Scavenger Life Episode 37: What's Happening In Your eBay Store This Week?

Vintage Patch- Paid less than $1, sold for $120. Adobe Illustrator CD- Free, Sold for $35.

Mikey and Wendy talk about what's happening in their store this week. Exciting moments include an actual flood, big sales of vintage patches and Adobe software. A genuine Louis Vuitton wallet purchased for $20 at a yard sale may fetch over $1200 on Buy It Now. Also, the dreaded moment when your beloved postal worker gets transferred, leaving a new carrier to figure out your USPS pick up quirks has happened to them.

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  1. "Calculator Porn" - ha ha

    We had a similar problem last month with our basement store getting flooded ... ours was through natural disaster rather than a man made machine malfunction but equally annoying and time consuming to get back into the flow of things. We wound up having to do some work to the exterior of our house as well as replace tear up and replace carpet ... had to move our ENTIRE store to the garage ... which is only 100 items or so, but the shelves and furniture and everything else down there was a lot of stuff to be hauling back and forth.

    Like these guys said - be aware of ANY potentially damaging elements in your storage area - keep stuff off the ground in the basement if it is prone to flooding and away from open windows.

    Thanks for the episode guys!

    The Mysterious Caravan