Scavenger Life Episode 45: What's Happening In Your eBay Store This Week?

A nice score of vintage Apple software free from the trash.

Jay and Ryanne talk about traveling and having their eBay store in vacation mode. USPS has a new program where anything sent Priority worth $50 and less gets free insurance. Nice! Also, we'd love to hear from you about what kind of experts we should interview in upcoming episodes.

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  1. Score! I was going to say you guys are so lucky but I know you are always scavenging. Great job!

  2. I haven't listened to the lighting expert show yet as I'm writing this ... but I am very excited to after I post this! A few different experts that I think would be helpful would be the following:

    Jewelry Expert - because you always see piles and piles of jewelry but I mostly think it's costume jewelry. How can you decipher what is good stuff vs. junk? Is some of the vintage 'junk' actually not 'junk' at all?

    Watches and Clocks expert. It seems like watches sell like crazy on eBay and I see them at yard sales frequently but am never sure what's worthwhile ... is there a certain list of brands to watch for? Do they need to be in perfect condition to sell well?

    Vintage Photography Equipment Expert. You often times come across a box of random gear that looks vintage and cool but again, how do you know if it's worthwhile other than hovering over the box looking up items with your iPhone for 30 minutes? Is it good to buy old camera stuff just for display items (if so how old is old enough?) or is it best to buy functioning vintage gear? I always worry about these items because I never know exactly how to test them.

    Antique/Vintage Toy Expert. Masters of the Universe? Ninja Turtles? GI Joe? Barbie? Is this a world that is best left to the pros or can we all just dive in and start selling old used toys? What do we need to know about quality before purchasing?

    Glassware Expert. There is almost always a table of random glassware and trinkets on a table at every garage sale you go to. Porcelain figurines, Avon Perfume/Cologne Bottles, Decanters, Serving Dishes and Trays. What should we be looking for in a quality glass piece? Country and Maker? Date? Pattern? All of the above?

    Military Clothes / Weapons Expert. Military items seem to sell well, but are there important key things that you need to know before listing items? How do you identify what war something is from or it's age. Are all patches worth picking up or just some? Knives, holsters, backpacks, jackets? What are the key items to keep your eye out for - common or rare? There is a guy on youtube who is also an eBay seller named Will who goes by the name Terminal99 - He seems like he might be an ok guy to interview. Also I really like watching his channel because he updates everyone with what he buys and what he pays. He spends a little more on items than your average scavenger I think but he often times has big returns from the risks he takes. Just a thought -

    This might be more recommendations than you were hoping for ... but as a newer seller I am VERY hungry for knowledge! :)

    Thanks for your continued hard work on the show!


    1. I just added your suggestions for interviews to our list. Now we need to find these people. I want to find out all this stuff too. Good idea.

  3. I just grabbed a tv from the curb of someones house. Its a Sony and I am thinking I can sell it! We shall see. My first trash find.

  4. Awesome. Test it out and do a search on Sold items on eBay. Big electronics are a little tougher to ship, but you can't beat the profit margin on free.