Scavenger Life Episode 70: Selling Vintage Slides and Photographs on eBay

Flickr Creative Commons photo by FlorianSimon

Have you noticed those mysterious boxes of adventure that span the globe? They're hidden under old table cloths and in dusty boxes along with musty shoes. They are boxes of memories left by families that have scattered. They are adventures of the young and carefree, and the focused intent of hobbyists honed in on a particular passion: birds, orchids, the wild, boating, or Disneyland. Yes we're talking about vintage slides and photographs! Listen in on Wendy and Ryanne as they discuss how they might make a living, or maybe an art project, out of old 35mm Kodachrome slides. We talk about how to digitize and scan slides for listing on eBay. Worth a fortune or just another distraction?

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  1. This is just for you ladies...and this podcast.

  2. Wendy and Ryanne, we really enjoyed this episode, this was very enlightening. We never even thought about selling slides before and we don't come across them too often but will definitely be looking for them now. Thanks for sharing ! Btw, we love you both and never miss an episode so please keep it up.

  3. I once found a polaroid film box full off what looked to be a 70s swinger party. I sold a few of them back in 2011 and kept the best ones. I buy vintage color snapshots. I look for square prints and have to have some sort of period piece in the photo. I prefer ones without people. And if the photo costs more than a few bucks, it is not worth it. I sell on ebay as well for supplemental income as my husband is an artist and we travel a lot.