Scavenger Life Episode 77: What's Happening In Your eBay Store This Week?

Wendy and Mikey start up listing again and see immediate results. Cool sales this week include a vintage lambs fur hat, used oil paints and a first generation iPod Coach brand cover.

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We've included our weekly Ebay numbers below. In the comments, go ahead and post what you've done this week. And let us know if there are other numbers you want us to share.

The Weekly Scavenger Numbers

Jay and Ryanne’s Store Week Dec 15-21, 2013, 2013

  • Total Items in Store: 2993
  • Items Sold: 52
  • Total Sales: $1,843.53
  • Highest Price Sold: $74.99 (Set of hockey sticks)
  • Average Price Sold: $35.45
  • Returns: 2
  • Positive Feedback: 36
  • Neutral Feedback: 0
  • Negative Feedback: 0
Mikey and Wendy’s store Week Dec 15-21, 2013, 2013
  • Total Items in Store: 1044
  • Items Sold: 20
  • Total Sales: $436.79
  • Highest Price Sold: $54.00 (Coach iPod Case)
  • Average Price Sold: $21.84
  • Returns: 0
  • Positive Feedback: 9
  • Neutral Feedback: 0
  • Negative Feedback: 0


  1. I have that same hat Mikey and Wendy. Thanks a lot! Now I have a point of reference. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. Jena’s store Week Dec 15-21, 2013

    Total Items in Store: 753
    Items Sold: 25
    Total Sales: $781.00
    Highest Price Sold: $60.00 (Women's Baffin Snow Boots)
    Second Highest Price Sold: $60.00 (Women's LL Bean Snow Boots)
    Average Price Sold: $31.24
    Returns: 2
    Positive Feedback: 20
    Neutral Feedback: 0
    Negative Feedback: 0

    Pre-Christmas was down a little for me as I was consistently hitting a thousand $$ a week prior to that. It's starting to pick up now and I expect to be hitting my numbers again soon as I went on a 4 day shopping spree and got some fabulous finds in boots, scarves, wool shirts and jackets which are all perfect for right now!

    Getting a number of returns this week also...including my favorite...a wool scarf, which the buyer said "was wrong size or didn't fit" in his return comment. You gotta love 'em!

    Happy New Year's everyone....make this your best eBay year ever!! Jena

  3. Jay, Ryanne:

    I think this is the podcast where you asked if anyone has used the USPS insurance and had a claim. I sometimes use USPS insurance and sometimes use Ship Cover.

    I had two claims with the USPS insurance. I had both a good and a somewhat run-around experience.

    The first time I had a claim I had mailed 5 beer steins that were made out of (I think) clay that had been fired in a kiln. One of the steins was worth more than the other 4 steins put together. I will give you one guess which 1 of the 5 steins was broken while being shipped. The buyer contacted me and was pretty good about it as he could see I packed it pretty well, but these are difficult items to ship.

    He said he spoke to his post office and that clerk told him I, the shipper, had to initiate the insurance claim. It didn’t make sense to me, but I went to my post office. My post office clerk said the receiver had to initiate the claim. We went back and forth a couple of times and the receiving post office finally took care of the claim. It wasn’t horrible, but I think the buyer ended up speaking to a different postal clerk.

    The second time I had a claim with USPS insurance it was a breeze. The buyer did most of the work. I don’t recall now whether I had to do anything or not, but if I did it was real easy.

    1. This is good info. Ryanne recently initiated a claim w/ USPS because we had to issue a partial refund on a broken item. It was surprisingly painless because they mailed us a check.

      I think its best to assume that we, the seller, need to do all the work on claims. Most buyers don't want the hassle beyond emailing some photos.

      I also think USPS looks at our account to see if we're serial claimers. I bet if we made a lot of claims, then they'd out us through more hoops.