Scavenger Life Episode 49: What's Happening In Your eBay Store This Week?

Bought for $50, sold for $950. BOOM!

Jay and Ryanne talk about what's going on this week in their ebay store. We had a slow week after Labor day, but things really picked up when we sold another piece of furniture, a fancy sink and some new in the box Lineman's boots. As long as it all averages out at the end of the month, we're happy.

Our tip of the week is to always have a back up printer. If something goes wrong, you don't want to be stuck without one! Remember to check out our favorite Brother Laser printer.

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  1. Man We've definitely been having that feeling like "someone turned our store off" this week. We had a great first half of September, then we had two non-payers and no sales in the past 4 days. We are just pounding through more and more listings to try to keep our minds off of the stuff that isn't selling. And you are right about that feeling of helplessness that slowly creeps in ... you start to doubt the items you have in your store and the prices you have on them. Hopefully things start to turn around here this weekend!


  2. Love all the great podcasts! You mention a laser vs inkjet printer. Why do you choose laser? Now I'm thinking it's time to buy a back up! Thanks for the great info. :)

    1. The laser printer simply prints many times more per refill than an inkjet. Its just B/W too, so no worries about color.

      This is laser printer we love:
      Plus you can easily refill the toner for very cheap.

      You can see all our resources we use here:

    2. Plus the Laser toner is waterproof so it will not bleed, run or fade with rain or moisture. If you use an Inkjet, you may want to be safe and put a piece of clear tape across the customers name and address.