Scavenger Life Episode 44: A Look Back and Into The Future on The eBay Scavengers Podcast

Always scavenging. NYC is a prime place to turn trash into cash!

We all look back on what has worked, was surprising and inspiring and what we can look forward to in the future on the podcast. Also, Jay gets in a fight with a homeless dude in NYC over who gets first dibs on NYU trash night.

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  1. I LOVE Wendy's idea for interviewing specialists ... I do not know how to identify metals, as an example, unless it's printed on the metal somewhere. So I always list items as "looks like brass, but metal hasn't been tested" ... no confidence there. So if you guys have the know how of how to do specialized stuff like that, please share! Or if you know someone who does that would be really helpful.

    I agree with you guys that the audio podcast is definitely the way to go. I personally listen while I'm at my regular job where I wouldn't be able to sit and read a blog or watch a 20 minute video. I've re-listened to many episodes to just try and keep absorbing the info.

    I love the interviews with other sellers. Even if the sellers aren't 'Pros' it's sometimes nice just to hear other people's struggles and successes ... and I think it helps to build and strengthen the Scavenger community more.

    You guys are great and I love you all for your help and friendship! Look forward to another 44 episodes (and more)!


  2. Thanks Bruce. Comments like this keep up motivated. We're also excited about interviewing specialists who don't necessarily sell on eBay. In my opinion, the only real "trick" of a good eBay seller is learning the hidden value of items that are commonly looked over.

  3. phew!!! when your podcast didn't arrive on Sunday night I thought "oh no"!!! guys are my Sunday night entertainment while I list! You keep me motivated to keep listing when I don't feel like it:)

    love the interview learning how others do it and what they do it with. For instance, I am hooked on steno pad listing now and also picked up some power adapters to list at the thrift store the other day:)

  4. where's the links to your ebay stores on this website? I'd like to see how the pro's do it.

  5. Hey Dennis,

    We do not share our store names or link to them at this time.

  6. I would love to hear from some professionals like jewelers, furniture specialists and antiques. Kind of like antiques road show. People who can tell us what to look for.