Scavenger Life Episode 53: What's Happening In Your eBay Store This Week?

Jay checking out the German countryside while we continue to sell on our eBay store!

Jay and Ryanne are on a month long European adventure while they continue to sell stuff for the holiday rush on eBay. Stuff we talk about in this episode include: the PayPal Debit card, great for buying and keeping track of your merchandise and business expenses. Google Voice, where you can get one phone number to go to several phones (so Jay and I have one number) and make phone calls over seas for free.

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  1. I love that you guys did the show from the train ... makes me feel a little bit like I'm somewhere else other than my cube for a few minutes ... what a fun lifestyle!


  2. Sometimes I think we make the podcast just for you. Our goal is to get you to sell enough to quit your job.

  3. I do love your podcasts and await them eagerly each week. However, suggesting that Carhart jackets are worn by "rednecks" and when they get "too dirty" they are cast off is really condescending. Those of us who work in those jackets, don't routinely discard them when they get dirty-they're designed to get dirty and still be incredibly useful. Also, there is a pervasive tone of contempt for the people who are part of an over consuming culture (and I completely agree with you on this point) and yet you make a living because of this. It's ironic, I know. Isn't there some way convey the point of recycling this merchandise without being so snarky? I've been thrifty my entire life and I also sell on etsy and ebay and don't dis my sources of vintage merchandise. Routinely, I meet people who are happy to have their items go to someone else to treasure and enjoy.
    Finally (and I promise to then stop ranting) people who don't sell their stuff on ebay aren't necessarily lazy, nor sitting in their lounge chairs. When my Mom passed away, I didn't sell her stuff on ebay. I could barely keep up with everything I had to do related to her passing, so I had a yard sale. Lazy, no. Exhausted, yes. Thea

    1. I'm the guilty one here, Thea. My family are rednecks which is one reason why we chose to live in a rural area. And trust me, my cousins would be bowled over if they understood that hipsters in LA/NYC/Europe would pay big money for their old work clothes. When I walk around my small town, I enviously eye the guys wearing beat- up Irish Setter Red Wing boots (

      I certainly don't mean to make fun of anyone. It's just so weird that I can regularly walk into thrift stores and buy expensive, almost-new shoes for under $5. Or find working electronics that seemed to have never been used. I'm so glad we live in a country where people donate. Americans are the most generous people. It's just strange that there's so much of it. Our country ships containers full of clothes to other countries because we don't know what to do with it. Americans rent storage rooms to hold the stuff they can't store in their houses (Storage Wars!).

      And it's also endlessly interesting to me when we go to yard sales or flea markets. I meet sellers that have awesome items where they've printed out eBay pages that show how much these items sell for. Of course the price is sky high and that's the price they want. I sometimes ask why they don't sell on eBay because they'll never get that price in a rural flea market working out of the back of their car. Usually the guy will say that he tried eBay and had a bad experience. Fair enough; eBay isn't for the thin skinned. Some guys also admit that living in the cash economy is important to them. No paperwork. No taxes. But if they choose to not sell on eBay, they're going to leave money on the table. It's not laziness, but it is a choice.

      So I'll make sure my future tone expresses my true more wonder and amazement. We shouldn't be able to make a good living selling great items that still have so much value. It's really incredible.

    2. Thank you so much for your truly thoughtful reply!!

  4. I think we can adjust our tone to be more supportive of our sources and customers.

  5. I am not offended and a good part of my family are Rednecks. I enjoy the podcasts. I actually like the episodes about What is happening in your store. Those help me what to learn what sells and what I should buy. Also, it has taught me to think outside the box when it comes to sourcing. Oh ya, bring me back some hash brownies. j/k

  6. I just happened to find you guys and your podcast/blog at the exact time I needed to. Even if you aren't doing the show just for me (obviously you have many fans/listeners) the timing of your shows and your themes really just line up perfectly with where we are at in the process. Dumb luck? Fate? I care not - I'm just glad it happened. :)


  7. Jena's store Week Oct 27-Nov 2, 2013

    Total Items in Store: 748
    Items Sold: 23
    Total Sales: 879.00
    Highest Price Sold: 95.00
    Average Price Sold: $38.21
    Returns: 1
    Positive Feedback: 13
    Neutral Feedback: 0
    Negative Feedback: 0

    High price items this week were: Vintage fabric 7 yards = $80
    Woman's sheepskin coat = $80, Men's John Varvatos boots = $75 and Vintage Irish mohair throw (went to UK) = $95.

    Tonight sold a lot of 5 vintage staplers to a set designer in Calgary, Canada for $50. Woo Hoo!