Goodbye "eBay Scavengers". Hello "Scavenger Life".

After seven years, the famous Ikea Hackers blog is being forced to change its name by Ikea because the blogger used the Ikea name without permission. It sucks because Ikea Hackers is such a great blog where the community comes together to share tips on how to use the furniture in ways that Ikea never intended. Smart, creative, and wonderful.

Unfortunately it also happened to us several weeks ago when eBay sent us a legal notice that was infringing on their trademark. I guess we could have been angry, but why? When we started the blog we never thought anyone would care so we didn't really think through the ramifications of what a trademark is. It's just a name.

So as you see, we're changing our name to "Scavenger Life". We're still eBay scavengers, but we've always been more than just people who scavenge to sell on eBay. First, we were people moving to rural America to live more frugally. We were learning to grow food, how to build, how to live healthier, how to sleep more restfully, how to spend more time on personal projects, how to become part of the community in a small town.  But we learned that living cheap isn't enough, and eBay helped us solve this piece of the puzzle. By scavenging all the treasures lying around, we could make the money we needed because you need money to live in this world. This new name, "Scavenger Life", will make more sense as we post about the other ways we find freedom because our life isn't just about making money.

As you also probably noticed, we have a couple sponsors on our sidebar who are helping fund our ability to spend time on this blog. The more we blog and podcast, the less we can list. We love selling on eBay so it's a careful balance. The advertising is an experiment like any of our eBay experiments. Hopefully everyone profits.

We will continue to post two podcasts a week, plus a Q&A so we can solve our common questions. We'll continue to share our numbers and be as transparent as possible about our evolving process since we enjoy talking about our mistakes and how we solve them. Our future goal is to also make more videos to show what we do. Video is fun.

In the past year, we LOVE all the emails we've gotten from people who tell us what their life was like and how scavenging helped them become independent. Instead of being afraid of giving away "our secrets", we realize we're just joining an existing network of other people who are learning to live the way they want. There's so much abundance. Let's have fun.


  1. Love the new name! You guys are great and glad to see the blog and podcast are paying off! Thanks for all you do. I've learned so much from you and everyone else sharing their knowledge. Keep up the great work!

  2. Love the new name. I had a minor heart attack when I saw the words Goodbye Ebay Scavengers in my blog roll! By the way there are four other blogs in my blog roll using the word eBay in their blog name. I wonder if they got a notice too.

  3. To be honest, I was wondering how you were getting away with using ebay's name in your blog title. A couple of years ago, Jessica from the Resale Thrifter (formerly the ebay thrifter or something to that effect), got a cease and desist letter from ebay. I found a couple of links to her old blog posts about it here:

    and here:

    Jessica doesn't blog about reselling anymore, but her blog is still up and it's still a good resource for sellers. She also has a great walk through on how to file taxes.

    I love the new name and look forward to many more posts and podcasts from you. :-)

    1. After we received the letter from eBay lawyers, I did some research. There are other sites that eBay has forced down so it shouldn't be a surprise. This is why we just found a new name. It's taken us the last week to do all the technical changes we needed to switch over.

      But it is strange that eBay seems to arbitrarily choose which blogs to go after. I know several eBay blogs that use "eBay" in their title that have been around for awhile. They are commercial too. Who knows why they are allowed to exist. Corporations are weird.

      As long as eBay is a stable place for us to make money, I'll put up with their quirkiness.

    2. My Ebay email address is ebayrick---- wonder if that is going to cause them some heartburn?

    3. I doubt that eBay ID's would be a problem. Probably just blogs and websites that customers could confuse with being apart of eBay.

      What's strange is that if you do a quick blog search, there are plenty of independent websites with the eBay name. Strange why eBay doesn't take down all these sites.

      But doesn't matter. A name is just a name.

    4. You two market eBay better than eBay itself. It's a shame that they are shooting themselves in the foot. I have received so much encouragement from your podcasts and blogs, hence I opened a store of my own. My friend said "This is a case where you have legal department shooting the foot of the marketing department. Ebay should know that ebay scavangers has created more dedicated ebay sellers than they (ebay) probably realize". Thank you for finding a work around. You have so many dedicated listeners and readers. Keep up the good work.

      Debbie from Los Angeles

  4. Love your blog & your new name. I too wondered how you got away with using eBay. I really want to check out your store. How do I find it? Could you include it on your home page or something.

  5. Please keep up the good work, thanks for all of the advice so far and looking forward for more podcasts

  6. So I just got top rated seller status and just got a hassle free return. I was a little confused since I never turned it on. I called ebay and they told me it is a requirement for top rated status so you have to opt out. Which is what I did. Just a FYI

    1. That's good to know that Hassle Free Returns is now a requirement. We actually like the system.

    2. We do not have it turned on and we are Top Rated. I think the eBay person you spoke with misspoke.

    3. It was on and I did not turn it on, the setting to turn it off was very hard to find.

  7. I don't care what you call it, I'm just glad you are continuing the blog. Though, I do like the new name. It's crazy when you think about how much business you bring to ebay by educating new sellers and old ones like me. Keep up the good work.

  8. THANK YOU for taking the time to blog for us each week. So many episodes and discussions have helped to answer questions that have nagged at me, grow my business, and encourage me to keep going. I truly appreciate it. Love the videos too, especially Ryanne's how-to shipping videos; super helpful. Keep it all coming, please!

  9. I don't mind the advertising, as long as there aren't any annoying popups.

  10. Thanks for continuing the blog. You guys are awesome!
    I admire your decision to just adapt and move forward rather than becoming angry and resentful. Much more productive than a drama fest. Kudos to you.

  11. eBay has made the same mistake Ikea did. Why go after someone who is actually providing free advertising and bringing you more business. A lot of people buy Ikea products after seeing the cool conversions on Ikea Hackers. Likewise, I think a lot of people have become better sellers and sold more items because of "Ebay scavengers." It's a modern example of cutting off your nose to spite your face. Oh well - Scavenger life is a better name as now we'll get to hear more about the other types of scavenging you do. Our gain, eBay's loss

  12. For the person who asked how you choose which countries you use Global Shipping, I wrote a blog post recently about customizing Global Shipping if you don't want to use it for all of your listings. The reason to do this is so that you can still offer first class shipping to some countries like Canada. It's a pain in the butt to set up initially but you can choose which countries/regions you want to use GSP and which you don't. You can read more on my post here

    1. hey nancy
      great tutorial. do you have a link to an item where you've applied this rule? from what i understand, if you have the check mark checked for "Send to US Shipping Center", it will override any of the specifics you listed if the country is accepted into the GSP. for example if your buyer is in Australia, it will automatically default to GSP if that check box is checked, as it is in your last screenshot.

    2. Thanks Ryanne. The customized rules apply to all my listings. To see it in action you should be able to view any item in my store. For example look at this item and then go to shipping details and then change the country to Australia, Canada or United Kingdom and then click on Get Rates. You'll see there is a First Class option. That's because I opted out of GSP for those countries. But then if you choose Sweden as the country you'll see that FCI isn't offered and it is the GSP rate. I hope that makes sense. I just went back over my tutorial and it is a little hard to understand the way I explained it. If anyone has any questions I'd be happy to try to make it clearer.

    3. ah yes, i see on your listing that for certain countries that you mentioned, GSP is not the option. i'll have to look at the tutorial again and make sure i'm not missing something in the process. i'll try it on a listing as well and see how i do!

  13. Boo Hoo this is like when WWF wrestling had to change to WWE :(.

  14. Love the new name. I guess I'll have to start brainstorming a new name. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before I get a letter, too. There were so many blogs with ebay in the title when I started mine that I didn't even think about there being an issue.

  15. Hi! Love the podcasts! Just to weigh in on the Global Shipping Program as a Canadian ebayer - it's WAY too expensive for shipping! It might work to the benefit of sellers, but I know I've passed by more than a few American auctions because of the astronomical charges associates with Global Shipping. Just tonight I was going to get a $5 book using "buy it now", but didn't, simply because of the $22 (!) fee. I can't stress enough what a turn off that is to foreign buyers. For U.S. sellers reading this, if you want to increase sales, don't use Global Shipping, or at least mention in your listing that you're willing to ship otherwise if requested.

    1. Sorry, but just to clarify my post in terms of how expensive GSP is - it was a small and light pocketbook being charged $22 for postage, not a large and heavy hardcover book.

    2. I use First Class International (as long as the item is light enough) for Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, because I've never had an issue selling to those countries. For all other countries, I use GSP. It's nice because you can pick and choose which countries you want to use it for.

  16. Love the name and looking forward to everything! I've been following the blog and it has been my support system these last few months. I have another question!!

    Does anyone know how to assign a newly listed item into one of your store categories in the new listing format? I can't seem to find it…..

  17. I'm sorry to hear you got that letter, but I do like the new name and graphics. After reading your post, I decided not to wait around for my letter. I'm no longer Cray Cray for eBay. The new blog name is Garage Sale Heaven and the url is

    1. Yeah, I don;t know how aggressive eBay is with their trademark protection, but at least now you're good to go. I would like to go to a Giant Yard Sale in the Sky when I die.

  18. I know it's not that big a deal, but I find it funny how ebay, in the midst of the hacking incident, and getting spiked by google in search, is ever vigilant in policing random pro-ebay blogs with "ebay" in their name.

  19. I find it funny that you were asked to change your name months after having the blog talked up on ebay radio =-/

    At any rate it doesn't matter, we would listen to you even if you called yourselves the Dancing Santa's, so just keep the content coming and we will keep listening !

    Tony and Deidre
    The Mississippi Scavengers

    1. Global Shipping is reasonable over 3 lbs, but extortionate below for shipping to Canadians:
      Ounces US ==> Canada
      |Letter max 0.25" x 6.125 x 11.5
      | |Flat max 0.75" x 12 x 15
      | | |Parcel
      1 |$1.15 |$2.29 |$6.55
      2 |$1.15 |$2.50 |$6.55
      3 |$1.61 |$2.71 |$7.65
      3.5 |$2.08 |$2.91 |$7.65
      4 | |$2.91 |$7.65
      5 | |$3.12 |$8.80
      6 | |$3.33 |$8.80
      7 | |$3.54 |$8.80
      8 | |$3.75 |$8.80
      12 | |$4.79 |$9.55
      16 | |$5.83 |$10.95
      20 | |$6.87 |$12.35
      24 | |$7.91 |$13.75
      28 | |$8.95 |$15.15
      32 | |$9.99 |$16.55
      36 | |$11.03 |$17.95
      40 | |$12.08 |$19.35
      44 | |$13.12 |$20.75
      48 | |$14.16 |$22.15
      52 | |$15.20 |$23.55
      56 | |$16.24 |$24.95
      60 | |$17.28 |$26.35
      64 | |$18.32 |$27.75
      - from
      p.67 - sizes
      p.46 - prices

      For thin items especially, 1st class is cheap. Canada Post seldom charges any duty or taxes, at least up to $110 or so. But Global Shipping would have cost me about $40 vs $3 on item 291161334007
      You can either opt out for the item (see )
      or invoice later in ebay or paypal, altering shipping.

      Cheaper shipping means that sellers will have more buyers bidding higher - if they use the option. Only downside is no tracking, but most people & post in Canada/UK at least are trustworthy.

      Other notes -
      I've listed mainly using Turbo Lister 2. I find much it much faster than online listing & use the ebay Business Policies for shipping, returns, relisting, & more.

      Pix - I take 1600x1200 & use the free Irfanview to tidy up.
      - I include a white ruler
      - to show size
      - for auto white balance in Irfanview
      - Crop to show item & ruler
      - Shift-U for auto contrast & colour
      - Shift-G for white balance, possible lightening
      When I save, i use the RIOT plugin to reduce the jpg to 200kb for quick up- & down-loading. I usually use all of the 12 free pix ebay gives us now. Th

      Organization -
      I have an ebay directory with a directory for each item I have for sale with the pix & copy inside. I may just trust the Turbo Lister with this in future - I have only listed 100 items so far....

    2. This is data info to see. Should the Canadian government charge fees on all packages from outside the country, but sometimes they choose not to? What is the determining factor whether or not a tax is charged? Since the US does not have duty fees or import taxes that buyers pay, it's confusing.

    3. Canada Post has the official policy, i think, of not taxing commercial packages <$10cdn or gifts <$50cdn. When they do, it's $5 + GST(5%) +provincial sales tax (0-10%) on value + duty, if any.
      However, I have not had anything taxed on many shipments $1-$120.

  20. I'm thinking eBay came after you 'cause you have a popular podcast that may draw away from their eBay radio audience. I used to listen to them until I heard them interview Ryanne and that's how I found your podcast. To me they're now unlistenable.

    The new name is great, says it like it is.

  21. Sorry to hear about those legal notices! That sucks! The new name does at least provide a broader umbrella for you to share your other "Scavenging" and "non-consumer" life adventures. I love the sound of those!

  22. I am sure you helped some eBay lawyer justify his existence by changing your name. Your content remains the same.

    I enjoy reading. Thanks.