Scavenger Life Episode 69: What's Happening In Your eBay Store This Week?

Vintage warming trays- they look so cool, yet are bulky and delicate. Truly a scavenger dilema! Bought for $1, sold for $60.

Wendy and Ryanne talk about what's going on in their eBay stores this week. Things are picking up for the holidays, especially since both of us are on a mad listing spree. We answer some listener questions and Ryanne suggests you go stream as many episodes of Antiques Roadshow as humanly possible.

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We've included our weekly Ebay numbers below. In the comments, go ahead and post what you've done this week. And let us know if there are other numbers you want us to share. 

The Weekly Scavenger Numbers

Jay and Ryanne’s Store Week Nov 17-23, 2013

  • Total Items in Store: 2894
  • Items Sold: 55
  • Total Sales: $2,899.39
  • Highest Price Sold: $499 (24 rolls of designer wallpaper)
  • Average Price Sold: $52.70
  • Returns: 1
  • Positive Feedback: 37
  • Neutral Feedback: 0
  • Negative Feedback: 0
Mikey and Wendy’s store Week Nov 17-23, 2013
  • Total Items in Store: 1029
  • Items Sold: 22
  • Total Sales: $565.73
  • Highest Price Sold: $55.00
  • Average Price Sold: $25.72
  • Returns: 1
  • Positive Feedback: 7
  • Neutral Feedback: 0
  • Negative Feedback: 0


  1. Adam and Emma’s Store Week Nov 17-23, 2013
    •Total Items in Store: 444
    •Items Sold: 14
    •Total Sales: $687.66
    •Highest Price Sold: $150 (Vintage Shadowbox Wall Decor)
    •Average Price Sold: $49.12
    •Returns: 0
    •Positive Feedback: 3
    •Neutral Feedback: 0
    •Negative Feedback: 0

    1. This is amazing. Affirms my hypothesis that if you maintain 500 items in your store inventory, you'll usually gross about $2k a month.

    2. you are so close to 500! keep it up!!

    3. Thanks guys! Yes Jay - Your numbers are very accurate. We are up around 460 items before last weekend but were out of town (not listing) so our numbers went down a bit. But last month with around 400 items in the storey we sold approx $1200 worth of items. This month at 450 we are looking at selling around $1400 - $1500 worth of items. We are at that spot where we are starting to struggle (just a little) at building the store up to 500 because we are selling more. Which is awesome! If our plans go through the way we are thinking they will - Emma's last day of work will be Jan 4th. So she can work on the store full time. That should help the numbers significantly and free up a bit more time for me to "Treasure Hunt".

      I feel like I should make shirts that say ... "I listened to eBay Scavengers and it worked" or something. Ha ha

      Adam - TMC

    4. The shirt should say "Shut Up and List".

  2. Jena's Store Week Nov 17-23, 2013
    •Total Items in Store: 720
    •Items Sold: 28
    •Total Sales: $1025
    •Highest Price Sold: $150 New Red Wing Pecos Steel Toe Work Boots...went to Israel
    •Average Price Sold: $36.60
    •Returns: 1
    •Positive Feedback: 8
    •Neutral Feedback: 1
    •Negative Feedback: 0

    So this was a week of frustration, with LOTS of email questions about items that didn't result in sales and a neutral feedback from a guy who, first of all, got a great deal on a pair of high-end shoes...then wrote and said that he had "measured" the shoes and they were size 9.5, not size 9 as I had them listed. I replied, saying that the size as shown inside the shoe (and in the pictures) clearly showed the size as 9 and I couldn't list them as some other size, PLUS, I provide measurements for comparison to shoes he already owns. Then I asked him if he wanted to return the shoes. The next thing I know, he leaves a neutral feedback saying I should list the correct size of the items I sell. What??? Seriously, should I just eyeball the shoes and say, hmmmm, these look like about a 7 1/2...

    Second highest sale was a vintage tablecloth or wall hanging of the state of Hawaii. I had it forever in my antique store and couldn't even get anyone to look at it...I put it up and decided that it was, after all, pretty cool and would look amazing on the wall of someone's beach house. Asked $150 with a Best Offer and somebody paid $85...I'm happy!

    Things are slow leading up to Thanksgiving, but that gives me a chance to clean up by pig-pen of a work space. Happy Turkey Day, everybody! Jena

  3. We are interested in the automated return program ebay offers too but we we have no idea how it works. If anyone can enlighten us on this subject please leave a comment. We want to get involved but not at the expense of paying original shipping charges on returns. HELP ! tell us what the deal is please!

  4. You can use managed returns and still require the customer to pay return shipping. You just need to make sure you select your return policy of lets say 14-30 days and check that buyer pays return shipping. It is pretty easy to use and it makes customers happy which can lead to return buyers. I use it for my store all day long.

    1. Thanks Steve but my question is about the original shipping charges. Can you set it so the customer does NOT get the shipping charges they paid to first get the item? because I don't pay that now.

  5. ok well I found the answer but it leads to another question.... first here is the answer ...

    Do I need to refund the original shipping charges?
    As a seller, you may decide to refund them or not, at your discretion. However, if the item is being returned because it is not as described, you must refund the original shipping charges that were paid by your buyer.

    ok so this being the case it seems it might prompt the buyer to look for a way to say "not as described" to get out of paying the original shipping as opposed to not being in the program and the buyer telling the truth because they don't know they can get out of the shipping charges by lying and saying not as described. I mean it just looks like to me that this program helps bad buyers learn how to game the system. just imho.

    1. I see it the same way. If you search on Amazon forums, sellers always complain about Amazon's generous return policy because buyers often say "not as described" so they dont have to pay shipping. This can be painful for sellers who have very low margins.

      Ive spoken to eBay sellers who like the Automatic Return Program. They say its easy to ask eBay to make buyers pay for shipping.

      I'm personally not sold. Its great for the buyer for sure. I would rather have a brief conversation on why an item is being returned. We'll always accept a return and give a refund, but its nice to have the human touch.

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