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We had our worst week on eBay that we can remember. Why? Difficult to say but there are probably several contributing factors. Since we've been starting our Amazon FBA business, we simply haven't listed much on eBay over the past two months. Since we're about to leave on  four week trip, this listing situation won't get any better!

Some sellers have said that the April 18 tax deadline has slowed slows down for them as well. Who knows. Some weeks are slow. Keep filling the pipeline.

Some listeners asked us why we aren't angry at eBay for raising their subscription prices in the Spring Seller Update. Instead of just being angry at any kind of change, we encourage everyone to do their numbers. Let's be specific.

In our Anchor subscription, I did the calculations and realized that though we'll pay a little more per month, we can now list 6,000 more items (!!!!) as part of the price. So it's up to us to keep filling the pipeline. That's a bargain.

In our second eBay store at the Premium subscription, we ran the numbers and turns out we'll be paying less per month because we were paying extra for items over the Premium limit. So $60/month for 1000 items saves us money.

It's justified to be angry when change affects your business, but it'll help us all if we base the anger in facts. Please feel free to share your numbers in the comments.

Hope you had a good week. Did anyone go buy a bunch of Marimekko at Target this weekend to resell?

Our Store Week April 10-16, 2016
  • Store #1
  • Total Items in Store: 3719
  • Items Sold: 15
  • Cost of Items Sold: $107
  • Total Sales: $500.26
  • Highest Price Sold: $140 (vintage books)
  • Average Price Sold: $33.35
  • Returns: 0
  • Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $60
  • Number of items listed this week: 47

  • ----------
  • Amazon FBA Store Sales: ? Amazon total sales: $?? Amazon FBA Fees: $??? COGS (shipment to FBA included): $?? Net profit after COGS: $??? 
  • Bonanza: Sold 4 items for $180 
  •  ----------

  • Store #2
  • Total Items in Store: 884
  • Items Sold: 8
  • Cost of Items Sold: $15
  • Total Sales: $408.94
  • Highest Price Sold: $97 (vintage Lotus software)
  • Average Price Sold: $51.12
  • Returns: 0
  • Number of items listed this week: 25


  1. I have 240 items, had virtually no time to list, and sold only one newly listed item this week. Some sellers I listen to on YouTube reported unusually slow sales and one mentioned only newly listed items selling.

    1. Could be because of tax week. Would make sense. But other sellers posting their numbers here seem to be doing well. I always have to remember that trends may exist, but the eBay experience wont be the same for everyone.

    2. Yes I'm glad to see that others' sales were good. It is the slowest week I've ever had. I've had assorted life interference for the past few weeks that has kept me from listing, including the school spring break, booking summer camps, and preparing my own taxes. I also put my store on full vacation mode for a week. At least I had one sale so I know it's not broken. Lol.

    3. slow is the new normal. People thought they would get tax returns found out they owe more money do to the health care credits they took. Credit card debt is higher then it has ever been. Stick to listing things that sell best and are needs more than wants.

    4. I was selling like crazy. But this last week was also my slowest ever as well! The few sales I had were low dollar. Spring break? Taxes? Not enough listing? The only thing I can do is list more!

    5. We had an ok week. It was better than any in the previous month though when it seemed like nothing was selling.

  2. My sales were a lot better that I was projecting for mid-April.

    •Total Items in Store: 1514
    •Items Sold: 15
    •Cost of Items Sold: about $65
    •Total Sales: $631
    •Highest Price Sold: $80 (Vintage Lands End Garment Bag)
    •Average Price Sold: $42.07
    •Number of items listed this week: 52

    Sales were good for me. Scavenging for goods wasn't too good till yesterday and today. I found 2 older homes with vintage items and got some great deals on items worth about $100 each.
    I have just starting selling golf clubs. I just recently listed 3 sets in the last month and 2 have sold already: one for $70 and one for $50. They are decent brands and I like what they sold for. They are a lot of work and I'm going to be picky about what I buy, but I see they can bring good sales quickly this time of year.

    1. Arr you selling entire bags of clubs? Or just one club at a time? Any brands you look for?

    2. I'm just selling the clubs. I sold Taylor Made irons 3-PW & SW for $70. I sold 2 Orlimar drivers for $50. Taylor made seems the most plentiful good brand around here. I would buy the following if I could find them: antique wood clubs, Callaway, Ping, and Nike.

    3. Thanks for that info on brands to look out for ... I've been seeing quite a few for sale at yard sales the last few weeks, but didn't have a clue on brands or what to look for.

      Are there any tell tale signs of bad quality or where made to avoid?

    4. Beverly - I'm familiar with golf because I used to golf a lot. It is difficult to say what to avoid because there would always be exceptions. I would say just look them up if you are unsure. If you really don't have a clue, then you might want to pass on them. Golf clubs are not an easy item to sell. There is a lot of work if you are going to sell a whole set. You have to look for flaws on all the clubs. Mine had different grips and I had to note that. Next, measuring them will probably require you to watch a youtube video - it is not real intuitive. Next, they probably won't fit in the priority box, so you will have to find the right size or make your own box. I was about to give up on buying golf clubs till I saw them selling so fast. I think it is worth it if you find clubs that will sell for a good price. You have to decide if this is something you want to get into or not. For now, I'm in.

    5. Retro Treasures WVApril 19, 2016 at 8:22 AM

      This is my go-to line at yard sales for golf clubs (and other things I need to research before buying):
      "My brother in law is big into this and he asks me to keep an eye out for stuff like this. Do you mind if I take a few pictures to send to him to see if he wants it? If he does I'll stop back by shortly".

      Then I can go drive around the block and do my research and decide. Works every time.

  3. RR Store Week April 10-16, 2016

    Total Items in Store: 1123
    Items Sold: 29
    Cost of Items Sold: $51.67
    Total Sales: $869.35
    Highest Price Sold: $175 (1950 Kentucky Derby glass)
    Average Price Sold: $29.98
    Returns: 0
    Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $34.93
    Number of items listed this week: 21

    Because of taxes, my birthday, and other personal stuff, I knew I wouldn't be able to list as much. So, I put most of my store on sale...35% off. That definitely helped offset not listing, plus it blew out some really stale inventory.

    It's my first year doing my business taxes, and wow. I shoulda listened to you guys from the beginning. This has been SO time consuming! But now that I have square footage and other calculations worked out, next year should be much easier.

    I'm still so stoked on that glass sale. It was a Kentucky Derby glass from 1950. For whatever reason, that year is very desireable. The last one sold for $180, so I listed it at $219.99 or Best Offer. Within a week I got that $175 offer and I jumped on it. I paid .99 cents for it at Goodwill.

    Off to wrap up my taxes, then listen to the show. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!


    1. Awesome Kentucky Derby glass sale! I have 4 from 1974 listed - picked them up because that was the 100th anniversary. Hoping to get about $100 for the set.

    2. Thanks Brian! I flipped my lid when I saw the Completed Listings. I also picked up one from 1948, but there hasn't been as much activity around that one. And to think I almost passed on them.


    3. Nice sale! The derby is coming up soon so if you haven't listed the other one get it asap.

  4. The past few weeks have been pretty good in terms of sales for my store. I have only 140 items listed(random clothes, shoes, & electronics) and met my goal of $200 in sales. Previous week was $300. Week before that was $440. No complaints here. Just need to list through my own death piles..

    1. That is excellent considering the low inventory. You obviously have good stuff.

  5. My week has been fairly slow but nothing too bad. Ebay is sightly slower while Amazon has been almost dead. I'm only doing 500 this week in sells when I typically do 1k by Friday/Saturday.

    Now on the great beast that is Amazon returns. Not sure how this will make you feel Jay but I 100% know people swap out items because I received a different than the one I shipped in that was brand new/sealed.

    I randomly payed a visit to my local CVS and they had clearance'd out some Carbon Dioxide alarms. At 15 a piece and I would receive 60 after fees, so score I grabbed all 4. All pretty much sold instantly once they hit Amazon but 1, 1 got returned because it was defective/didn't work. I knew something was up so I got Amazon to mail it back and BAM same model but different design. Mine didn't have the brand Kindle in the front but this one did, guessing it was an old version of the same model while I was selling newer ones(of the same model) where they didn't have the name in the front. I didn't do anything because it just part of business, somethings are unavoidable and its kinda hard to be upset when you still profited close to 130 after fees.

    I would be extra careful about sending in NIB items to FBA, most have a list of what is included and make sure everything is actually included. A few returns because an item is incomplete or "sold used item as new" will get you kicked off Amazon especially if it comes with a negative feedback. I typically end up selling about 10 to 20% of the items I picked up for Amazon on Ebay because the box is more damaged than I realized or the shrink wrap is ripped too much.

    1. Good advice. We're following what others have said and listing items for FBA realistically. We never say its new is its used. If it's opened box, we list it as "Used--Like new".

      But as we said in the podcast, we're certainly making mistake on FBA. But we're making sure never to make them again.

    2. Even listing something as Used - Like New can be slightly dangerous on Amazon. I use to actually grade my books by Very Good, Like New, etc. but now every book gets listed as Good or Acceptable for a few reasons.

      Customers expectations are a lot lower and tend to leave feedback when they expect a good book but receive a like new or very good one.

      The item can be slightly damaged during shipment/storage which would lower the grade. I've had paper covers get slightly rip while packing and had to change the grade.

      Very Good/Like New rarely change the price so why risk getting an upset customer.

      Selling a brand new book as used can get you the buy box over new books(you can never have the buy box in books if Amazon is in stock).

    3. Understood. We do our best to list items on Amazon with realistic descriptions. Better for buyers to think its better than what they expected.

      That being said, we find books that have never been cracked open, no marks or tears. The NEW price is often twice as much as the USED price. Why walk away from that profit?

    4. To me its not worth the risk and having a book listed as new especially if it isn't a fast rank means it will sit for a while. Used books are still a lot more likely to have the buy box because there price is a lot cheaper.

      I did an experiment with a book I got at a local dollar store. Even with new ones at a decent price range, the used ones still own the buy box.

      And made a reddit post about it.

  6. Week April 10-16, 2016
    Total Items in Store: 671
    Items Sold: 16
    Cost of Items Sold: $153.91
    Total Sales: $611.41
    Highest Price Sold: $139.99 (Odyssey 2 game console)
    Average Price Sold: $38.21
    Returns: 0
    Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $250
    Number of items listed this week: 52 (so far, still listing)

    Decent little week. Had consistent sales all week with the Odyssey selling early in the week to kick it off. Other neat sales were a Kiss Army hockey jersey and two sealed toothbrushes from Return of the Jedi.

    Weather was amazing yesterday, so decided to hit up the Meadowlands Flea for the first time this year instead of estate sales. Spent $250 and got a good 100 items that I've been listing over the past 2 days. Some of the highlights include a Cross 10k gold filled pen in the box dated 1982, circa 1940s Dietzgen drafting kit, first edition James Bond novel, first edition Dwight Eisenhower Crusade in Europe, several cool brass belt buckles (3d train, bald eagle, Elvis, USS Denver), an Italian leather travel toiletries case, and much more!

    Next Sunday 4/24 is the first Stormville Flea of the year (they have it 5x a year) in upstate NY that I'm going to try to make it up to. It's widely considered one of the best in the country with several hundred vendors. If you watch Flea Market Flip, it's the flea market they start at and then bring the finds to the Brooklyn Flea after they refurbish the items. Here's a link to it:

    1. Big outdoor flea markets are my favorite. Nothing can be more fun. I love the chaos and the opportunities.

  7. Store Week April 10-16

    Total items in store: 697
    Items sold: 9
    Cost of items sold: $6.84
    Total sales: $272.92
    Highest price sold: $79.99 (Vintage heavy wool hunting pants …to Hawaii. Probably a hard item to find in Hawaii!)
    Average price sold: $30.32
    International Sales: 0
    Returns: 0
    Money spent on new inventory this week: $27.00

    I’ve been wanting to buy a laser printer for a while now as the ink for my printer is so expensive, and I go through it like crazy, but couldn’t bring myself to buy one. (The toner is pretty spendy at first, but I know it would pay off in the long run.) Glad I didn’t buy one now. Yesterday I bought an almost new color laser printer and 5 toner cartridges (plus the ones already in it) for $15 at a yard sale! I also bought several other toner cartridges for $5 each that look like they will sell for around $100 each. Boring stuff, but it will be easy to list and VERY fun when it sells!

    1. We always look for laser printers. We actually have a couple extra stored away in case our printer goes bad.

    2. And Ryanne did a youtube on refilling the the laser toner cartridges to save a lot on that.

  8. Our Store Week April 10-16, 2016

    Total Items in Store: 613
    Items Sold: 15
    Cost of Items Sold: $45.50
    Total Sales: $678.04
    Highest Price Sold: $149.95 (Atlanta Olympics Leather Jacket)
    Average Price Sold: $45.20
    Returns: 0
    Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $65.00
    Number of items listed this week: 22

    We finally had a "normal" week after 2 in a row that were not so great. Having a lot of trouble with our internet, so listing was slim this week.

    Enjoying getting into the swing of yard sale / tag sale season. It's nice to be scavenging outdoors, now.

  9. 4/10-4/16/16
    Total items in store: 274
    Items sold: 3
    Cost of Items Sold: $9
    Total Sales: $61.37
    Avg. price: $20.48
    Highest price item: $39.99 Cole Haan Nike Shoes
    International sales: 0
    Returns: 0
    Money spent on new inventory: $14.52
    Number of items listed: 19

    This is the first time in 3 weeks that I've done any listing. A slow week nonetheless.

  10. Amazon can be an unforgiving monster. Too many returns against a buyer or seller will get you shut down quick. But you don't like complaining or negative comments so I'll just say be careful... don't get bit by the Amazon monster. And Scammers do exist,especially on amazon. Crapheads exist too. You can buy dislikes to use against people on YouTube. It's crazy!

    1. If this is true, that is crazy. If Amazon allows this kind of behavior, then they'll get a bad reputation among sellers who will then leave the platform.

      Basically instead of getting angry, we work within a platforms rules. If the rules seem unfair, we'll just move on elsewhere. The goal is to make money so we can own our time. Complaining just seems like a wasted detour.

  11. I have a situation I'm not sure how to handle. I sold some antique playing cards to someone in Global Shipping. I received a message to my personal email, not through eBay from the buyer says she was expecting the deck to contain joker card. My listing clearly stated 52 cards and that is what I sent. What would you guys do? Since she contacted me outside of eBay, should I respond at all?

    1. Perhaps cut & paste their email into an eBay email and then reply. In your reply, so it's on the record, say that the item description clearly stated that there were only 52 cards (and I assume you had a picture of them). Also mention that you have shipped them already and if they would like to return the cards, they are welcome to although it will be at their expense since you explained accurately. In a situation like thisI also add that I would pay return shipping if I made a mistake or excluded something in listing, but so far you've done everything correctly/accurately.

      Good luck! I'd love to hear how this turns out!

    2. From Midwest Junker.
      I would also report in My EBAY indicating that the buyer contacted you outside of Ebay. Then if the issue escalates Ebay immediately sees that if you have to call customer service. This helps alot...I recently had a slam dunk case closed in my favor because I immediately reported the buyer on two separate violations. When you report a buyer you choose from the list or "other". If you report once for example outside of Ebay, you can follow up if they become abusive or use nasty language...because it is a separate issue. It's been helpful to me.

    3. i usually either ignore/wait for them to contact me properly through ebay or message them through ebay after pasting their email into the message and indicating that they contacted me through email rather than ebay messages. you have to get it all on the record for ebay reps to care.

    4. Yeah, if a buyer messages us off eBay, we ignore it. Full stop. We only respond they send an official message through eBay.

      Any messages off eBay mean nothing. No open case, no problem.

    5. I reply back to the buyer that if there is an issue with the item, that I would certainly address it, but they first must contact ebay and first open a claim. With a dozen or so of these, I've never had a complaint or a return. I suspect them going around ebay tells me that ebay is on to them as a problem buyter.

    6. How do they get your personal email address?

    7. I'm not entirely sure. I assume through Paypal.

    8. Whenever I get a message that is not within Ebay's platform such as a direct email, I address their problem and then remind them that for the protection of both parties, the buyer and the seller, all correspondence needs to be done thru ebay's platform. Usually it's someone who is not too tech savy (with an address lol) or unfamiliar with Ebay.

  12. Items Sold: 4 ebay, 6 on etsy
    Total Items in Store: 144 on ebay--238 on Etsy
    Total Sales: $630.94. ($429.98 ebay. $200.96 etsy)
    Highest Price Sold: $295 art deco ceramics
    Average Price Sold: $63
    International Sales: 0
    Returns: 0--no returns but had one cancellation due to my screwing up the size of something and offering to cancel

    another strong week of sales including an almost $300 offer on some crockery that I have had for a couple of months (bought at auction for around $100 with fees) I had wanted more but I would say that nearly tripling my money was good enough. International sales have been very quiet lately, I guess that I don't carry anything that foreign buyers want, LOL.

  13. In our part of the North East Spring finally started this week. Everyone was outside in the 65 plus degree weather after weeks of rain and cold. Last week it was snowing.

    Also, anyone who procrastinated on their taxes was doing them this week.

    My week wasn't horrible considering I was too busy with taxes to list.

  14. It was slow here, too. 1182 items instore, 19 sales for $716. I didn't list all week though. Was busy with yardwork, cleaning out closets (it was 80 here today), preparing to have five family members move in with us for the summer, and spent one day on a great estate sale. Came home with lots of goodies for $270. Can't wait to dig into it. Still have some backlog to finish first. Took some photos today. Have an unexpected overnight visitor--a friend's horses bolted and ran over her with a huge wagon. She's pretty sore, but refused to go to the ER. So we checked her out the best we could and insisted she stay with us rather than alone. So much for worrying about Ebay. Hubby will still be working on the taxes tomorrow. (Better him than me!) i guess the customers are all just as distracted as we are.

    1. Cutting those taxes close eh? ;) 5 family members? Good luck with that! Although it sounds like a great time to get alot done with their help. You are just "teaching" them how to ebay for their own benefit. Translation putting them to work! Lol

      I wish I had a friend nurse/doctor. It seems like I stay sick or broken.

    2. And our friend is a doctor, too. So true to form, like most medical people, she would not go to the ER! But she was better this morning and was able to go home.

      My DIL and four teen grandchildren will be with us (they live in Alaska) while my son trains to fly a new, even larger, FedEx plane at a nearby state. He didn't want them so far away, so now he can come visit them on weekends. I am looking forward to having a ball with the kids!

      I hope you stay well!

  15. Items sold: 3
    Total items in store: 115
    Total sales: $102
    Avg. price sold: $34

    I went full time a couple weeks ago. I quit my $16/hr 40 hour a week job because it was draining me mentally. My happiness has increased. The 1st goal is to get my income close to where it was. I have over 2 years worth of money saved for if I had 0 income.

    Tonight I am coming up with a new pricing strategy for my store. I sell almost all men's clothes. My prior strategy was to price everything high and best offer. I am switching it up because my sell through is under performing (although this week was on par). Tomorrow I will have everything intelligently priced according to my pricing study and no best offer.

    This week I found a gold mine. 2 new thrift stores 45 min away. They have every day prices that are what Goodwill has for 50% off days. It's a flat price for all brands too. Their quality is better than Goodwill as they have less defects/stains. No crowds and I attended a half off day 3 hours or so after noon.

    1. Congratulations on taking the full-time plunge. I hope it works out well for you. I wish I was in a position that it would be feasible for me to do it for a while but I live in a high cost of living area and am supporting a family and it wouldn't be possible without some huge changes to my life so, instead, I'm living vicariously through all the others here.

    2. Hey Fred, definitely find the formula that works for you. The "price high with Make Offer" definitely works for us when selling weirder, vintage items. There's less competition and our buyers are willing to pay for quality.

      With contemporary clothes, there's huge competition (even from the actual brands). From what Ive seen and experienced, clothing sells well....but it really is all about volume.

    3. Congrats on taking the leap. I find that men's clothes and shoes do better for me than women's. Especially shoes. Maybe men aren't as picky? I bought a lot of women's shoes and they just don't sell for me. Best of luck to you!

  16. Slight rant, Amazon feedback is so annoying its getting to the point where I'm happier if people just don't leave feedback. Pass 2 out of 5 have been 4s. I enjoy Ebay's feedback system so much more.

    "." 4 out of 5, yup just period

    "Book arrived as described in the time frame indicated." 4 out of 5.

    1. I always mentally cross my fingers when getting Amazon feedback. So few of them bother to do it but if they are unsatisfied, they will rush to leave you bad feedback. I got a one star review on a book *years ago* and I still haven't got back to 5 stars.

  17. I haven't listened to the show yet but I see the headline :(

    The number of sales for me was the same as the previous week but down from the average of the last 5 or 6 weeks by about 20%. The sales $ was actually around normally thanks to a couple of slightly larger sales.

    Total Items in Store: 796
    Items Sold: 20
    Total Sales: $488.07
    Cost of Items Sold: $41.8
    Average Price Sold: $24.40
    Average Cost of Item: $2.09
    Highest Price Items Sold: $105 - vintage Waterman rollerball pen
    Number of items listed this week: 33
    Average age of items in store (in days since listing): 122
    Average number of days between listing and selling this week: 82
    Sell-through rate: 2.51%

    My experiment with Amazon retail arbitrage has finished. I bought 5 Le Creuset pans on sale from my local hardware store. They cost me $609 and sold on Amazon for $1,162. I paid over $230 in fees and made a profit of $315. I don't see myself doing any more of that. It just doesn't have the same appeal as searching for treasures at estate sales.

    1. My problem with Fba is the financial risk never seems worth the payout. My husband is OK with it though. He's happy if he makes a dollar lol. But also I find I shop for FBA leisurely but I don't get a box ready fast enough so by the time I send it in the prices or competition has probably changed. So for now I'm 95% eBay shopping.

    2. I agree with you Anne. For my FBA trial I made just a 50% profit and I had to risk $600. With eBay, my average sale is for 10 times my purchase price and my average profit is 700% of my purchase price.

    3. Simon, those numbers sync with the numbers Ive seen shared from other people who do retail arbitrage. I've actually seen 25% profit as being normal.

      For us, we're still trying the experiment of buying inventory like we do for eBay. Buy stuff for cheap. We just send in items that seem appropriate for FBA.

  18. Week April 10-16, 2016
    Total Items in Store: 341
    Items Sold: 13
    Cost of Items Sold: $77.00
    Total Sales: $469.58
    Highest Price Sold: $129.95 (Ted Baker tote bag)
    Average Price Sold: $36.12
    Returns: 0
    Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $25.25
    Number of items listed this week: 6
    I also made a sales update video so here is the link:
    I'm doing a giveaway to celebrate my 500th feedback.

    1. I enjoy your videos. Thanks for the info on Bugatchi Uomo. I stumbled on a great estate sale with some very high end men's clothing and thought I'd try it out. Selected a camel hair jacket, a few Faconnable shirts and this one brand I'd never heard of Robert Graham...that shirt I bought for $2 and sold for $50 within a week.
      So now I'm hooked on men's clothing, found a great male mannequin on Craig's List which I will be using for better pics.

      And after all that, I realized...back in my 20's I was a men's department manager in a store in Santa Monica CA before I changed to computer programming ... and I had probably recognized the quality in the men's clothing because of that old experience ... how life leads us in circles!

  19. April 10 - 16
    Total items in store - 782
    Sold - 9
    COGS - $16.00
    Total Sales - $269.91
    Highest Price Sold - $32.99
    Ave Price - $29.99
    INTL - 0
    Returns - 0
    Spent on new merch - $75.00
    New Listings - 30

    Had 3 days with no sales (11th, 12th & 13th) haven’t seen that in over a year? I managed to list 30 items this week which is awesome for me ( I wear many hats).
    Will listen to the podcast on my way to one of my favorite thrift stores later on this AM.
    Busy week organizing new inventory system using 18 gallon bin warehouse. Still working on a plan to start selling on Amazon. I did list one item on Amazon a Samsung Cartridge Toner new in the box sealed. Wonder if I should list it “Like New” because it is new old stock?
    Wondering how sales tax works when you have items stored in Amazon warehouses in different states? Do you collect sales tax on sales in the states where your items are stored?
    Have a prosperous peaceful week. Safe travel to R & J.

    1. In general, you should collect sales tax based on the location of the buyer. If the buyer is in the same state that you live in, you're supposed to collect sales tax.

    2. I learned a lot from Tax Jar blog. Here's the link:

    3. You can't list toner as anything but "New" on Amazon. They don't allow used in that category. With printer ink and toner I find if the carton is a little rough it doesn't make a difference. Opened is a no-no, but if the card is bent or the box is a little mashed it's OK to list as new. No one is going to give a box of toner as a gift.

    4. you could just list is on ebay. i bet someone would buy it with that exact explanation in your description.

  20. Here's my theory on why Amazon makes it so hard for you to find out your numbers and just put them in plain English so you can easily interpret what your expenses and profits are. If they did, you would probably stop sending stuff in because you would see in actuality how little you are making comparative to the amount of work you have to put in. In addition people would be less willing to give their items away in the race to the bottom if they realized how little they were making. Most people just keep buying and sending in and as long as Amazon trickles the money back to them they dont care. Amazon FBA depends on people with little or no business skill to keep the prices low. Keeping them in the dark is the best way to keep them doing it.

    1. Even if this isn't Amazon's intention, hiding the numbers certainly is the result. I'm going to figure it out though. If we really aren't making much profit after the fees, it's not worth the time.

      Some FBA sellers who have shared their numbers with me say they sell $75k a year to make $25k profit. That's a lot of volume, but decent profit as a "side gig".

    2. Retro Treasures WVApril 18, 2016 at 1:03 PM

      I believe you are spot on with this. Last week I had $186 in FBA sales. In reality my profit was just over $80. It's easy to think you are doing better than you really are if you don't crunch the numbers.
      The biweekly paycheck compounds the issue. You see a deposit and think "wow I just made a few hundred bucks without doing anything"! No you didn't. You just got your investment back with a small percentage profit.

      Is it really a surprise they would use this model in this country though when the majority of the population wear the size of their tax return like a badge of honor? I tell friends that I about break even on my taxes and they look at me like I'm a broke loser while proudly proclaiming they "got $6k back". They are completely oblivious to the reality of the situation.

    3. I almost think it is the next "bubble" to burst. Just like the housing bubble few years back. You entice people with big dreams and practically no business sense to buy into what you are peddling. People are running out and buying on credit stuff to send into FBA. Amazon feeds them back enough to keep the credit hounds at bay. Keep them in the dark about what they are really making and those people just keep trucking along. First month sales are slow and you will find a lot of these people are in big trouble. Just like flipping houses ten years ago was a suckers game played by those who could not afford it and had no real idea of high finance, so goes Amazon FBA. Will it create a national financial crisis? No. Will a lot of people get hurt? Yes.
      And to Jay's comment. If and when you do figure out the numbers, I am betting your Amazon "experiment" will be scaled way back and you will go back to the where the real money can be made-- ebay.

    4. I agree, Jeff. There are many out there selling programs that claim FBA is a road to wealth. Some have written books, but if you look at their reviews, it appears the few they have were paid for reviewers who likely didn't purchase and read the book. I listened to a recent interview where the FBA seller was spread so thin, it seemed like she was on a clear path to an unfortunate end of her business. She sounded overwhelmed and defensive, as she responded to the interview questions.

      On a separate note, J&R, you have a wonderful podcast and blog. I've been listening and reading for a while and have learned a great amount of valuable information from the community. I'll post a formal introduction next time around.

    5. The people who are making $25K on $75K of sales are probably doing retail arbitrage. The returns are lower but the volume is higher because you can generally find multiple items to send in. Where you might find one or two items at most at a thrift shop or estate sale, a store might have 10. Then there are five other stores within driving distance that also have 10. It's just a different business model. Personally, I have no patience for hardcore retail arb. So I don't do it. Same thing for clothing and books. I'm sure I'm missing out but I just look at all the stuff I have to go through and say "Screw it!" and leave for the next store/yard sale on my list.

      You don't have to lay out a huge amount of capital for FBA if you don't want to. I bought a food dehydrator for $9 at Goodwill and resold it on FBA for $125. I made $90 after fees.

  21. Total Items in Store: 2497
    Items Sold: 27
    Cost of Items Sold: $150
    Total Sales: $791.89
    Highest Price Sold: $100 (vintage pipe)
    Average Price Sold: $29.33
    Returns: 1
    Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $200

    I did close to nothing this week with eBay except one day I listed 60 items. The rest of the week was home projects. I scheduled a sliding glass door appointment, and fixed my fence. Let me start by saying I am no carpenter. I can do electric work as I did that for 3 years when I was younger, but a fence is out of my wheel house. The worst part was digging out two three foot concrete posts. The other project I did this week was to clean up the basement. This is where I store and ship. Amazing!!!!! It took me two and a half days to re organize my area. And ooh did I need that. I bought three more of the steel shelving units from menards for a total of 5 now. One of which is now a shipping center that holds all my boxes and tape and such. Now that I say that I am realizing I need to buy more tape. I hope you all had a wonderful week and keep going. And etsy picked up yesterday and I sold 130 in an hour then nothing again.I would love to see shipping and storage areas of everyone. Thanks again, Brian.

    1. I had to do some fence repair this week too. Fortunately it was a remote corner of my yard that was hidden behind some bushes. The result was not my life's proudest moment but I was happy to have that project finished (and am preventing my dog from tunneling to freedom again). The experience made me realize how expensive wood is. 12 pieces of fence wood (no posts) for $95. Maybe that should be the next thing I start to scavange.

  22. Jay, the price of gasoline has gone up .40 in the past month. After you get done "advocating" for all of us and get ebay to lower their pricing, can you then start on the oil companies. PLEASE, we are all depending on you.

  23. I Love my old Roledex! It is my hybrid - old technology to write down all my new Technology user names and passwords!
    Great podcasts!

    1. I have a small device that I used to use with my Rolodex. It cuts the bottom of business cards with the slits that you can insert the business card into your Rolodex, I just came across it this week. With Rolodex cards hard to come by, I wonder how much I should price this little contraption for (you wouldn't need a card for it, just make your own by cutting the slits at the bottom).

  24. Retro Treasures WVApril 18, 2016 at 9:49 AM

    Numbers 4/11 - 4-17

    Total Sales: 11 ebay, 6 Amazon FBA
    EBAY numbers:
    Sales: $428
    COGS: $47
    Average profit: $34.64
    Highest sale item: $100 Vintage TOMY Big Big Big loader toyset

    Total Sales: $184.90
    Fees: $61.81
    COGS: $37
    Total Profit: $86.09
    Average profit: $14.35

    Got my first FBA return. It kept me up Friday night for a long time from frustration. Sold an item that was new, but because the box had been unsealed and retaped the buyer initiated a return. This was one of my best sales too. Lesson learned - I should not have listed item as being brand new (even though it is). I HATE that about amazon. On ebay I could have described it clearly and still sold as new with no problems.

    I got back on the ebay listing wagon this weekend by tackling some shoes. Also this weekend I hit the gold mine at Goodwill. Some very wealthy man with large feet emptied his shoe closet. I got 8 pairs of size 14 shoes in excellent condition. Half of them were Allen Edmonds. All of these will be listed between $75 and $125!!!

    Lastly, I've reached critical mass on unlisted inventory. That 12x20 shed I got for inventory - yeah its full pretty much...and not organized at all... I just pile goodwill bags up against the walls...
    I can't. Stop. Buying. It is too addictive!

    Have a great week everyone.

    1. You can't sell it/make money to buy more stuff if you don't list it! Go go go!

    2. Retro Treasures WVApril 18, 2016 at 10:18 AM

      It's a time thing. If the time comes that I want to walk away from my day job, I will be ready to hit the ground running with a huge paid for inventory.

      What I really want to do is hire out my listing. I need to go find that podcast interview of Dan O'Dell to get some better info on doing this.

    3. Yeah, be very careful about the death piles. I know we all joke about it, but unlisted inventory can become a big mental drag. Especially when there are piles in front of piles that are on top of piles.

      Its so easy to keep buying stuff that you'll never catch up without a good system.

    4. Prime customers are super-fussy. If they buy something new they expect it to look like they just got it at walmart. I rarely find anything new that isn't dinged up or has wear on the box. EBay customers know you get things secondhand but the amazon crowd are different.

  25. A couple of comments: Here in CA, property taxes are so high that we cut back on extra's for a couple of months. I only sold 2 small items this week. Maybe others have a tough time buying in April with both taxes due. That to me is stupid. Then the 2nd property tax due near Christmas. What were they thinking?
    Regarding whether to tell people that we re-sell, my answer is no. I had a garage sale and the first person to come (always) was a dealer. She brought a huge pile over to me and asked "how much?" I added everything up and it came to over $100. She offered me $25 as she was going to re-sell it and she needed to make a profit. My husband refused to sell to her. I had items for sale for $1 that I know I could have sold on ebay for $10 -$15 and she wanted to give me a quarter. As a buyer, I don't want the seller to have second thoughts or similar bad feeling.
    Have a great trip.

    1. Retro Treasures WVApril 18, 2016 at 11:56 AM

      Back when I did yard sales, (they are a waste of my precious time) I would also refuse to budge an inch if I knew someone was a flea market reseller. They made it pretty easy to identify them though:
      1. They always come before the stated start time.
      2. No matter the sales price, they always offer a quarter.
      3. They drive a crappy beat up pickup truck loaded with kids play equipment.
      4. They are generally rude and short like they know it all.

      Ironically, an argument over doing a yard sale really started me on selling on ebay. My wife wanted to do a yardsale and I wanted to refuse, as a yardsale means I work my butt off and she sleeps in - all for maybe $50. I said I could pick out a few items and sell on ebay for more than the whole yard sale would make, and then we could just donate everything else.

      I sold about 10-15 things and made about $200. And that's how the journey began 3 or 4 years ago.

    2. Yeah, selling on eBay always beats a yard sale. I think its the initial learning curve of figuring out "the eBay way" is the biggest hurdle.

    3. If you have the eBay machinery in place you can be ready to sell...anything.

  26. Our Store Week April 11 – April 17, 2016
    Total Items in Store: 242
    Items Sold: 14
    Cost of Items Sold: $256.00
    Total Sales: $1,180.60
    Highest Price Sold: $295.00 (Vintage Sewing Machine)
    Average Price Sold: $84.33
    International Sales: 2
    Returns: 0
    Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $30.00
    Number of items listed this week: 0

    Sales Review: Great week. I would have cracked 2,000, but I couldn’t come to terms with an offer on a higher priced item. Generally offering me $1,700 under my asking price isn’t going to fly… I did not include the sales from a local auction house that I consign to. I believe I made about $350 there on items I would have otherwise donated.

    What Sold: Weeks like this make me regret not doing sold videos. Moved some really cool items. Namely, vintage pocket video game, antique wood clamp, vintage wooden milk crate, aircraft manual, coffee mug, vintage scale, TLR camera, pair of unique wooden boxes, vintage safety glasses, le creuset pan, folk art doll, sewing machine, lineman’s canvas bucket.

    Customer Issues: None.
    Scavenging: Just stopped at a flea market while running an errand on Saturday. I came across a very cool vintage wooden box, and when I opened it up it was filled with vintage butcher’s knives and tools. Really cool stuff. $30

    I purchased and completely renovated a rental property using my eBay profits. It JUST got rented last week, and I cannot wait to pick up another one.

    1. matthew, I will happily come and rent your place if you will take me scavenging with you. You are A-mazing!

    2. Hahaha Thanks Linda, and likewise! This is actually a long term rental, I'd love to try my hand at short term rental in the future though!

    3. I'm always so impressed at your sales with a moderately small store... goes to show that there's no real overarching formula to "making it work"... everybody's situation and store is different and that's what makes this beautiful!

    4. Thank you Brian! My goal is to build the store up to ~500 items and try to maintain that number as items sell. It's been tough getting things listed since my daughter was born. I just rather spend time with her than take pictures of old shoes!

      You're absolutely right, there is no formula that will guarantee results, my last two weeks were terrible. I just feel that as long as you consistently list quality items, and provide quality service, the sales will come.

    5. And when you feel ready, I bet people here would love to hear about your real estate experiment.

      Unlike us, you bought a very cheap home, did a quick fix up, and are now doing a long term rental. The money you spent really is "eBay money". No debt and all profit.

    6. Jay, I'm sure at some point I'll do a little write up on it. I just love the concept of using eBay as a wealth engine to fund other businesses. It makes sitting in line freezing to death to get in early at an estate sale worth it when I know the profit will go to funding a property that will pay in perpetuity.

      The rehab was actually fairly extensive, but it's a very small house so the cost was manageable. Drywall, windows, doors, electric, paint, carpet, flooring, concrete, plumbing, new furnace and ductwork, etc... I have my sights set on a multifamily next.

    7. What area do you live in Matthew? Your sales are great.

    8. Hi Anne, I'm in central NJ. Estate sales and auctions here are pricey, hence my COGS, but I find some really cool stuff... Thanks!

    9. Sounds like a great interview idea for Shampoo and Booze.

  27. Finally chopping away at the Items to Post backlog, which makes me happy. I hate when I do the work and then my partner lags. At least 60 more items went up, still plenty of backlog though, which affects sales.

    1567 items

    19 at $452.98

    On the Pick and Sell with Eve eBay account, which I use to show "the process"

    5 items for $560 over the last month.

    Took 3 sets of Stangl to a regional auction house and got about $380 after buyers and sellers premium. The alternative was letting my niece and nephew smash them, so instead it's a split with a sibling and time spent laughing on the drive to drop them off

  28. Sold $96 of Oneida blue-handled flatware. Bought for $12. Otherwise very slow

  29. Hope you all enjoy my What Sold video, which includes the Tiffany bracelet from the Goodwill jewelry haul.

  30. Lurker here, coming out of the woodwork to make a small complaint against the new Ebay fees. I have been anticipating this huge fee jump since hearing about it being implemented in Australia a few years ago. I believed that with the fee increase, we would be getting a similar level of listings as them:

    The Anchor Store package in Australia is $499.95 per month, which comes out to $387 per month in USD.

    While I am happy to be receiving 10,000 listings a month starting next month for $300 (I am nearly paying that much now as it is with close to 5,000 listings), I believe that 10,000 is too few for the larger businesses being run on Ebay with tens of thousands of listings. They should have at least upped the amount to 20,000 listings per month, if not unlimited like Australia.

    The UK fees are also comparable to our new fees, and they also include unlimited listings per month:

    I would not be surprised if they are getting us used to paying $300 a month for 10,000 listings now in order to get us used to paying $399.95 a month for unlimited listings in the next few years.

    1. eBay could be using the different markets to test what sellers will accept.

      Another hypothesis is that each market must be treated differently. I'm not sure how many eBay sellers are in Australia. They could have offered the "unlimited" level to encourage huge sellers to come into the market. They already know the US has large eBay sellers.

      Glad you did your numbers to see how it affected you. I also never like to pay more, but it's really a minimal cost if I look at our overall sales.

  31. Week of April 10-17, 2015

    Total in-store: 1530
    Total Sales: $684.78
    # Items sold: 23
    Avg Price: $29.77
    COGs: $278.92
    Highest price: $70 – vintage flocked curling iron
    International: 0
    Returns: 0
    Spent on new inventory: $21
    Number of items Listed: 25
    Total donated to Project Semicolon: $26.20

    Sold several higher priced items early in the week, but it’s been very quiet for the last 4 days. COGS are high because I sold several things that belonged to my daughters. Glad to see them off to people who can use them. My mom and I hosted a yard sale over the weekend. We only made about $500, but it was priceless entertainment for two days. Most expensive thing sold was an old cast iron stove someone hand painted white and decorated with flowers and vines. One of my neighbors bought it for $150. I was thrilled to not have to tote that heavy thing back to our barn. I removed about 30 stale listings to add to the yard sale. Got rid of a few, but still have 3 big boxes of that junk in the garage. I think I will just donate them this week.

    1. $500 is good for a yard sale. We tried it once and made about $50.

    2. Not a ton of traffic where we live, so we were happy with what we made. The stove was our only high-dollar item sold. Most of our sales were junky things we put out at 2 for $1. I wish we had sold more of the vintage furniture we set out. We have toyed with the idea of dragging a truckload to the flea market one weekend. May just have to try it.

  32. How do you put your inventory number on your listing? I am talking about your inventory number that you use to find the item. I am using the custom label column that you have to add in with the "customize" button on eBay's Selling Manager Pro. I just wish I could add this number in to a box while doing the actual listing. This method isn't too bad though. I've seen some sellers even put this information in their title.

    Btw, those poly mailers from Ecoswift (link in Resources) are an excellent product that I will be switching to!

    1. I've been using the seller notes. It's working well so far. I used to it in the title, but I'm trying to get away from that due to Cassini..

    2. I put mine in brackets at the end of my description. [sku346]

      So it would look something like the above. Just can't let your bookkeeping fall too far behind or you won't be able to retrieve that number (if you're also using it for COGS).

    3. Have you tried custom label? I thought it was a bit quicker than notes.

      I'll list in one tab of my browser, and on the other tab I will have my "My eBay Selling Manager" open. The newest listing pops up top, and I click the label, backspace, type number in, click save.

      Just wish you could do this while in the listing screen.

    4. deb truervalues
      Hi - I put mine at the end of the title. ONly had 2 people ask about it in the last 10 months, so I think savvy buyers know what the number is for.

      I used to put it in the description, but it takes a couple of more clicks for each item when I'm getting ready to ship--and I live in a small village with pretty slow internet. Didn't want to wait for the little circle to roll around a million times every time I went to do my shipping.

      Another benefit is that when I want to find out what is in a tote, I only have to go to my store and search for 3C.... everything in that bin will show up. Learned THAT trick from someone on this blog.

  33. SELLER UPDATE - Store special offers on free inserts?

    With a store, do you get special offers like I've been getting without one? I have over 200 listings and have never paid any listing fees; I pay 8% final value fees with TRS ... With a Basic Store, I'd get 200 fixed + 100 auction free listings and a an additional 1% savings on final value fees. So I'd be about where I am now, but having to pay a monthly subscription. I'm already getting tons of free inserts (just have to work around the special offers).

    So do you also get special offers with a store?
    Are they every month like I've been getting without one?
    Here's the special offers I've received so far this year with no store:

    4/07-4/13 500 auction-style or fixed listings, includes relists
    3/22-3/27 2,000 30-day fixed or GTC listings, includes relists
    3/09-3/14 1,000 auction or fixed listings, includes relists
    3/04-3/31 600,000 new auction or fixed, includes relists
    2/01-2/29 500 auction listings, includes relists
    1/21-1/25 1,000 auction or fixed listings, includes relists
    1/08-1/14 2,000 auction listings, includes relists
    1/01-2/01 500 auction listings, includes relists

    1. Yes, Subscribers still get access to the Special Offers.

      I know some sellers like to just fly on the random free listings that eBay offers. If this works for you, then that's cool.

      Problem is that you never know when and if eBay will continue to put these out. Seems a very chaotic way to run a business.
      The listing fees are so small, and provide us with a solid business since our items are always for sale and always available.

    2. Now that I'm feeling better building my health back, I'm feeling like I can do more scavenging and listing. I don't like having to wait for the special offers, but I do fill that time with scavenging, taking pics, researching, and prepping everything. I am trying to list more and with a basic store, that would free up some time in relisting and working around the offers. I think I'll jump in next time I get a special offer for a store for free for a few months...they come a few times a year.

      Thanks! You 2 have been so wonderful to keep me going after a miserable 2015 (laid off and health). As awful and gut wrenching as it was, in hindsight, it was what I needed to force me out of that world (it was literally killing me) into a healthier and less stressful life.

      IMUA ... in Hawaiian means go forward, which I have taken to heart and fits your advice and philosophy on your business.

    3. I have a friend who seems to be sick or have back pain all the time. She works in a very toxic situation, and I think that's why. She keeps saying she is looking for another job. I wish she would just quit and then look full time.

    4. Your friend sounds like me in my last year of corporate America. I didn't sleep, my blood pressure was borderline high, and I always had a stomach ache. I hope your friend realizes that her health is in jeopardy and she takes the steps to get out of her situation.

    5. Beverly, a major advantage for me is being able to put my whole store on vacation mode or extended handling time. Don't know why I couldn't do that without a store, but I couldn't. I'm gone on and off through the year, so I used to have to cancel all of my listings

  34. We have to remember that us income taxes were due, so I am sure that has something to do with the sluggish sales. I think that J&R hit it on the head about not listing much having something to do with slow sales also. If I go more than 2 or 3 days without listing my sales pretty much die--it is especially true of a small store like mine.

  35. I had my best week so far. And it's not over since my fiscal week closes at midnight. Grossing $700. I have an outstanding offer on Grailed, fingers crossed.
    Getting to 200 items listed, proving difficult because when I am almost there, a wave of sales wipes out.
    Also, producing my first What Sells video.

    1. Retro Treasures WVApril 18, 2016 at 1:56 PM

      If you can only keep an inventory of 200 because you keep selling everything, that is not a problem - that's a good thing.

      Don't feel like you have to keep an inventory. If you prefer to price competitively to insure turnover then that can also be a great business model.

      Do what works for you and then adapt when the time comes.

    2. Thank you, not complaining though, just made a sarcastic comment about the bad habit of growing sales :-)

  36. I have been listing consistently and selling consistently. I was thinking the same. keep listing continue selling. My store is small 780 items I have been listing consistently for a while all of a sudden 0 sales on 11, 12 & 13. I think it’s unpredictable and could be income tax stress related. I keep listing my goal is 1000 items by July 1st.

  37. Retro Treasures WVApril 18, 2016 at 2:19 PM

    Does anyone here use turbolister? I have been kicking around the idea of farming out listing duties to a local person, but the logistics of it was really blocking me. Then I finally took a look at turbolister today by chance.

    It appears to be everything I wanted and more. I can keep my store and my listing separate. I can farm out the picture taking and description creating work while keeping the pricing in my wheelhouse.

    Have you looked at this J&R? I know how you all split up the listing duties and if I'm reading this right, it would be perfect for you all as well.

    I'm going to experiment with it this week and see how it works. This could totally be the answer I've been looking for as I have a friend at church who might be interested in doing listing work for me.

    1. Oh I have to jump in now. No, please read all of the posts about Turbo Lister. I used it for several years and just had to put up it. It is free, but oh my, it is slow as the slowest clock ever was.

      I looked for years to try to find something the same or better that was free and never found anything. Then about a year and half ago I found a great program. Fast as greased lighting. It does what Turbo Lister takes 10 to 15 minutes to do in about 4 or 5 seconds. You have to constantly compact and update the database everytime it wants to down load from Ebay. I have had it run honestly over night before and it finally finished up.

      There was a program called Blackthorn a couple of years ago. It was a whole lot better than TL, but that group was cut out by Ebay. Then two years ago, that old Ebay management team wrote thier own Inventory Management System, Database, Upload Scheduler and Photo Handler. It is called Wonder Lister. It also copiles sales by state, figures your taxes owed by state, has total sales, profitability. It runs on Microsoft SQL and you can have it installed on multiple computers.

      One thing though, it is not free, but I run my Premium level store with about 600 listing currently and already have my inventory of over 1,500 more items and WL is going to handle it all. Also with TL, try to get any one to ever answer you from support. Like never. on WL, send support a question and you get an answer in about an hour and many times minutes.

      It has tiered pricing levels, but is way cheaper than anything else out there. It has a start up level that is free, then $25 monthly, then $50 and so on. I have had the $25 level for the past few years and that will carry me up to about a 2,500 item store.

      It is a database and it resides on your computer. So all of your records, customers email addresses, phone numbers, everything is your forever. Think about a newsletter in a few months or years down the road. It does have a little bit of a learning curve. It took me about 3 months to get fairly good with it, but now I have templates already created and saved for many different types of items that I list constantly and believe me it is no comparison.

      When you said Turbo Lister I just had to throw you a life line. Please read all the stuff about TL and believe me from years of first hand use, it is true. Also go to and read up on WL. Better still, after research, give the trial a go. I just know how much time you are going to spend with either one, but after that time is invested, I know how much better off you will be with WL.

      This is just respectfully submitted because I have been there and know. mike in Atlanta

    2. I tried turbo lister and it was very dated and didn't work like I had hoped..

    3. If you want to try Turbo Lister, I highly recommend keeping its database small. It will want to keep an archive of everything forever, but it will slow to a crawl if you let it. I never let mine download listings from eBay and I delete all saved listings and activity logs frequently. With nothing in it but my templates, it runs a lot smoother.

      It's still not a particularly fast or modern program and some features, such as photo uploads and item specifics, are pretty clunky, so you have to balance that against paying monthly fees.

    4. Retro Treasures WVApril 19, 2016 at 8:54 AM

      Well I tried this out last night. I attached 7 pics to a test listing. It took maybe 2-3 minutes to select the pictures and then the program locked up for over 5 minutes while it loaded the pics into the listing.

      Oh my... that is some royally crappy software! How can it be so slow when it is a stand alone offline software?? Back to square one...

    5. Turbo lister is junk, they haven't updated it in a long time.

      There are plenty of third party software programs that will do what you need, but they usually have a monthly fee.

      It's worth it.

    6. Retro Treasures WVApril 20, 2016 at 9:50 AM

      Bookseller, do you have any recommendations? I feel like I stepped into quite the shady arena when researching this.

    7. Jay recommended I use InkFrog and it has worked out very well for me. It is $27 per month and the person that uses it for me has listed around 2,000 items for me at this point. I would give it a 7.5 out of 10. It takes awhile to upload images but once they are on there you are good to go. It has pretty good templates as well. I can't speak to other site but inkfrog has been solid for me.

    8. Retro Treasures WVApril 21, 2016 at 3:05 PM

      Thanks Dan! I am listening to the podcast with your interview today. Your model is exactly what I am wanting to go for.
      After I listen to the podcast I might have a few Q's. Would you mind if I contacted you through your ebay store and asked a few followup questions?

    9. Feel free to reach out glad to help. The model works great. It really boils down to finding the right people and treating them well to work effectively. The key factor is allowing people to work from their home.

  38. Count me in if you're planning a meet up in New Orleans!

  39. Glad to have found your blog and the group. I have decided to share my sales on my blog hoping to push myself to grow. Have been on eBay and still cruising along low dollar. Below is my first half of April. We are wintering in Las Vegas and heading home next week. We only brought stock that would fit in the van.

    Store 1 premium level All numbers are month to date for April 16th 2016
    Items listed 1705
    Items sold 30
    Total Sales $204.92
    Cost of items $25.00 about
    Highest sold $19.95 vintage rhinestone brooch
    Average Price $6.83
    Returns 0
    Money spent on new inventory 0
    Number of items listed this part of month 54
    I have put store on sale 2 times this month.
    eBay account # 2 no store at this time
    Items listed 30
    no new listings or sales. I have not been working on this store and will probably will not until we return to Minnesota and I can revamp this store and its merchandise.
    Amazon business
    Number of Books sold 0
    Amount of Sales 0
    Items listed 45
    no sales and no listings until we return to Minnesota. Majority of our books are at home.
    Items listed
    Etsy as of April 16th 2016
    Listings in store 77
    Items sold 2
    Totals Sales $20.00
    Cost of Goods $2.00
    Highest Sold $15.00
    Average price of Sold $10.00
    Money spent on new inventory 0
    Number of items listed this part of month 0
    Look forward to reading old posts and your video as time alows

  40. Pretty slow week for me too

    Total in-store: 624 ( we broke the 600 mark for the first time!)
    Total Sales: $312.33
    # Items sold: 10
    Avg Price: $27
    COGs: $13.50
    Highest price: $65 – vintage BF Goodrich Boots
    International: 1 (Dr Martens to Australia)
    Returns: 0
    Spent on new inventory: $8

    What sold in my store this week.

  41. Hey guys I am still here! I had to cut some things out of my busy life because we are in the middle of building a house and storage barn. I only have around 7-9 months to scavenge for my new house.
    Anyway, I just wanted to comment on your sales. Same thing happened to me... from not listing. For the month of November- December due to the house, I didn't list much of anything. My sales stayed flat during the holiday- but I didn't see any increase. Then in January and February my sales dropped like a lead ball. I got back to listing in March and my sales are just now up to normal and my store is back to pre-house inventory. My moto is to list a few items everyday no matter what! If I have time next week, I will try and post some of my great scavenges for my new house. - marci

  42. Apr 10-16 2016
    • Total Items in Store: 675
    • Items Sold: 20
    • International 2 GSP
    • Total Sales $1080
    • Highest price $165 Vintage tuner
    • Average Price Sold: $54
    • Returns: 2 both size issues
    • Cost of Items Sold: $48 + $71.75 consignment split
    • Cost of items purchased this week $65

    Garage sales were abundant but full of knack knack crappy junk. I usually can still find stuff as I like to dig and inquire about what else might be for sale but there wasn't much. The Wednesday auction was OK, already sold some archery equipment from that one.
    Someone on Craigslist had 2 Magnavox console stereos for free, I took em both as they have tube amplifiers, they're in good shape so after extracting the components I may convert them into liquor cabinets.

    1. Steven do you list every day? How many items a day do you list.

    2. I'd like to put up 5 or more listings 5-6 days a week but I don't worry about it too much if it doesn't happen, some days I like to just goof off after the packing is done but I never take a day off from searching for the next big profit.

    3. @ Steven Schultz.. Hi Steven, I was cleaning up the basement last weekend to make more room for inventory and I came across several boxes that we have never opened from previous house moving. It is my old stereo system my wife gave me for my birthday back in 1988. I have a few questions since you have the experience in that area. Not going to ask pricing, just if I have anything worth putting time researching into and if so, do you think I should sell it unit-component by component or as a whole "system"? If you want to throw any numbers out on the table would also appreciate it though.

      It is a JVC Component system with it's own wood cabinet and glass door. It consists of all the original paper work and manuals for SP-333 speaker system [very large], AX-R441BK Intergrated AMP, FX-333BK Computer Controlled Digital Synthesizer Tuner, TD-W111 Stereo Double Cassette Deck, XL-M400BK Compact Disc Auto Changer [two 6 disc cartridges], and AL-A110BK Auto Return TurnTable with cover. All of this is stacked inside of the component cabinet.

      Do you think this system has a value worth digging into it as a local pick-up for the whole unit, or as separate units or is it primarily donation material to the local church?

      I know you are probably busy listing but if you have a moment any insight into this Model and system would be appreciated. thanks in advance.. Mike in Atlanta

  43. My sales have been great the last few weeks. I broke 500 listings 2 weeks ago and pulled in back to back $800+ weeks. 500 listing = 2k+ a month is so far ringing true for me. Pretty crazy considering I still have some really mediocre listings still in my store. Going to keep feeding that beast with quality. Thanks so much for this great blog/podcast. I would not be where I am now without the great advice found here.

    My listing slowed a bit the past 2 weeks as I purchased a mannequin and bought some lighting for pictures. Took a bit to get everything set up but now that I do I'll be able to list more efficiently. Plus, my clothes look great with the new setup. I highly recommend getting a decent mannequin and lighting for anyone that sells a lot of clothes.

    1. What kind of lighting did you get?

    2. I'd be interested in what kind of mannequin. I've tried a couple of different varietys but they seem to be a pain in the neck to get clothes on and off. thanks for any input.

    3. Lighting is 2 3 ft LED shop lights from Home Depot. I hang them vertical from my ceiling. ~$30 a piece bulbs included.

      Mannequin is below. Ordered off prime for $60. I do 99% men's clothing and wanted something with some form. Detaching and reattaching one arm is a pain when switching clothing but after awhile it gets easier. Took me 1-2 minutes initially but now it takes max 10-15 seconds. I'm a little concerned with the attachments durability as it's made of plastic but so far it's holding up well.

      OM® Male Table Top Torso Mannequin Form Abstract Headless Style and Adjustable Height Flesh (EHMT1) Made By OM®

    4. This is my ultra top priority, not been easy to find.
      I want the mannequins that have torso, head, feet and also the full body. The shoe pictures with the feet only mannequin are insane.
      Second priority is cheap lighting, but I think I will buy lighting first because these photo related items are everywhere. Actually I will take a look on a couple I have targeted tommorow.

    5. Retro Treasures WVApril 19, 2016 at 9:16 AM

      This here is about the best deal you can get on lighting:

    6. Thank you Retro Treasures WV, COULD NOT RESIST 😉
      Just got it together with Ryanne's recommended USB slide scanner.

    7. And check Craig's List for mannequins. I just got a male torso mannequin with wood poseable arms for $20.

    8. I have been watching my local Craigslist for a mannequin for months, but everyone wants around $200.

    9. From Midwest Junker
      You might try Firefly Store Solutions or Store Supply Warehouse - just Google - for new ones under $150, but of course shipping too.

  44. Took my wall art to the Fed ex store. After some box debate they got it shipped. Shipping itself was only 50 dollars but after box and shipping fees it came to 152 dollars. Glad it's out and their responsible for it.

  45. Since Ryanne and Jay are going away this week, not sure how the What Sells video will work. Let me post mine here as well. My first one and only partial. My week goes from Tue through Mon, so I will include the link of other items I sold.

    About my stores, I grossed around $700 across.
    eBay Store is my main store, getting to 200 items. Still good finds in my hoard, now investing a bit more on inventory. is my second store. Since my main focus is signature clothing. Grailed is proving to be fantastic. I post on eBay and just copy/paste into Grailed. The thing is Men's top signature like Armani, Versace, Men's Hipster/Fashion like Supreme, and the traditional high quality like Lacoste, CalvinK and Vintage Adidas get top dollar, a lot more than eBay (challenge is people make you offer and never pays, happens a lot)
    Amazon store only for my UPC'ed and sealed collection items, it get's me around $200 per month and I keep about 50 items there
    Bonanza is synched with eBay, never sold anything

    Vintage Austin Sculpture (Nude Female, Large, Signed Fisher 1987, Silver Gray) - my first ever Auction in my first ever scavenging week.

    Versace Classic Men's Pants (Red, Size 36/30, Original Made in Italy)
    Got this Monday in exchange for a discount voucher I had for American Thrift. Got sold in 2 days

    Polo by Ralph Lauren Tuxedo Shirt (White, Size 18, 100% Cotton) This belonged to one of my sons

    Microsoft Baseball Cap (employee exclusive) My top selling category. Been selling a lot of Microsoft memorabilia (pianful I had donated away a lot more)

    Giorgio Armani Black Dress Pleat Pants (these were mine for 20 years)

    Microsoft Jacket by Port Authority (also mine from 1995)

  46. Great podcast. Interestingly I had another one of the best weeks I've ever had. Haven't read the other comments...maybe others did as well? I'm having a month for my record books. I'm over $3900 on the 18th. Wow. The barrister bookcase helped a lot, but even without it I'm having a good one. Hope it all picks up for you as I'm sure it will.
    Here's my "what sold" video. Sorry it's shaky...will get to work on a tripod.

    1. Great video! Thanks for sharing. Where do you find your books? Do you buy them as a box lot at auctions? They are very interesting. Congrats on the chair, that's a great find.

  47. deb truervalues

    Week April 11-17
    Listings 1597 ( 1973 total items in store )
    Total Sales: $ 806.45
    Number of items sold: 36
    Average Sale price: $ 22.40
    Cost of Goods sold $ 165.25
    Highest price sold: $ $75 – 3 yds Waverly Fabric / $52.50 Vintage Fossil Canvas Bag
    International Sales: 0
    Returns: 0
    Number of items Listed : 90
    Spent on new inventory: $ 52.67

    Had a good week of sales. I found that Fossil bag at the GW. I saw it from 20 feet away and my radar went off....I knew it was something special. It sold less than 2 hours after I got it listed.

  48. About today's Cast last caller comment on inventory management

    Making a longer comment for those who might be interested, I have my LLC for my eCommerce business (I can revisit motivations). As such, I have exclusive Bank Account, Credit Card I use for scavenging, Accountant, Legal, and other things that are under this LLC P&L.
    Since it is not a manufacturer store or a volume product store, it resells what today is called Long Tail items, I am not required to have or keep track of inventory of goods as part of my active on an individual basis. However I have to keep track of purchase transactions of goods to be sold that were sold.
    I use QuckBooks, so I have my scavenging trips each scanned into the expenses in one of the COGS line.
    IRS would only care for two things: income and deductions. COGS lines are deductible. I need evidence I am not making them up.
    IRS does not care about my inventory.

    Hope this helps


  49. Any tips on shipping a small TV / DVD combo unit?

    One of my bosses has been giving me items from his house as he declutters. He knows I sell on ebay and gives me boxes of items he would normally trash or donate. He doesn't want any money in return.

    Recently he gave me a 13" tube tv / dvd combo unit, with remote. I sold it today on ebay for 59.99. I am planning on putting it in a trash bag, then wrapping in bubble wrap, then putting in a box. I will take that box, wrap it in more bubble wrap, then put it in a larger box. Does this seem safe enough?

    Also, I am shipping this using Fedex home delivery. Will Fedex pick this up at my home for free, or should I bring it to a Fedex location?

    Thank you all

    1. Why not ship with USPS? Fed ex I think doesn't do home pick up for free. And in my personal opinion your doing too many extra steps. After the first bubble wrapping I would just put it in a box that has padding all around like with paper or bubbles. But if you want it super safe your method would work.

    2. Superdave your idea sounds like it would work. I would double box it myself too.

  50. Anyone have any experience selling nude vintage slides? Over the weekend I bought a kodak slide projector and I was shocked when I discovered there was a slide inside and what it was.

    I know some of those slides are very valuable, mine is of a woman posing all nude in a very artistic style.

    I have never sold anything like this, just wondering if I just list it and forget it. My gf was yelling at me for selling porn! hahaha I told her it was art!

    Also whats the best way to photograph slides, in the past I have used my small portable slide view and took a photo of it.


    1. I researched selling some vintage playboys for my boyfriend. Here's some pages of info that might be helpful:

  51. My Numbers for the Last Week:

    • Total Items in Store: 367
    • Items Sold: 8
    • Cost of Items Sold: $35
    • Total Sales: $282
    • Highest Price Sold: $70 (Adidas Adi-Racer Shoes)
    • Average Price Sold: $35.25
    • Returns: 0
    • Money Spent on New Inventory This Week: $120
    • Number of items listed this week: 21

    Grateful to be pushing forward and making a bit of progress. I'm very happy about my average sale price. I hope you all are having a great week!

  52. Jay, you sometimes mention your sales in comparison with last year during the same week but where are you finding that information exactly?

    1. We've synced up eBay/paypal to GoDaddy Bookkeeping which saves all our info. It allows us to compare months and now years info.

      Unfortunately eBay only seems to keep the last 3 months of info.

    2. So you can compare prior year in Seller Hub. Go to the Performance Tab

      click Sales
      enter your dates i.e. April 3 to April 9 2016
      enter Benchmark start date i.e. April 3 2015

      It then shows 2016 as a bar chart and uses a line graph of prior year's sales.

    3. Thank you Anna! This is helpful info.

  53. Slow week here as well so I'm going to concentrate on increasing my store's listings from 600 to 700 items. I'm sure I easily have 100 unlisted items so I won't need (get) to source this week. My largest sale last week were two Vtg Photon Laser Games (Like Laser Tag but maybe older). They'd been sitting at my boyfriend's mom's house all these years collecting dust. Sold to a guy in the UK for $83 plus he paid nearly $50 in fees and shipping to ebay. He's excited to relive his childhood with his son so I'm glad they are going to him rather than a collector. Happy ebaying this week, everyone!

  54. Store Week 04/10 to 04/16, 2016
    Total Items in Store: 872
    Items Sold: 6
    Cost of items sold: $ 11.17
    Total sales: $ 150.95
    Highest price sold: $ 45 LA Kings Trucker Hat
    Average price sold: $ 25.15
    International sales: 0
    Money spent on inventory: $ 30?

    Other items sold: New Era Chicago Bears Hat, table runner (decorated with seashells), 4 yards of Wamsutta fabric, Estee Lauder makeup bag, Purdue hat.

    Slow week, today is Tuesday and I haven’t sold anything since Saturday. I’m just going to keep listing. I hope to get to 1000 listings before the end of May.

    Yay for yard sales and church rummage sales! I went to a church sale last week and filled up the back of my jeep for $14.50. Purchases include two Dooney and Bourke purses, a wool blanket, a Wahl trimmer, motorcycle leather wallet, clothing, 10 yards of different fabrics, Victoria’s Secret tote bag, Christmas items. They had so much stuff, I didn’t really look through everything. This is the second year that I have gone to this particular church sale. They have “runners” that will take your items and create a pile for you and add up your purchases while you shop. Nice!

    You had a caller that wanted to know about cleaning leather. I use Blackrock Leather ‘n’ Rich cleaner, can be bought on Amazon. The leather wallet that I purchased at the church sale looked like it was in bad shape but it was just very dirty. Now it looks almost brand new. Maybe worth a try.

    Have a good week everyone!

    1. Speaking of leather, can you fix really cracked leather? I have some nice boots but their cracked up.

    2. It may work...I'm certainly not an expert. But the cleaner does state that it softens the leather which may work on cracked leather.

    3. I haven't sold anything this week either--on ebay and on etsy, so yes, very slow, will keep listing also.


    I just sold a vinyl attache, and when I pulled it for packing I now realize that it absolutely stinks! I've heard Ryanne talk about putting things in the sun to get odors out, but it's cloudy/about to rain today and looks to be cloudy all day tomorrow.

    Any other ideas on how to get the smell out of an old briefcase? Thanks for any help!

    1. stuff it with paper/newspaper to absorb the odor

      could also try a dish of baking soda

    2. Thanks Nancy. Will do!

    3. This is a great topic I wanted to have the opportunity to discuss further if anyone is interested. Even going broader about investing on treatment of items versus selling as is.
      Time, resources (washing, cleaning, etc) increase COGs (and decrease time for listing etc.

      For the specific topic here, neutralizing odor is one of the mandatory processes we have to dedicate to.

      Tricky one as well. There are sources from rubber to human generates odor.

      Besides wrapping in paper, using baking soda in different ways, also a large box with dehumidifier (the ones on Wall Mart or Home Depot that are like those things you put in the car for fresh smell, these are some stuff that remove extract humidity from small rooms, cellar and condensate into a cup, they last few weeks, so you would need to have several items in the pipeline, very very cheap though).
      Also a very large box with sphere of naphtaline. It has a strong odor depending on your sensitivity, but it neutralizes stinks like body infused odors (your 10 year old ball player shoes 😉).
      For clothes a longer term treatment is always nice. For sure many times we buy and sell immediately. However it is nice to buy, process it (I call process everything that happens from the minute you scavenge until you store after listing). So store like you normally do, if possible in boxes, drawers or bags that are closed and you put a slab of soap, like those we bring from hotels. Need to have moderate to strong perfume for effect though.

    4. Also take unused coffee grounds and put them in an old sock and just leave it in there.

  56. Retro Treasures WVApril 19, 2016 at 4:08 PM

    I've experimented with removing smells and I've came to this conclusion: Inventory is so ridiculously plentiful that I don't need to waste time on a single item unless said item is worth a small fortune. And in that case, I would either have the item professionally cleaned or list as-is and let the buyer deal with the disclosed smell.

    Remember: non-sellable inventory is tax deductible. Just keep a running log of the stuff you can't sell and take the loss.

    1. Hello Retro Treasures WV, couldn't agree more with you. At the end, it all falls to labor and other resources you want to spend and dedicate to the task.
      On my specific case however, per principle I have tremendous problem with odor and likely one or other issue. I would never sell anything with foul odor.

      To the other Tax related matter, technically it is correct. However, I put into the same basket as the odor matter.
      I will possibly get to 3-4000 items store. I sell Long Tail products. It does not pay to manage individual inventory items.
      What I buy I write of in one of the COGS line items, specific for scavenged goods.
      At the end of the year that goes to the Accountant for deduction.
      With 3000 items, to keep track of that one pair of 2 year old unsold shoes is an unecessary task for my specific case.
      Down the road, if I get bored with a handful of items, I just donate them. That donation can be written off on the Tax return too.



  57. Just had one of my fastest sales ever. Sold within one hour of listing. Buyer paid full price and it's going to the UK via GPS.

    1. whoa! and it looks in fantastic condition! and with the box. To a computer neeeerrrrdd I am sure.

  58. Being scavenged by Craig's List scavengers?
    Got a user aggressively making offers to a few of my new designer shirts items.
    Alias got to my attention 'craigseller'. All offers approx 25%ish of the price

  59. My week was incredible! Due to an auction I hit last week, I scored some vintage Schilling latch hook rug kits and sold them all for $80-100 each. The rest of the sales were decent, nothing too great. Heres the numbers

    Store Week 4/10-4/16
    Items in Store 420
    Items Sold 30
    Cost of Goods $70.00
    Total Sales $896
    Highest Sale $ 200 (vintage latch hook rug kits X 2) I sold 3 of these on 4/9 also which didn't make it into my numbers due to be such late in the day sales. so actual sales on these was $480
    Average sale $29.87

    As you can see those rugs definitely helped the bottom line but even without those sales I still had a decent week of 28 sold items. At the same auction I purchased some vintage beaded ornament kits and they have been selling like crazy! That will be in next weeks numbers. Heres hoping this weeks auction is just as fruitful!

  60. hi guys,
    regarding your remote return nightmare.. make sure you note the serial number for electronics on the amazon listing. also i've heard tom the english picker mention using smart water/ink, so you can tell if someone has returned your item and not their old broken item.

  61. So a little lesson learned this week. After a year and a half and over 1500 sales... I got my first negative feedback. I sold her a pair of 14k tanzanite earrings for $22 and she asked for a partial refund of $5 dollars so she didn't have to return it. Let me start by saying I was a little peeved because I told her before she purchased them that if she had any problems she can send them back for a refund. I am not sure were it says anything about partial refunds to be expected if unhappy but apparently this is the case. I thought about it and called eBay. Now I am a man of principles and I know it would be easier to have just given her the refund even if it was 25% of the price. So eBay told me that because it was an opinion all I could do is respond to the feedback because they could not remove it. So I did. But I did it professionally. So where is the lesson, here it is. A person of principles has its spot in life but not in business. I should have bitten the bullet and given her the $5, it seems so silly that I didn't do that but lesson learned. I guess one isn't so bad but I had a streak going and now it is tarnished, but I have not seen any further drop in sales, except for what everyone else is experiencing which I have planned for. Thanks, Brian.

    1. I'd call back a second time...sounds like feedback extortion to me. Since when do stores pay you to keep an item:) Like Ryanne says, "sometimes you have to make that 2nd and 3rd call to get it removed"

    2. Stick to your guns Ninja. I have taken the hit more than once because I refuse to kiss up to liars and thieves who are rude to boot. A neg doesn't mean anything compared to your dignity. And nobody cares if you have a neg or two anyway. Wear it like an Ebay purple heart. :-)

  62. Pulling the plug on FBA

    Life's too short to continue doing what I didn't love. When Amazon gave us the opportunity to pull all our items and have them returned to us at no charge...I did. Sales were slow, I was slow in getting items sent in and my heart isn't in the scavenging of items for FBA nor the listing process of FBA.

    That being said, the one thing I REALLY regret is pulling the plug on all my books that I had listed on Amazon as merchant fulfilled. THAT was due to my lack of understanding...I didn't realize at the time that I could sell FBA and Merchant fulfilled on one account. OH how I wish I hadn't deleted that other account:) BUT, learning something new everyday is a goal of mine...sometimes lessons are learned the hard way.

    Now in the process of listing 75% of the items that were returned from FBA on to ebay or selling them through other channels (i.e. our antique booths) or donating them back to the thrift stores.

    No regrets for having tried it. I learned a lot along the way. It just wasn't for me.

    1. I haven't taken the dive to amazon fba yet because I have been doing pretty well on merchant fulfilled. If I do take the plunge I will open a different account and keep merchant fulfilled separate. Some items I would rather have control over instead of sending them in to fba and it's really no that hard for me to just send it out by myself.

    2. Dan, it's my understanding that you cannot have 2 selling accounts on least that is what the rep I spoke with a couple years ago said. At that time I had a good merchant fulfilled account and opted to close it to start one that was strictly FBA. I regretted that. I did much better with merchant fulfilled. HOWEVER, I now know that I could have kept my merchant fulfilled account and also sent items to FBA on the same account. I should have researched it more before I closed my first account. Hope my hindsight saves you some grief.

    3. Here is the info about having 2 multiple selling accounts:

    4. I guess I should clarify one would be mine and one would be my wife's.

  63. Also wanted to add that the ebay Gods were shining down on us last week...I guess it was our turn:) Funny how some of us will have a great week and others a not so great week...but as Jay and Ryanned say, it all evens out in the end:)

  64. In case you haven't gotten this answer yet... To easily get Amazon Profit and numbers. Posting here in case anyone else needs the info.
    Go to Amazon Seller Central
    Click Reports (top row)
    Click Payments (drop down)
    Choose Date Range Reports
    Generate A Report
    Choose Summary
    Choose Custom
    Choose your week or weeks on the calendar
    Click Generate
    Wait for it
    Click Refresh
    Open Report PDF
    In blue will be your total INCOME
    In blue will be your total EXPENSES
    Do the math (don't forget your cost of goods sold)
    I like to do a monthly report on the first day of the month for the prior month to keep in my tax folder.

  65. I had a decent couple weeks but it is still a roller coaster. I think clothing sellers may be doing well this time of year with Spring coming in strong in much of the country. I have been working on researching clothing, which is a must for a clothes seller. One thing I have learned is made in America is a sign of being vintage, because after Nafta all the manufacturing went over seas. I have been learning herringbone patterns, what "board" shorts are, and other odds and ins that a clothing person needs to know. Finally, I have been researching a new niches to add to my pipeline, used tires. I can use Fedex and just slap a label on the tire and ship as is.

    Thanks for the videos and information. I would be interested in hearing you guys talk about ways to identify vintage clothing (forgive me if you already have in a past podcast).


  66. Proof pop culture effects what sells, sold both of the Prince records I had listed within minutes of the news of his passing; $57 for maybe $1 COGs:

    1. This happens all the time in the card market. If a player passes away their cards see a bump for a day or two. There's always the debate is it ok to profit off the death of a celebrity. If your intent was to sell the items to begin with and they were already listed I don't see an issue. if you really look at it the media and businesses regularly profit off of death all the time. Any 9/11 item you buy someone is profiting from a terrible event or every magazine you buy with a story in it about a celeb death. Someone is always profiting off of a bad event or death. Reality of the situation.

  67. Absolutely... I had these records on sale already, not because he died. And I would never make a "RIP Prince" shirt to sell or anything.

  68. For me, slow would be a welcome predicament- I haven't had a single sale in weeks- It's happened before- But my sales tanked after the holidays and have been intermittent ever since, which didn't happen years before- I put most items on sale in March which resulted in some purchases but otherwise, super, super slow for months on end- Don't have a niche per say, do have clear photos, Best Offer on all, compact descriptions and plenty of keywords in listing title- Yep .. isn't happening for me as of late- You guys have a great trip!! Enjoy!!

  69. I've been totally out of the loop with the eBay spring seller update because I am obsessing over my new Amazon business. Finally came back on here last night and saw the info about the price increase at eBay. My Anchor store, which was probably too big for me before, will be history next month. I will go to a Premium store or maybe 2. The increase would not be so bad if not for the downturn in eBay sales in general. Right now I am still in emotional reaction mode. I will look at the numbers and figure out what I need to do today. My other knee jerk reaction is somewhat more worrying. This may backfire on eBay in a big way and hurt everyone using that platform. Their earnings and stocks have already been down.

  70. Hey guys, Congratulations on taking the leap into the world of Amazon FBA. A couple of years ago I was emailing back in forth with Jay about the potential & appreciated the genuine curiosity. So glad you are willing to give it a good try. I genuinely hope that you find it a successful adventure! Since our emailing I have expanded to sending items over to Amazon UK. But ebay is still my first love & I recently found a couple of pairs jeans that should sell for at least $1000 each. Take care! Magi H