The Treasure Hunt: How To Find and Organize All Your Local Yard Sales

When we spend a day hitting yard sales, it's usually a haphazard system. Grab the local paper and circle the sales, make a list, and figure out the best route. Often we just hit the first few and then wander around looking for signs of more sales. We love serendipity.

But a listener suggested we try the Yard Sale Treasure Map. It's a free app for iPhone/Android that lets you enter in info and it makes the best route for you. The mobile app even hooks into Craigslist to suggest sales in your area. Cool!


  1. I tried a few rummage sale apps and found that the Yard Sale Treasure Map works the best. I used it in Mesa, AZ and now here in So. Dak. You can pick the day you want to search and the distance you're will to travel. I'm checking a few out today.
    Be careful to double check the address as sometimes people pin the wrong place on the CL map and lead you astray.

  2. I used to use the online version of this. My phone is just too hard to use for this type of thing. According to the website's blog the owner will try to bring back the website minus the Craigslist content. I just tried it out and although the site is still there it was bringing up nothing. I hope they do bring it back soon.

  3. How do you guys create yo listings? Do you find a similar item and use the "sell it yourself" option or do you create each listing from scratch? I sell part time and am offline a lot of the time and would like to be able to create the listings offline and then upload them all at once. Do you guys use this technique? Thanks, I enjoy the podcasts.

    1. i just list on the site itself, we have so many listings, that i just do Sell Similar in my own store and then change the photos and measurements and title. you can list offline with GarageSale if you're on mac or TurboLister on pc. but there a lots of other listing tools out there if you google more as well.