Scavenger Life Episode 40: Interview with Sharon and Sam from ShopCheap 1980 in Australia

Jay and Ryanne woke up at 6am EST (now that's dedication) to interview Sharon and Sam from ShopCheap1980 an eBay store in Australia! The similarities to a US ebay store are very close. They shop at auctions, flea markets and thrift stores too. Only difference is that they have to bring all their boxes to the post office. No Australia Post pickup for them. Visit their store at ShopCheap1980. Thanks Sharon and Sam!

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  1. Hey Guys,

    Another great episode. I have a question about returns. I recently had given to me 200 old Vinyl Records. Alot of which were beetles. I got pumped bc this would take my "hobbie" into store mode with well over the 300 items. I had two people so far send me comments that although the case was in excently condition the vinyl was kinda rough. Im not a expert, nor have a I really had experiance listening to a vinyl record. So I always comply with the buyer and either refund w the item in return or comp the shipping an everyone is happy. Am I getting ripped off? My goal is never to have a unhappy customer if I can help it. So what would be your idea on selling records...or should i just bundle them in a lot and say as is...I got these all for free!!!

    Thanks again


    1. I think it's fine to sell old vinyl in not-so-great condition. Just be sure to describe the albums as exactly that. ebay buyers are quite savvy and will not fight you if you describe the items well.