Scavenger Life Episode 55: What's Happening In Your eBay Store This Week?

Just in time for October 31st, Wendy sold a 10¢ vintage Halloween book for $40.

Wendy and Mikey talk about what's going on in their Ebay store this week. A big technology sale boosts their weekly earnings to over 3K. Our Goggle Hangout listing spree with other ebay sellers was a success and also very fun. Ebay allows us to ship USPS Priority to Russia again, but sadly with no insurance options.

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  1. Having tracking in international packages is smart. But if the tracking does not say "delivered", then the seller is still liable. We've always had good experience with shipping to Russia, but it is concerning if we can't insure packages anymore. Now it'll be a gamble.

    1. Actually the seller is not liable. Once I ship something via Priority Mail I am covered by PayPal Seller Protection. I win no matter what. It begs the question "why insure anything" that falls in the realm of PayPal Seller Protection. That is to say items of less than $250 in value. It is still necessary to respond to claims to be covered, but all PayPal needs is a tracking# to let you off.

    2. according to ebay you must prove it was delivered. see text on the ebay buyer and seller protections here:

      "If the buyer has an item not received issue, then a resolution would include:

      Responding to the issue by providing proof of delivery (for items valued $750 or over (based on the total amount of the sale, including the cost of the item, shipping charged by the seller, any other fees seller may charge, and any sales tax), we also require signature confirmation)

      Coming to an agreement with the buyer to deliver, and actually delivering, the item or a replacement item or

      Refunding the buyer the full cost of the item (including any applicable sales tax) plus original shipping"

    3. and you can see their seller protection terms here:

      "How sellers may be protected from losing a case

      For eligible item not received cases, sellers are protected from losing a case if they ship within their stated handling time and provide tracking information before the buyer or seller asks eBay to make a final decision. To be protected, the tracking information will need to show proof of delivery from a shipping company that clearly displays:

      the delivery status of the item as "delivered"

      the date of delivery (which reflects the seller shipped within stated handling time)

      the recipient's address, displaying at least the city/state or ZIP code (or the equivalent) of the address listed in either the eBay Order details page or the PayPal Transaction Details page, and

      for items $750 (or local currency equivalent) or more (based on the total amount of the sale, including the cost of the item, shipping charged by the seller, any other fees seller may charge, and any sales tax), proof of the recipient's signature to confirm delivery is required where such signature confirmation service is available from at least one shipping company."

    4. Gotcha so here is the difference between a eBay Case and a PayPal dispute come in. International buyers tend to open PayPal Disputes in which the buyer is seller is covered by just providing a Priority Mail or better tracking#. In the case of eBay cases the rules you have cited apply.

    5. the same Proof of Delivery rules apply to PayPal cases opened for "Item Not Received", read details here:

      "If you're responding to an "item not received" claim or chargeback, you'll need to provide Proof of Delivery from a shipping company that meets the following conditions:

      It shows the status as delivered.
      It confirms the date the order was delivered.
      It includes the recipient's address, including a minimum of the city & state, city & country or zip/postal code (or equivalent).
      For payments of $250 USD (or local currency equivalent) or more, it includes proof of the recipient's signature to confirm delivery.

      For all transactions, keep proof of shipment and delivery that can be tracked online. If your buyer picks the item up in person, or you can't provide traceable proof of delivery, your transaction won’t qualify.

      For payments over $250 USD (or local currency equivalent, including shipping and tax) or more, be sure that you have signature confirmation of delivery in addition to proof of shipment (See above). If a buyer files a claim, you must respond to our requests for information as outlined in our communications to you.

  2. Vintage Holiday items are one of the first things I scoop up at garage sales. You often times come across a random 'garbage bag' full of vintage halloween and xmas decoration from the 50's - 80's. I've had good luck selling paper Halloween decorations in small lots. I sold a lot of 12 paper Halloween items a few months ago for $42 + shipping. They weren't in perfect shape either ... it's helpful if there is a brand/year to make your item more searchable. The hardest part for me is letting Halloween stuff go ... I'm a collector myself! But keep your eyes open for those 'junkie' paper items that are 25 cents in the corner!


  3. This is all good info. Thanks for sharing guys.