Scavenger Life Episode 38: Our Process and How We Make a Living on eBay - Wendy and Mikey

Wendy and Mikey talk about their process of running an Ebay store.

We cover buying and sourcing, organizing, cleaning, photography, listing, selling, shipping and customer service. Everyone has a different way of running their business, this is how they do it. Check out the tools they use: Yard Sale Mapper for finding yard sales in your area. Terapeak- Mikey and Wendy use Terrapeak and the Terapeak iPhone app to research and accurately price items they scavenge. GarageSale to build their store template and list all their items. What they don't use are....notebooks.

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  1. Great episode guys. I love vintage electronics like you Mikey. When I can find it for a reasonable price I jump on it. Missed out on a pair of the old Bose speakers at an estate sale. As I showed up a guy was loading them in his vehicle, still had the price on them. I think they were 901s if you are familiar with those. $50 bucks.

    1. I hear you on the speakers. I just some JVC's this week and last summer picked up a sweet set of JBLs that we use in our living room. Speakers are a little big for me to ship so for me to buy them they have to be a noteworthy model and priced very low.

  2. I hear ya. I know you guys like to try and stay with small items when it comes to selling. I bought an old philco console radio with built in record player. I am going to try and sell it as local pick up. Who knows what will happen but I might be able to make some coin on it. Mikey I was checking out some of your other websites and you and Wendy should check out Very cool website! Right up your alley.

  3. Best pod cast yet. Hilariously entertaining when you know exactly where your coming from. Great Job!

  4. too funny that you were poking fun of the steno pad that Jay and Ryanne use:) That was the one thing that I picked up from the podcast of their process that I LOVE!! Perfect for me to take my notebook with me on the run and have everything I need to do some listing:) Just proves the point that you never know. Loved hearing about all your sales and the items you sell. The four of you are continually inspiring me:) Cheryl