Scavenger Life Episode 75: What's Happening In Your eBay Store This Week?

Jay and Ryanne have had a very productive week. Still on a listing frenzy for the holidays, their sales have reflected this. Ryanne encourages you to buy shipping supplies before Dec 31st, so you can write them off on this year's taxes. We've stared a Pinterest account for showcasing our store, so far it seems to be working, though we can't be 100% sure. An interesting sale this week was $120 on 6 Starbucks mugs purchased for less than $5 at auction. Check out eBay's completed Starbucks listings, they are insane.

Links we mention Mr. Money Mustache: the extreme early retirement blog, USPS Shoe Boxes, TwitterFeed, Brother Laser Printers vs. Zebra Thermal Printers and sticky paper for printing ebay shipping labels.

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We've included our weekly Ebay numbers below. In the comments, go ahead and post what you've done this week. And let us know if there are other numbers you want us to share. 

The Weekly Scavenger Numbers

Jay and Ryanne’s Store Week Dec 8-14, 2013

  • Total Items in Store: 2960
  • Items Sold: 73
  • Total Sales: $2,508.51
  • Highest Price Sold: $179.99 (vintage southwestern wool blanket)
  • Average Price Sold: $34.35
  • Returns: 1
  • Positive Feedback: 31
  • Neutral Feedback: 0
  • Negative Feedback: 0
Mikey and Wendy’s store Week Dec 8-14, 2013
  • Total Items in Store: 1007
  • Items Sold: 21
  • Total Sales: $468.90
  • Highest Price Sold: $50.00 (multimeter)
  • Average Price Sold: $22.33
  • Returns: 0
  • Positive Feedback: 12
  • Neutral Feedback: 0
  • Negative Feedback: 0


  1. Jena’s store Week Dec 8-14, 2013

    Total Items in Store: 740
    Items Sold: 35
    Total Sales: $1228.76
    Highest Price Sold: $85.00 (Large...17 in. diameter.. vintage wooden bowl) Took offer from BIN price of $95.00
    Second Highest Price Sold : $75.00 (Men's Chippewa Motorcycle Boots) Took an offer from BIN price of $95.00
    Average Price Sold: $35.11
    Unpaid: 0
    Positive Feedback: 20
    Neutral Feedback: 0
    Negative Feedback: 0

    This week has been steady...nothing too crazy all at once, but sales did add up. I am concentrating on getting items listed that need to sell in the winter and some items that would do well for gifts. I am listing and selling winter scarves...always good sellers and getting harder to find in good, clean condition. But on a recent shopping trip I scored nearly a dozen, so they're going up today!

    I managed to get every man's winter sweater listed that I have in inventory. It was a huge effort, but it is paying off and they are flying out the door.

    On the administrative side, I ordered my new Brother laser printer, per Ryanne's recommendation...I think I got the newer model than the one she has. It's still in the box because I'm too busy listing and selling to set it up...AND I upgraded to a new MacBook Pro so my husband can have my beloved MacBook favorite laptop ever. He's been lusting after it for months now...The new laptop is also still in the box...I'll be reviewing and ordering shipping supplies before Dec 31 for the write-offs.

    We are so completely snowed in that there was no mail delivery yesterday and probably won't have any again today as the snow is falling again. Thankfully my mailman called me and we were able to meet at the end of the street so he could pick up my two huge Ikea bags of EBay packages going out!

    Hope everyone is snug and warm, sitting by the light of their computer screens for that last minute push! Ho, ho, ho!!!

  2. Hey y'all so I could be wrong about this but I believe that the next day shipping on ebay is only dependent on you uploading tracking info. So if you purchase your labels and print them out the tracking will be generated

  3. Then you can sit on it until whenever you are ready to ship and. to get penalized. This seems to be the way it has worked in my experience. Great work as always!

    1. hi ben
      this is partially true, while that would work for the first 2 days after you print (in ebay labels you can post date your label for the next day or the day after) after that you are kind of screwed. my post office noticed that i did that and called me and said "this post mark was for yesterday" etc. and if i printed her postage out this week and waited 10 days, they might invalidate the label that i've paid for. so it sucks either way.

  4. Hmmm interesting the post office calls you out on that. I guess we are always subject to their personal whims. It might be worth a try though. I have had luck shipping packages with labels printed a few days prior. Hope something works out one way or another

  5. Nice podcast - thank you. On eBay automated returns - ouch. Had a silver plate flatware service for 12, Godinger, Old Bouquet pattern. Gal buys it, gets it, takes 2 spoons out of the set and proceeds to use a HAMMER on them. She makes stuff out of silverware apparently. Shatters the 2 spoons, files with ebay - item not as described - emails me tells me what she did. Stuff comes back. I don't get a choice on the refund and my restocking fee does not get taken out. $350 set that now is no longer service for 12. Contact ebay, they see her email admitting to hammering the silver plate and destroying it, and am told that was the cost of doing business, dear seller. Even though buyer "altered" the item by using a hammer on it, I had to eat it. My solution was to buy 2 replacement spoons (more out of pocket expense on this item), and try to resell again. And, eBay did not refund final value fees because the "item was not as described" according to this destructive buyer. And it hit my DSR's. Needless to say, no way will I use auto return again. My biggest complaint on returns in general is the buyer mis-use of the concept "item not as described". Bythebaroness

    1. We've never had eBay go against us if we have proof that a customer damaged the item. Especially if they wrote you an email admitting as much. Doesn't make sense.

      But we've all had a bad sale before. It happens when you sell multiple items on eBay. can't let it ruin the whole the store. Give the refund and move on.

  6. USPS claims - you can now file on line on USPS website, much better than back in the day when seller had to take item to their P.O. and fill out paperwork. BUT, and there is always a but, keep track of your timing. Post office will deny a claim if you did not submit all info and photos on your claim initially saying you missed the 30 day cut off for providing it. So try to have a jpeg of your ebay sales record and a photo from the buyer of the broken item when you initially file the claim. If you have it together the system is great and you get a check in the mail pretty quickly and this can be a win-win for you and the buyer. Now, as soon as I hear from buyer this happened, I write back ask for them to email pics, as soon as I get that I refund their money so they don't have to wait, then file my claim with post office on line. Have not tried the other insurance alternative ebay offers because I am happy with the USPS claims process. I do sell a lot of art glass so this has been a life saver.

    1. This is great info. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Adam and Emma’s Store Week Dec 8-14, 2013
    Total Items in Store: 470
    Items Sold: 13
    Total Sales: $439.93
    Highest Price Sold: $50 (Silver Reindeer Stocking Holder)
    Average Price Sold: $33.84
    Returns: 0
    Positive Feedback: 5
    Neutral Feedback: 0
    Negative Feedback: 0