid and dependable they are rear wheel drive which is a consideration in snow country, all wheel was an option but made for lower mpg. The mid engine design made it a little tough to work on without a lift.
      Bonus for mid 2000 Minivans, they still have a cassette player and I have a few of those laying around.

    9. A friend of mine had over 500,000 miles on one of the Toyota minivans and complained when it wouldn't pass emissions. Another friend has over 250,000 miles on a four runner with barely a hiccup. Then again, you worked on them, so I'm not telling you anything you don't know.

      The weak link in the Chryslers are the automatic transmissions.. but for $1200.. who can complain..

    10. Honda Odyssey van can be had for about $3k in the Atlanta area. I went on a website called CarGurus. They are great Vans and top rated. That is my next vehicle, just for scavenging ;)

    11. I have a Toyota Sequoia that we bought new and put 200,000 miles on. When I was ready to purchase a new vehicle (Honda Accord), we kept the Sequoia because it is such a great vehicle. I often use it for thrifting and garage saling. My husband still uses it to pull trailers and haul around tools when he is working on one of our rental properties.

    12. Hey Steven
      I thought about you this weekend when I went to a yard sale in my town. It was being held by a guy whose father owned a stereo/hi-fi shop at some point. The father had put loads of old stereo equipment into storage when he retired. I guess he recently passed away and the son had cleared out the storage but hadn't even opened all the boxes. The son just gave a bunch of yard-sale visitors (including myself) box cutters and we were all madly slicing open the boxes to see what was inside. Loads of old stereo stuff (probably 1990's vintage). I couldn't remember which brands were worth anything and it was a complete feeding frenzy. Most components were $10 each (with no guarantee that they would work) and everyone was required to take a tape deck along with their purchase. I hesitated for way too long but ended up grabbing a couple of things. I haven't looked them up yet but at $10 each, it was no big risk. Anyone that knew what they were doing could have scored big-time.

    13. Sounds like a dream scavenger hunt. Hope you expanded up with some nice stuff.

  19. Our sales are holding at about about 1-2 items per day. We sold 6 items over the holiday weekend so far. We have just over 500 items now. We sold a pair of youth gore-tex ski gloves yesterday to a buyer in Florida! Go figure...
    Good news for us, we have nearly 1000 sourced items on our spreadsheet so we have plenty to list.
    FBA profit for May was about $600 - most sales were summer school textbook sales over the last 2 weeks.

    1. Grandma lives in Florida and she is buying for Christmas!! I have sold snow boots, cashmere sweaters and lots of winter gear to Florida.

  20. A couple of things I wanted to mention today: Firstly, I appreciate y'all's sales vids so much, commenters as well as J & R. I can't edit for shit, even though I took a couple film classes and learned how there, I never liked it or understood it well. Best I can do is a written blog. I've been looking at other vids, most of them are the type that just open tabs on a screen and show you the listing. Some of them are SO boring! They're like, "Here's this box of cleaning solution, [insert 10 min. story about the item.]" Everyone here sells such cool stuff, that makes the vids so interesting.

    Secondly, my neighborhood has some upper class people (we are not, lol) that throw good stuff out all the time. I found a bunch of shoes that looked like they might sell, brands like Ferragamo, Stuart Weitzman, etc. The Weitzman is still in pretty good shape, but the Ferragamos are in somewhat bad shape. Do you only sell those if they are in excellent shape, or do you think they sell regardless?

    1. Judge the Ferragamos like you would any show. Is there still life left in them? Can they get cleaned up? Can they get resoled?

      Ferragamos are dress shows so they need to be able to look "dressy". Obviously different than a pair of work boots.

    2. Thanks, Jay. I literally just found them on the curb before I went to work today, so I only had a few minutes to judge them. They have some spider webs on the inside and a lot of scuffing on the outside by the toe. I might just let them go to GW.

  21. Do we have any camera/photography buffs on here? I use a Canon Rebel T3 DSLR camera to take my eBay photos with. I think it does a pretty good job but I'm not always happy with the stock lens it came with. I think the lens is a Canon Zoom EF-S 18-55mm. It's fine for close-up photos of small items but for larger items I'd like something with a wider angle. Is there anybody with some camera knowledge that could recommend something that's not too pricey? Also, I'm curious what other folks on here use to take photos. Do you use a DSLR or just a point and shoot? Do you use different lenses for different situations or just stick to the stock one?

    1. I just use an Iphone 5. It's not perfect, but it takes better close up pictures than my digital camera which doesn't focus on close up stuff.

    2. I first used my smartphone, but could not get the stampings on jewelry, needed more of a macro. Decided to get a point-n-shoot, the Nikon Coolpix L120. Nikon has good reputation on their macro. It's fast and easy to change settings if needed and just one thing to press for macro mode.

      Got it at a great price on ebay from my sister's boss! He does great service. I asked if it would be good with jewelry and he took some macro zoomed pictures with it and sent them to me and so I bought it. His id is comet_catcher ... not sure what he's got available right now.

    3. I also have a Canon 18-55mm kit lens and use it for virtually all my eBay photography, even though I own other lenses. I think I might have put on a true macro lens once or twice for really small markings, but the 18-55 focuses close enough that I don't normally have to.

      What are you photographing that's so big you need a wider angle than 18mm? At wider angles perspective distortion can make things look weird. I think just backing up more would usually give better results, unless you're limited to a small space and can't.

    4. The 18-55mm kit lens is probably the best for product photography because of it's flexibility. 18mm is very wide. Get a macro lens if you do jewelry or coins as a niche. My body is a Nikon D300 and the Nikon 18-55mm VR lens. I would be interested in getting a mirror-less interchangeable lens camera in the future, anyone have experience with one?

      A tip for cell phone camera users, get a used camera at You need a good camera not for megapixels but for ergonomics (fast work flow) and the white balance (for item exactly as described). You need a tripod too. Look for something with live view so that you can control it from your computer.

    5. Margana and FredsPremium I appreciate the info. I've run into issues with really big stuff like 5'x9' flags or when I have a big video game bundle and want to capture the entire package in one shot for the listing thumbnail.

  22. I'm in the market for a camera too. So many options...would be good to hear what people recommend. Also lighting set-ups might be interesting as well.

    1. Look at my post above.

      Lighting: You can start with a pair of CFL umbrellas or light boxes on Amazon, J&R link to them on Resources link. I, however, am outgrowing CFL lighting. The better and more expensive option is speed light or best is strobe light. I don't own either but it is where I am headed for future setups. You need a tripod. I bought an Amazon Basics tripod to start and its doing good. I would really like a more pro tripod that can do over-head shots (a horizontal arm).

  23. Hi guys,

    This is Vania, long time listener but I rarely post comments.
    I'm doing an experiment with Etsy and am looking for Ebay sellers to collaborate with. If you sell vintage stuff on Ebay, I'll help you selling them on Etsy as well. Email me and I'll explain more details: There's no cost involved and nothing shady lol. Thanks!

  24. Week of May 22-28, 2016
    Total Items in Store: +/- 160
    Items Sold: 10
    Cost of Items Sold: $45
    Total Sales: $530
    Highest Price Sold: $200/plates
    Average Price Sold: $53
    International Sales: 1 GSP

    I haven't even finished listening to the podcast, but wanted to take a minute to post my numbers because, for some reason, these past few weeks have been pretty decent. A buyer contacted me out of the blue to see if some plates I'd had listed months ago (I'd let them expire and not relisted them) were still available, so I relisted them and she bought them for $200. It inspired me to relist a few other listings I'd let fall by the wayside. The kids are out of school in just a few more weeks, so my goal is to ramp up to at least 200, if not 250, listings by then. I've got a ton of decent stuff in the death pile that is our family home, so I think if I can just set aside the time I can do it.

  25. Total Items in Store: 6606
    Items Sold: 136
    Cost of Items Sold: $185
    Total Sales: $2338.69
    Highest Price Sold: Tie 1880 Bible for $90 and Firefighters helmet $90
    Weirdest Sale: Set of 70's Tupperware $7 Found in a storage unit, was going to toss it but figured I would give it a try. Sold in less than a week.
    Average Price Sold: $17.20
    Returns: 6
    Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $132
    Number of items listed this week: 160

    Decent week, figured the long weekend would slow down sales so ran a 15% off promotion. Weekend sales were still slow but had a few nice items sell today and a few offers I have countered. Hopefully they will bite on the increase.

    Customer problems: Guy (kid?) bought a set of magna books, I put in the title complete 1-30, he assumed it was the complete set which is 1-36. Title, picture and description all indicated it was 1-30. He received items and asked for the other six books, immediately left me a negative feedback calling me a crook and a liar ect.. I offered a return and walked him through the steps to submit a return request. He closed the request after I purchased a return label, and refuses to send the books back. He wants the other 6 books or a substantial refund.

    This started last Monday, he continued to send me ridiculous emails filled with mostly all caps messages or excessive explanation marks, finally one of them basically added up to feedback manipulation so I called Ebay and had them remove the negative feedback. Hes still emailing me after a week now and I continue to offer a return and refund. His next step is going to be to go to his credit card company and dispute the charge. Although I can prove I delivered the books to him with tracking he still might win the dispute and get the charges refunded and keep the books. One of the most challenging returns I have had to deal with in awhile, I wonder how these people act in face to face interactions.

    Sometime I will have to post the return story of the Ouija board nut job.

    1. Please do tell the story, you got me interested!

    2. I thought I remembered someone mentioning having a Ouija board returned because it didn't work!!!

    3. Good point. I didn't think of that. Thanks.

    4. Hehe those darn faulty Ouija boards, you can never tell from the photos if its ghost receptors are still working :-)

    5. Lol Ouija boards are funny things. I've owned two in my . Both eventually got burned out of paranoia. Ironically I believe your own impulses are actually moving it, not some other force but they can be freaky none the less. Mine used to have the hand thing fly off the board when you used it. And when I made my friend play who didn't want to it would just say goodbye everytime. I wish I would have kept the real wood one. But as for selling them, I put a disclaimer stating the board may or may not work for you and that's not my fault. And due to my paranoia I add anything bad that may result from use is at your own risk.

  26. Ebay provides a quarterly coupon for shipping supplies. Does anyone know when each quarter starts? Is it simply January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st?

    1. I assume so, since the current coupon expires June 30. I'm just waiting for the next coupon to get more shipping supplies:)

    2. Is the coupon only for shipping supplies? Mine seems to be applicable to most stores.

    3. Oops, never mind. Sorry!

  27. • Total Items in Store: 512
    • Items Sold: 11
    • Cost of Items Sold: $8
    • Total Sales: $ 247.90
    • Highest Price Sold: $ 79.00
    • Average Price Sold: $22.53
    • Returns: 0
    • Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $5.00
    • Number of items listed this week: 15

    I got a neutral feedback this week on a pair of shoes I sold about 45 days ago. It said "caulk used as glue dissolved- the soles lasted 20 min; garbage". Buyer never contacted me. I sent her a message asking her to send me a picture of the damage for a full refund. That was 2 days ago and I haven't heard back from her. I can't decide if I should just leave it alone or write a reply to her neutral feedback. Any suggestions on nice way to word a reply would be appreciated.

    I've been curious- have any of you encountered problems with Bonanza in the way of returns, negative feedback or Paypal claims for refunds? I haven't, but I have always wondered how Bonanza is with regard to buyer/ seller protection. Like most of you, I don't sell that many items on Bonanza, but I have often wondered what might happen if a high priced item sold on Bonanza and there was trouble with the transaction.

    Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend!

    1. How much was the sale? I might have just refunded the customer even without them asking and respond to their neutral. When I first started selling I would ask for pictures but not anymore. If I was a customer and someone asked for pictures I would be put off by that. Of course I wouldn't just leave a neutral in that particular situation.

    2. Hi Steven. The sale was only $19.99. I am always happy to refund quickly. I only held back in this case because the sale was so long ago and there was zero effort to contact me. Plus, when I looked at the feedback this buyer has given to others, I see she is fast and loose with negative and neutral feedback. Honestly, I just feel like its not going to matter either way with this customer. She will not remove the feedback. However, I see what you are saying. I can refund her money and mention that in my response to her feedback. Thanks!

    3. I always ask for pics. I also explain that I don't understand, I'm a visual person and I need to see the damage. If it is a legitimate claim I always get pictures, if not they are never heard from again. You are right in assuming she won't change her feedback. Just reply that you asked for photos and move on.

    4. reply to the neutral, then call ebay and have them look at your message to them about a full refund. they might remove it.

    5. The reason I say refund her and respond because I think the expectation is you won't refund and just let it go. Secondly, other potential customers might see you are professional and care about your customers even if they are being jerks. I have to disagree with Ryanne, $19.99 and a neutral isn't worth my time to call Ebay. We all get neutrals and negatives eventually. I might call about a negative but I am not going to spend my time on a neutral. That is just me though.

  28. I no longer have a landline for the telephone at my house.

    I'm wondering if anyone knows a simple solution for testing an older telephone for someone without a landline. I know there's a device you can buy that does this, but I'm wondering if there is a much simpler solution.


    1. You can plug the phone into the wall jack and will still get a dial tone but to test all the functions you really need more. I have a obihai obi200 and signed up for a free number through google voice. I sell on Amazon also and this is invaluable. I can test fax machines, corded phones, cordless and all-in-one machines. Plus I use the google voice # to give out to websites or people who I don't want to have my cell.

    2. I have a google voice number already, so if I buy this obi200, I should be set? I can also send faxes.. cool. Right now I use the google voice number and just have it go to my cell.

      Thanks for the information.

    3. yeah i'm pretty sure you can set up the obihai to connect to your current google number. but just check obihai's faq page. we have an obihai 200 and google voice number for the farmhouse. since we have internet, why pay for a landline too? if we had good enough cell service out there we wouldn't even have an obihai. but so far people have really liked it.

  29. stuff_my_mom_threw_awayMay 30, 2016 at 7:27 PM

    Total Items in Store: 331
    Items Sold: 24
    Cost of Items Sold: $410
    Total Sales: $1086.76
    Highest Price Sold: $75 (talking Chewbacca mask)
    Average Price Sold: $45.25
    Returns: 1 (Chewbacca mask)

    We jumped on the talking Chewbacca mask fad, and sold 13 of them in about 36 hours, for $75 a piece. We bought them for $30 a piece at the local Walmart, (thus the high COGS). So far, only one person has started a return for a mask (knock wood). We'll see if it actually ships back; the lady that bought it seemed timid about returning it, (kept asking if it was ok to return, because she bought it "by mistake for a family member". Translation: I found a cheaper one). She may change her mind once she sees that she's on the hook for shipping and there is a 20% restocking fee. If it does come back, I'll just return it to Walmart.

    It was an interesting experiment. I'm glad we didn't go nuts and buy 50 of the things, because the selling price on ebay rapidly became a race-to-the-bottom, with people undercutting each other by a dollar or two. It was fun, though, and we made enough to pay my dog's surgery bill, so whoohoo!

    1. Interesting story about the Chewbacca masks. My wife showed me that video on Facebook the other day and for a moment I had the same idea of buying some and putting them on eBay. How quickly after the video started trending did you run out and buy the masks?

    2. stuff_my_mom_threw_awayMay 30, 2016 at 11:28 PM

      Probably 2 or 3 days before we listed them. We didn't plan to sell any at first. My husband asked if I would check at Walmart to see if they had one for him, and we thought we'd grab 2 extra, to see if they sell. Those 2 sold within 2 hours of being listed, so I went back out and grabbed 4 more, and kept repeating. I knew it would be a short-lived thing, so I only sold them for 2 days, and then once they sold out, we were done.

      If we'd run right out after the video started trending, we could have sold them for $100 a piece.

  30. Flim Store Week May 22-28, 2016
    Total Items in Store: 495
    Items Sold: 12
    Cost of Items Sold: $62
    Total Sales: $522.90
    Highest Price Sold: $79.20 (womens sandals)
    Average Price Sold: $43.57
    Returns: 0

    OK week of sales. Have been putting up a lot of high dollar items ($100+) so we'll see how those go. I've also been putting up some lower dollar (<$25) items that are easy to list. Organized more of the death piles and realized I have way too many unlisted shoes, so those need to be put up. Also checked out a bunch of thrift stores in Manhattan today - SA was 50% off and Goodwill 35% off. Everyone leaves the city for Memorial Day, so almost all places were quiet. Yard sales closer to me were also excellent for picking - lots of clothing new with tags for cheap. Right now I'm trying to strike a balance between the buying and the listing...ya can't have one without the other. :P

  31. we are seller from CANADA. we have been listening to your podcast for more than 2 years already. its weird that we have great sales if its summer and low sales if its Christmas season. our sales last week was more than $1500. i will start posting my number next week. great job guys!!

  32. JFH sales for May 23-30
    Items in store = 768
    Total items sold = 32
    Total sales = 728.23
    Average price sold = 22.75
    Highest item sold = luxury car floor mats 70$

    One of my best weeks yet! I have had several good weeks so my only fear now is that some of my higher priced items have disappeared. Hopefully I can restock over the coming weeks. My page rankings must have improved, and listing every day certainly seems to help. I think people are starting to shop on eBay more so maybe some of the recent changes are for the better. Hope everyone has a great week, and thanks for the videos!


    1. Glad to see sales are strong for you. And it'd be great if eBay kept being attractive to buyers. That's important!

    2. Thank you, you guys and other scavengers have helped us a lot. I saw an eBay commercial last night for the first time, I think they are indeed trending up.

  33. I need to ship an item unrelated to eBay. How can I do this? Is it possible to get the business rate still?

    1. i use to ship things not on ebay. or click n' ship on usps. they don't give you the ebay discount though, which is sad.

    2. Thanks, I was looking for this earlier because I thought I remembered you saying you could do it from Paypal. The cool thing is, I just paid $2.60 for my 8 oz package. That is business rate right? Or, is it that First-class is the same for retail and business.

  34. RR Store Week May 22-28, 2016

    Total Items in Store: 1166
    Items Sold: 25
    Cost of Items Sold: $41.48
    Total Sales: $785.83
    Highest Price Sold: $179.99 (Dangermouse "Grey Album" double LP)
    Average Price Sold: $31.43
    Returns: 0
    Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $74
    Number of items listed this week: 30

    SO happy that "Grey Album" is gone! It was a gift from an ex-girlfriend who worked for Dangermouse. He pressed up 1000 copies; she got two and I got one. My cost: ZERO.

    Another fun sale was a lot of 14 Paul Stuart brass buttons. I was going through an old death pile and found a double breasted wool blazer. The moths had munched on some of it, so I was about to throw it away. On a whim, I checked out Paul Stuart and found that it was pretty high end stuff. The brass buttons had the company logo on them, so I popped them off and listed them as a lot. They sold at full price for $46.99. I've done that with knobs and switches on broken stereo equipment, too.

    Had to take a couple of days off last week to recuperate after some dental work, but this week it's back to daily listing. Onward!


    1. Seems like it was just yesterday when the Grey Album came out (time flies). I'm kind of surprised it didn't sell for more!

  35. Mrs. Kensington's Week of May 22-28, 2016
    Total Items in Store: 104 (got over 100! Yay!)
    Items Sold: 8 (9-1 non-payer)
    Cost of Items Sold: $95 or so (paid about $75 total for the three pairs of shoes that sold for $300 total. I knew they were fairly easy $100 sales when I bought them.)
    Total Sales: $460.99! ($535.99-$75 NON PAYING BEST OFFER }:( )
    Highest Price Sold: $100 X 3 (Gucci shoes, Ferragamo shoes, Swedish clogs)
    Average Price Sold: $57.62
    Returns: 0 International sales: 2 (Thailand, Canada)

    Some news: I started a store for the first time. I think the lowest-level store is a good idea for my plans. I put the whole store on sale for one day this weekend, and one low-dollar thing sold. Not sure whether it made any difference, but it was fun playing with the markdown manager. (You can discount things without a store, but I think no one can tell unless they've been watching your item.)
    And ... I've passed 100 sales (and $1,000) so I'm expecting to be a Top Rated Seller next evaluation. Whoop-whoop!
    More good news: I went to my first estate sale. I looked on and found one around the corner starting at that exact time. The guy told everyone to dig through everything. It was pretty packed with stuff. It's a little disquieting to be rooting through a deceased family's stuff, but it's what the heirs decided so I tried to respectfully snoop. I found some cool stuff. I put my pile 1 foot behind me to look in a drawer and when I turned around, someone had already rummaged through it and taken at least one thing out. The two ladies in the room with me both denied it, but one refused to look at me. It was a bad lesson. I overpaid for one thing ($10 paid; worth $10) but got lots of other cool stuff, so I'm glad I did it.
    And I found a new thrift store where things are somewhat disorganized and you can dig through piles. Found a vintage Apple computer item under a slippery pile of luggage.
    Thanks, all. I listened to your podcast very early this morning while I was on a jog, and it was interrupted by an offer from South Korea. I took it. :)

    1. If someone has their stuff for sale, I never feel bad about digging in deep. And it might be smart to take a large bag to carry stuff around as you shop.

  36. The week before this one was great. Total a little over $1500 in sales. I sold 2 vintage distressed rugs I picked up at the bins. They sold for $140.00 each to an interior designer in California. Thanks for that tip. My husband kept asking "Are you sure these are worth money?" This week was slower for sure but every Summer is the same unless you find something amazing to boost those sales. My game plan is to load up on quality sweaters and coats now while I can get them cheap. Cooler weather is only 4 months away...

    Week of May 22-28th
    # of items in store at the end of the week 386 items
    Total Sales - $724.66
    24 items sold (mainly just bread and butter clothes & shoes)
    Average sale $30.19
    Cost of goods sold- $77.85
    Shipping costs (I have free shipping)- $85.90
    Paypal & Ebay fees run me around 15% at end of the month so $109 approx.

  37. Hi Everyone!

    This is my inaugural post. Chris and I (Jen) just set up our eBay store and got stuff listed this past week. Here are our numbers:

    May 23-29, 2016
    •Total Items in Store: 70
    •Items Sold: 4
    •Cost of Items Sold: $4.50
    •Total Sales: $65.20
    •Highest Price Sold: $41.95 (vintage Russian tea tin)
    •Average Price Sold: $16.30
    •Returns: 0
    •Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $0
    •Number of items listed this week: 70

    I want to tell you all that we would have never embarked on this journey without all the helpful tips and wisdom you guys so generously share. Thank you!

    1. Welcome. I love the name Trove Gnome.

    2. Welcome Jen. That's a great start. Must have been nice to sell an item for $42. I think it was six months into our selling before we were brave enough to put on a price like that.

    3. Thanks for the welcome, guys. "Trove Gnome" is kind of a riff on "Trash Elf" ;-)

      We were pretty excited by the $42 sale. We were also amazed that we got 2 sales the first day we listed stuff and only had 15 items! I wasn't expecting that at all.

  38. Total Items in store :631
    Total Sales - $1,250.68
    33 items sold
    Average sale $37.90
    Cost of goods sold- $295

    Solid week. Steady sales.
    Picked up a nice Oil Painting, for 25 bucks today. We will see how it does. People have the artist listed in the 200-500 range.
    Just happy to get some things besides shoes.
    Went to Moms house over the weekend. My sister handed me a couple of nice things to list for her. Instead of doing it for commission, I just bought them from her. I gave her a very good price for them but still should make a profit. Its just easier to own the things I sell and not have to worry about it.

    1. Sonia here. Great move to buy the items from your sister!

    2. Yeah, kits always smarter to just buy items outright than deal with consignment.

  39. Friends, little tight on time, just want to give a bit of update on how my business while I am out.

    (1) My sales went to zero a few days before my travel. I reached the $500/week standard and then kapoof. The change I did was to remove dozens of the low ticket items there forever and replace by fewer high tickets. It slowed traffic to my site and killed sales
    (2) My two College boys are at home so they are taking turns to care for my shop and their summer jobs and girlfriends. Working fine.
    (3) Thrusday another kapoof, sales went crazy ... I even sold my first eCrater item for the UK for 150 pounds (one of the retail arbitrage I have for devices software. So I will beat the $500/week first time, possibly will beat $2k /month first time as well
    (4) Anxious for tomorrow increase on listing limit on eBay. Anyway advertisements on Etsy and eCrater are producing effect within the time their respective forums told it would. Possibly the combination of eBay, eCrater, Etsy and Grailed will give me what I want until eBay grow my allowance.
    (5) I am in a district of crtazy wholesales in Istanbul. Crazy packers from Russia, Ukraine, etc come to this place and go back with boxes and boxes, mostly clothing. There is one fantastic marvelous designer for girls and teen girls that I will try small quantity to respect our country limitations. simply beatiful, want even to buy for my granddaugthers (I am sure I will have many)

    Miss the daily check on the blog, will try to listen later today

  40. Customer team had to leave to an event, I worked on some design and took I detour to the hotel.
    Stopped by the store mentioned above. Grabbed a pack of six girl dresses for $30. Will try to list for 19 each.
    Instead of going for novelty or typical stuff, focusing on desirability and 'sellability' potential. These are european fashion summer dresses.
    Let's see
    Also, there is considerable weight limits for trips to and from Europe, cannot go that crazy.
    First Turskish scavenge hunting 😉

    1. small rugs obviously might be something to keep an eye out for Paulo.

    2. That's right Sue, they are always up and hot sellers, thnx for reminding.
      Been through them Saturday and will certainly take back.
      Only tweak will be space and weight.

    Loved the cast, still have to finish what sells.
    You hit the nail to the head, this is why I am avoiding bringing back theses "obvious" things from Istanbul. You mentioned let's stop buying just because it's cheap or free, for my case I add something I learned on earlier casts, even though Turkish Grand Bazaar scarves might be famous, in the practicality of a business we need to focus on what sells for good profit.
    eBay is flooded with scarves from everywhere, from Katmandú to Tmbuktú

  42. Jay Can you define what hard goods are like you talked about in your episode? I just moved into a place with a barn and curious as to what I might be able to store there.

    1. Hard goods are anything that just need to stay dry. They can handle freezing cold or sweltering heat. Bugs (mostly) can't hurt these items. Think of anything made of metal, wood, or plastic.

      Obviously clothing, leather, etc need to be in a climate controlled environment for best protection.

    2. If you live in a very hot climate like I do (Phoenix, AZ) be aware that heat affects some items like plastic, rubber and paper more quickly that cold temps.

      I noticed when I was out in my non-climate controlled cottage that the knob on a fan I'd stashed out there last year had yellowed with the heat. Rubber will crack here due to dryness. Papers and varnishes will also yellow more quickly than in other climates. If you ever see a vintage computer that is yellowed, guaranteed it is either from a hot climate or it sat in front of a sunny window.

      I've even had a plastic bin "crumble" because the sun was shining on it through a window and it became brittle.

      Hey - at least we don't get mold or rust...

  43. Hi guys, My apologies ahead of time if this is discussed somewhere else. For those of you who are using calculated shipping, does it seem they are off on the cost and the shipping seems more than what the customer paid?

    If so what are you doing to compensate? And yes I have double checked the weight and my other settings. Not all of them are wrong but I just had a shirt (4XL) that calculated at $7.55 for buyer shipping cost. I always give 2 choices Parcel Select and Priority. NOTHING is a cost of $7.55...I'm just confused.

    I am boxing up my 11 sales then off to a part time job so I will check in tonight. You guys have a wonderful day!

    1. i'm not seeing prices be higher, but they should be lower because of your ebay shipping discount. would that be why?

    2. Does This Help?
      Liz LangsteinerMay 23, 2016 at 2:26 PM
      FYI just in case this happens to you.
      Created a label and purchased postage on eBay this morning. The calculator was off by $7.40 I printed anyway so that I could ship on time. My listing had calculated postage with proper dimensions and weight.

      Here is the respone I received from eBay.
      This email is sent to you in regards to the call that you made earlier in regards to the issue that you are experiencing with the sipping calculator. I have made full investigation with the item and I was able to verify that there is no problem with the listing.

      We have decided to have this issue reported to our technical team to make sure that everything can be corrected on the account. We are also currently collating similar issues in attempt to Isolate the issue.

      We apologize for the inconvenience and we will make sure to have this issue fixed as soon as we can.


      Dan. T.

      eBay CUstomer Care Representative

    3. Thanks Ryanne and Liz for getting back with me. Liz you hit the nail on the is not calculating some of the listings correctly and I even add .50 to 1.00 handling fee for supplies used, which maybe why I don't have as large a discrepancy as you do. I have just been paying the shipping and moving on with life but enough is enough. The shipping should be calculated correctly.

      I haven't had time yet to call but I will Monday just to make sure they understand it is widespread.

      Ryanne, even with my discount and the small handling fee the calculations are wrong. I always go back and make sure my weight and dimensions were correct in the listing (double checking myself) but they are always correct. I will get on the horn to ebay and see what they say. Thanks ALL rock here!


  44. May 22 - 28
    Total Items In Store - 903
    Sold - 7
    COGS - $11.50
    Total Sales - $269.40
    Highest price sold, Cole Haan shoes $49.99 the shoes were listed this exact same time last year, nice to see them sell.
    Ave Price - $38.00
    Intl - 0
    Returns - 0
    Spent on new merch - $30.00
    New listings - 34

  45. Week of May 22-28, 2016

    Total in-store: 1760
    Total Sales: $739.86
    # Items sold: 31
    Avg Price: $23.86
    COGs: $123.06
    Highest price: $50 vintage Levi’s
    International: 2
    Returns: 1 (color not what they wanted) + 1 partial credit of $20
    Spent on new inventory: $100
    Number of items Listed: 90
    Total donated to Project Semicolon: $0 (Donation page STILL down!)
    Sold on Amazon FBA - 0
    Sold on Bonanza - $17

    On the topic of "How much do I need to make?" - my eBay store started as a hobby and a way to help my family get rid of excess stuff. Now it's my full time job and part of my grief therapy. Ebay income is way, way less than what I made as a corporate VP. But I am not spending near as much on gas, professional clothing and lunches out. Fortunately, we have no debt and my husband has a great job. After losing my daughter, I don't think I'm the same person anymore. I still get good job opportunities sent my way, though. I actually had a phone interview scheduled for last Thursday. I was so stressed preparing for the call and mustering up the strength to sound positive on the phone that I cancelled it. Then Thursday became the Best Day Ever.

    Have my sights set on 2,000 listings. Would be great to make it to 2,500 by September when my youngest returns to college. then I might think about returning to the corporate world. Or not.

    1. Suzanne perfectly understand your loss, 32 years after losing my only sibling I still feel like a part of me is missing, I can only imagine the grief of a parent who has lost a child...

    2. Thanks, Omfug.

    3. Happiness is a funny thing. I quit a white collar job years ago and bummed around for a year. I was asked back and gratefully accepted as my funds were way down. I lasted about 4 hours. It just wasn't for me anymore.

      Take your time and find out what you want your future to be. Piece of mind and happiness should be your end goals. You are obviously a smart lady and I'm sure if you decide to go back to your old work life you would be able to do so.

      All the best.

    4. Suzanne, so sorry about the loss of your daughter. Ebay therapy is a good thing.

  46. eBay x AirBNB x Techie Assignments
    Hello Ryanne and Jay, this question might be too sneaky, please no worries if you consider so and ignore it.
    About the 3 businesses you run, do you simply manage the 3 of them together, everything as personal self employment, or do you split them somehow?
    Just out of curiosity, high level details if it is ok.
    Reason I ask is because I have my commerce business, my Computer Engineering assignments and a rental house and manage them separated from each other.

    Thank you

    1. Its not too sneaker of a question.

      --We have a General partnership.
      --All money from all businesses passes into this entity.
      --Then all our business expenses are deducted.
      --The profits are split between us.
      --We each take standard personal deductions.
      --We each pay taxes on this income. (We're not married)

      Our accountant does a good job keeping it all organized and logical. I know there may be better ways to set up LLCs or other business entities, but we like this system. Works for us.

  47. Coincidentally, I too recently had a small flat rate box returned to me empty. The box had been opened and taped back shut. It was stamped by the post office "Contents missing". The customer never contacted me. It was a $25 belt. I filed a claim with post office online and had a check from them within a few days! I don't think they asked for photos. I was pleased with how easy it was to get the refund.

  48. Did you guys have ebay tape on your packages that were opened?

    1. no i hadn't started using it then. i had a similar thought that ebay tape might make a package prone to theft because people might think there is something valuable in there. not sure if that's paranoia taking over. however wouldn't that also be the case for the millions of Amazon boxes floating around the system each day as well?

    2. EBay tape is loud though. That rainbow color stands out.

    3. Probably it would apply to amazon boxes too... but they tend to use UPS, not USPS.

      I'm not going to stop using my ebay tape, but I am going to keep an eye on the issue.

  49. I have never been told a box is empty , but I have had a few buyers state a piece is missing. Both times it was a finial. One I sent another finial. This last time , after talking with ebay rep, I had to offer partial refund .After the first time, even though I tape the finials to the lamp, I started writing finial on the outside. After the last time , not only do I tape, write finial, I also take a picture. The ebay rep stated that if I had a picture it helps. I imagine they were probably thrown away by mistake.I know I sent them, but I would rather learn from it and offer a refund then take the chance of the buyer opening a case.And the rep said they would probably have to side with the buyer

  50. Had a REALLY slow week...ugh...

    Scavenger University tells me in these cases to list more, so I've been trying to do so. Still pushing to get to 500 listings, and slowly getting closer...

    •Total Items in Store: 464
    •Items Sold: 10
    •Cost of Items Sold: $15.05
    •Total Sales: $184.91
    •Highest Price Sold: $60.00 (motorcycle part)
    •Average Price Sold: $18.49
    •Returns: 0

    Mostly lower dollar sales this week, and few sales, combined for a relatively dismal week. Did get some great items listed this week, and already have quite a few views/watchers on them, so crossing fingers. Slowly trying to get my inventory up, and get my average selling price up. Hitting a LOT of garage/yard/estate sales on the weekends, so have a bit of a backlog now.

  51. I agree that selling quirky and vintage helps keep sells up. I have never sold newer clothing on ebay, but I know that is a group that does have more competition . My summary in the seller hub states my sales are up 6% as compared with the markets 4 % . But I do notice May is always a slower month

  52. Newbie, have only shipped first class with poly mailers and priority PFRE so far... attempting to branch out a little. I have a cloth item that weighs 7 pounds... my box is 16x14x9 inches. I tried squishing it into a large flat rate box - no go, even sucking the air out of it. Anyways - I used the fitshipper site to see what they recommend and it says fedex home is the best option. When I plug the info into ebay to choose calculated options, it shows fedex smartpost as an option... would they not offer that if it wasn't an option? I just want to make sure I'm not offering something and then find out later when I actually go to ship it that it won't work. Thanks for any pointers!

    1. If you call FEDEX for a Smartpost quote, they can't give you one, because the price is different for each customer. This may be why Fitshipper is not listing it. In order for me to see the cost, I have to check my own listing.

      When you list your items, you can put several shipping options on it for your customer. After it is listed, you can go to your listing and put in various zip codes to see what the shipping costs would be for each method to each area.

      I generally put the best shipping option first and then add one or two. Most buyers won't get past the first one, but some do.

    2. I know it's a lot to ask programming-wise, but I wish Ebay could show a buyer the least expensive shipping choice offered depending on where they live. I'm on the east coast and for items weighing 2-3 lbs., I list MFRB as the second option. It's the least expensive option for a buyer on the west coast, but certainly not the best choice for an east coast buyer. I have a ton of west coast buyers and, despite the fact that it's cheaper, not one has ever chosen the FRB option.

    3. You might want to order a supply of Regional Rate A boxes from the USPS web site, they have two sizes. Postage cost is about $6 up to $14 for the longest distance. In my listings, I will put calculated priority mail shipping with a box weight of 1-2 pounds. This comes very close to the actual cost (up to 15 lbs is allowed in the box). Of course, this only works if your item will fit in one of the boxes. If you end up shipping something across the country then you still have the option for a flat rate box that may be cheaper. I also have been making use of FedEx SmartPost. For heavy or larger items this has proven the cheapest cost for me. The only problem with it that I found is that I haven't been able to insure items with it.

    4. Thanks, Steve. I do use the RRA boxes whenever possible if it's something that will fit. In those cases, I just put 2 lbs. as the shipping weight when I list, even if it'll be over that and don't put the MFRB as an option. I run into the 2-3 lb. situation most often with shoes that are too large to fit in the RRA.

  53. J&R -- Does your postal carrier use the Ikea bags and return them to you the next day? Or does she just use them to transport packages to the truck? You don't let her keep them, do you? I have about four of them that I use for everything! Mary

    1. Our mail carrier loves our Ikea bags. She uses them to transport our packages each day to the post office. She then brings back the empty ones the next day. We've never lost any.

      I can see how it might be difficult if you have different carriers each day. I'm not sure how our bags get kept organized. Maybe our carrier has a special slot she stashes them in?

      Everyone time we go to Ikea we buy new bags. They're only $1 (?) Great investment.

    2. I always buy them when I'm home visiting in the Detroit area. LOVE them. And we're getting an Ikea in Memphis!

  54. How do you feel about this? I sold a new in box remote control toy that I bought on clearance at Target. It was originally $100 at the store but due to competition I sold it for around $40. Butt I didn't pay that much to get it. The buyer sent me a message saying that they are not happy with the item and it did not live up to their expectations. I feel like this is not my problem but the manufacturer who created the item. But they want to return it but now that it is out of the box it literally has no resale value. And I have no returns on my store but I usually take them anyway if someone wants to but it's usually because I screwed up. Another issue is it's a large item that without the eBay discount will cost a lot to ship back and if they go through the wrong avenue I'll end up having to pay for that shipping. What would you do in this situation?

    1. Here is just our experience:
      --"no returns" doesnt really exist on eBay. Maybe it's an option on your listing, but if a buyer wants to return an item, they will.
      --Selling "new in box" items on eBay or amazon is always a risk. Once you get a return, you can lose money. Hopefully it doesn't happen often. It's the cost of doing business. If you bought the item cheap enough, you can still resell it as "like new".
      --The buyer should use "hassle free returns" if you have it turned on. They are prompted to print a shipping label using a heavy postal discount. If the buyer chooses to ship outside hassle free returns, then you don't have to reimburse shipping.
      --If the buyer is saying they just changed their mind, then this is why many of us have a 20% restocking fee. This would cover the loss of the "open box".
      --If the buyer is saying they just changed their mind, then they also pay shipping both ways.
      --You should call eBay and ask them what to do. Maybe you might find a sympathetic customer service rep to back you up. It could happen if you have a clear, precise story to tell them. Keep it professional and unemotional.

      Having been selling on Amazon FBA this year, I'll say that eBay is much fairer to sellers. With FBA, the buyer would return the item and you would pay all costs. You simply eat the loss. There is no discussion.

    2. Retro Treasures WVJune 1, 2016 at 8:04 AM

      If the buyer is simply unhappy and the item was perfectly fine then that is buyer remorse. ebay will not make you accept a return.

  55. Omg the mail saga continues. I come home today to find a note in my mailbox from my mail carrier that says due to safety reasons please put packages outside of the screen porch. It must be that cat lady again who claims she's deathly allergic but really is. just is afraid of cats or doesn't want to walk up my driveway. Because when she's not there everybody else picks up my packages. So I went down to the post office to drop my packages off and speak with a manager and some random lady just wrote down a few details on a piece of paper and said she would give it to him. So I'm sure he's going to side with her because he didn't get to hear the story. And i cannot leave my packages outside because they will get rained on or stolen and I have them literally on the other side of the door on a Shelf so she does not actually have to come into the screened porch. Clearly this is not good enough for her. It's pissing me off and if nothing gets done about it I really don't know what to do. On a side note I noticed my eBay tape was peeling up in several spots and I had to smooth it back down. I could see how overtime if no one keeps pushing it back down the item could fall out. It doesn't like heat or cold.

    1. Hey CatLady.
      Let's take this down a notch. When things like this happen to us, it's easy to spend lots of time being angry, outraged, disgusted, etc. Sounds like you have ever right to be. But that's really wasted energy. The big question is "what are you going to do about it?"

      Here's what I would do:
      This is my business. Things need to operate correctly. USPS promises to pick up at my house if officially requested. If this is not happening, I call or would go to the Post Office and make an appointment with the Post Master.

      He/she is a government employee and must talk with me. It may take a couple trips, but I'd get a face to face conversation. In the most professional way possible, I'd ask why my packages are not being picked up as requested. I wouldn't demand. I'd simple ask what I and they can do to rectify the situation.

      99% of the time a reasonable solution is found. People want things to work, but it sometimes takes some diplomacy because important details are overlooked.

    2. I feel like I did that Jay. I requested it online and went down to the post office to speak with a manager. The lady wouldn't get him for me but she said she would get a message to him. She took down my number. I already have the answer as to why my packages are not being picked up. The mail carrier said she's deathly allergic to cats. And then today on paper she says it's a safety issue. She put city carrier as her name. She's not our permanent driver so I was hoping to just ride it out but I can't afford missed pickups several times a week. Worst case I'll have to rearrange my day and drop them off.

    3. Cool. If you're happy to drive them to the post office, that's a solution.

      I know you spoke with a front desk person at the PO. Maybe they will pass on the message, but I wouldn't stop till I spoke to the Post Master either on the phone or in person. They should find a solution for you. If you had a dangerous attack dog, that's one thing. Cats are everywhere.

    4. I feel like she has some specific fear about opening your door and reaching in for the packages. Doesn't seem like an outrageous request for most of us, but maybe she's had some sort of traumatic experience with an animal. I'm not all that familiar with carrier pickup. My small PO is only about a mile away, so I drop my packages off. Is she required to pick them up if they're not outside?

    5. USPS website states: "Within each Postal District, the Consumer and Industry Contact (C&IC) offices, are equipped to work with postal customers needing assistance with concerns that could not be resolved with the local Post Office™ and complicated issues requiring additional time and research."

      When we first let our local Postmaster know we were going to be selling on Ebay, we were contacted by our Consumer Contact person. She was based in a city about an hour away from us. She called to give us her phone number and told us to call if we had any questions or problems. Sounds to me like you need to find out who this person is for your district and get in touch with them.

      Google Consumer Affairs Office Locator and you'll get a page to look up the contact person for your area. Hope this helps.

    6. An issue I haven't even thought about is i ordered a lot of USPS supplies and they always put them in my screened porch. The last time she brought me a pkg she left it outside the mailbox at the end of my driveway. Not good. Who knows where my postal boxes are going to end up. I wonder if she's at home dreading my house visit as much as I dread her visit

  56. Here are my numbers for this week:
    Total Items in Store: 926
    Items Sold: 28
    Total Sales: $572.6
    Cost of Items Sold: $60.3
    Average Price Sold: $20.45
    Average Cost of Item: $2.15
    Highest Price Items Sold: i) $58.95 Bear Cannister ii) $49.95 CIRO-FLEX Medium Format TLR Camera
    Number of items listed this week: 41
    Average age of items in store (in days since listing): 131
    Average number of days between listing and selling this week: 55
    Sell-through rate: 3.02%

    Another steady week for me. I'd love it if the sales continue at this rate over the summer though I'm not banking on it. I got a pretty good haul of new stuff over the weekend. If only I could find enough time to list it all. I don't think I'll ever catch up unless I resist the strong urge to go scavenging (and that's the thing I enjoy doing the most).

    1. (Sonia) I have the same problem, Simon! There should be a Scavengers Anonymous group or something. After picking up a lot of stuff last week, I vowed not to go to any yard sales over the weekend. Hah! I ended up stopping at at least four sales that I happened to pass by. Luckily I was able to restrain myself once at the sale, and only purchased a single item, and then picked up another item for free. I don't think the free item counts as "cheating." Right now I'm busy shipping (yay!), but gotta get back to listing! What might work is telling myself that going out scavenging will be my reward for getting through big chunks of my listing backlog.

    2. I just saw that a nearby area has their annual huge neighborhood sale next weekend. I can already feel my resolve weakening..... :-)

  57. What did this week on eBay #11

  58. What ever happened to mail carriers honoring the mailman's code.
    The inscription on the James Farley Post Office in New York City reads: "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds".

    My mail carrier told me it says right on the top of their pay checks .. " These funds are provided to you by our Customers."

    Guess your lady doesn't get it. Also my carrier said the do random hard counts of the packagaes that carriers pick up and scan on their routes and that their pay increases are based on handling more packages. My carrier said bring on all I can sell and ship. Her pay scale went up 4% this year from, she claims, the increased packages she has handled on her route last year and that included me and several other Ebay sellers.

    Hopefully you can remind your postmaster of these details and she what she says. mike in Atl.

    1. Mike, my experience is similar to yours. I take all my packages to the Post Office because it's nearby and provides good service. However, I recently handed off a package to my carrier and she happily accepted it and encouraged me to have her pick up all of my shipping. She made sure I knew that each package will get scanned right in the truck before she leaves.

  59. Still not linking right. It's hard for people to spot the videos without the link.

    1. Blogger seemed to have taken away the ability for Youtube links to be automatically embedded in the comments. We're trying to figure it out. If anyone knows, email us.

  60. Great topic. I feel like the things I want to sell are the things people don't want to buy. So I feel like I need to take my emotions out of it and give people what they apparently want at the price they want it. It's like people expect eBay to be like WalMart: either super-cheap or hold out for the discounted prices

  61. Just about to get a negative removed it will probably take 20 minutes but I wanted to give everyone a heads up to block this person "whiteknight108". The past year they have left 14 yes 14 Negative/Neutral feedbacks. I have never seen anything like it. The comments on the negative feedbacks are just mind blowing and the ebay rep said they are going to look into removing the user that is how bad it is. Just a little heads up! Avoid that person like the plague. I don't typically look at feedback left for others before I accept an offer but this makes me want to start getting background checks on them.

  62. For anyone that is having people list for them I am thinking about adding language to all of my listings going forward just to cover myself. Something to the effect of

    "Please review the pictures. This is a used item. There may be rips, stains, dings, dents, damage, etc. I repeat this is a used item and there may be damage as it has been previously owned."

    I may have to just say there "is" damage instead of there might be damage.

    I would be adding this wording as another layer of protection as a just in case more as a peace of mind than anything else.

    I don't do any measurements as most of you know and the people that list for me don't see the item directly so there is definitely a level of variance that can happen during the process which is why I am thinking of adding that extra language.

    My return rate is 2.38% and I am a top rated seller so the process works well but always looking to fine tune it. Based on what I see 90% of people don't even read the description so I do not see it effecting sales and if a case were opened for whatever reason I can fall back on saying I said in the description it's used and there may be damage.

    I am basically looking for as close to iron clad as I can get language that will allow me to have a lock for a 20% return fee. I am basically looking for the ebay version of the language on the drug company commercials that they spew at the end in case someone tries to sue them.

  63. Anybody else being forced to use the old ebay listing page again or is it something I did? Now I'm back to fighting with the site to get it to turn off Or Best Offer on each listing again :-(

    1. Jason, Griff mentioned on ebay radio that there was a rollback of the new listing page due to some issues with it that they are working on.

  64. I don't know if I'm looking at this wrong but I'm trying to determine my actual profit on an item including all fees and taxes to determine if I should even buy the item to begin with. So if sell a 100 dollar item I know there are eBay and PayPal fees that run me about 20 percent. I pay higher fees since I have a lower level store. Then there's the cost of the item, plus end of the year taxes. Do you pay state and federal taxes on your ? Plus the small business tax? That's like 60% taxes. All of those taxes and fees make it seem like I'm losing money if selling an item for 20 bucks. What do I end up with 2 dollars?

    1. Yep. That is exactly the kind of figuring you have to do. If you are a business of some kind you will be able to write-off other expenses that you didn't mention (yes, more expenses) like mileage, food, fees, shipping supplies, computers, cameras, home office and inventory space, etc...

      I'm the anon who was championing talking about this (net vs. gross and expenses) more, so people have a realistic view of this business. It's not easy, and when people tell you I sold this for $100 - or even I made $100 - they're not telling you what they netted. 99% of what sold videos are misleading (not usually intentionally) to newbies for this very reason. This also goes for weekly numbers.

      nb: I'm not attacking weekly numbers or what sold videos. It's all great info, but I think the majority of new or prospective sellers don't understand they will not be netting those numbers.

    2. As for ending up with $2, it totally depends on what you bought it for. Also, as Dan and many others have said, you should make a little money on shipping every sale. After recouping losses from ebay and pay pal taxing you on the shipping with fees, labor, and packaging costs, the actual profit on shipping is modest.

      Very generally speaking, if you buy something for $2 and sell it for $20, after COGS, fees, and taxes, you will end up with about $10. Yes, this is totally generalizing. If people comment on this you will see different responses - and then you will see it's a little different for each seller. BUT, there is only so much of difference in the end. As they said in the Godfather, everyone just wants to wet their beak a little... Another saying: you have to pay the piper. There is a long list of this kind of saying because, well, life is not fair. Now, if you're rich and you make a living exploiting other people for profit, you don't have to pay taxes; otherwise, you're in it with the rest of us suckers. ;)

    3. You pay federal, state and self-employment taxes on your profit, not your gross revenue. If your reselling business is your only income and you don't earn a great deal of income (profit), you may pay very little in taxes.

    4. You can not like taxes, but I assure you that not a single American is paying 60% taxes.

      We've discussed taxes many times before. Anonymous #2 has hyperventilated about how much taxes sellers pay and that's its all a big secret multiple times here. We've tried to explain how it works. Like Simon said, you pay taxes on profit not gross revenue. So if you don;t understand about deducting expenses, then that's the big problem.

      How about this. You guys worried about taxes post how much taxes you think a seller pays. Walk us through the specifics. If you think it's 60%, then be very specific and break down that number. Do some research. Then we can have a solid base on which to discuss your fear. Right now, it just feels like hyperventilating.

    5. As Anon2 said, it's absolutely key to include your deductions in the calculations. I offset most of my local & federal taxes to be paid with the deductions - rent/mortgage for the area in which you store your items and your home office, mileage, donations made (if something doesn't sell and you donate to GW, make sure you get a receipt), car payments, tolls paid, cell phone & internet bills bill (you couldn't run your store without them), supplies like bubble wrap/tape/boxes, etc.

  65. Not sure if this was discussed already and disregard if it was but my brother texted me this morning about new Amazon guidelines.


    It is basically requiring anyone with a pro account to have insurance. He said resale rabbit posted it

    It is out of my wheelhouse but seemed noteworthy.

  66. A look at the weekly numbers

    Items in store 350
    Items sold 22
    Cost of Items Sold $64.00
    Total Sales $530
    Highest Sale $40.00 Vintage brass wall sconces
    Average Sale $24.09
    Returns 0
    International Sales 2

    Good solid week, which continues to surprise me as this was such a slow time for me last year. I suspect that will change soon but in the meantime, enjoying the sales

  67. I just had my first broken gsp item so I'm curious to see how this works. I didn't notice at first that it was gsp and told the buyer I would refund but then I noticed it. I had to Google what to do. I read to just have them open a case and they'll take care of the rest. I hope that's true. Hard to imagine my mug broke, I packaged the crap out of it. Oh well now I'll see how the gsp stuff works for damages

    1. I had a broken item go through GSP and the service was excellent. Like any insurance type claim, the buyer just had to take photos of the damage, etc. After that, it was taken care of within a day and the GSP reps even handled all of the communication. Easy.

  68. Oh no -- I got this email from ebay yesterday (and it's legit -- it was also sent to my messages within the ebay site): "We have reason to believe that your eBay account has been used fraudulently without your permission. We’ve reset your eBay password. In addition, any unauthorized activity, such as buying or selling, has been canceled and any associated fees have been credited to your account. Any listings that we removed are included toward the end of this email. We assure you that your financial information is secure." (etc.)

    Did anyone else get this message? Any ideas about how this could have happened? I see some blog posts here and there about ebay security breaches. I just sold my old smartphone to an ebay buyer with 200 positive reviews for buying phones with cracked screens, and I panicked that even though I thought deleted all the data from the phone and did "factory reset," somehow my passwords and data were still somehow available. I reset a few key passwords and will be checking my bank statements to make sure everything seems to be OK.

    Anyway, anyone experienced anything similar and does anyone have advice for me? Thanks!

    1. Never seen that before. First thing to do is call eBay. Only they would know the answer. I would feel good that their fraud protection system works. Since they reset your password, you;re good.