Scavenger Life VIDEO: How To Pack Delicate Glass Lamps & Light Fixutres For Shipping On eBay

biodegradable bubble wrap
regular bubble wrap
shipping tape gun
fragile stickers
USPS ebay printing labels
USPS roll of 1000 Priority stickers


  1. I use the same labels you do except the ones i buy have a die cut border around the outside of each label. It gives you just enough room to write information about the item. When you peel the label off. The info stays on the sheet. I usually write the item name and what kind of packaging im going to use.

    1. i used to buy the die-cut rounded border ones too because they look nice like a thermal label. but when i'm finished with the backing paper i shred it to make more packing material and that extra sticky border was jamming up the blades. so now i stick to the full 1/2 sheet labels and i love them.

    2. When you are putting this up for sale how do you know how much to charge for shipping. When you mail other items that are not floating I usually add about a lb to what it weighs for padding and box and been good. But with what you did how would I know that is a lot of padding and boxes. I am still new and avoid things like that cause of packing I want to stop that:))) Thank you for you video it was GREAT!

    3. i added several extra pounds plus a handling cost for shipping supplies and time. it was a guestimate. but with the ebay shipping discount it all came out to be the right price.

  2. Thank you so much for the great information. I packed some delicates today using your floating method. I am now confident it will make it across this country in one piece.

  3. Thanks for taking the time & energy to make this video. I found it extremely helpful. (And can we see more of your kitties?)