Scavenger Life Episode 35: What's Happening In Your eBay Store This Week?

Saddle and fabric selling bonanza in our store this week.

Summer sales have been picking up for us as we sell several high dollar items in one week. Thrilling, yes. But the more consistent smaller sales are what will keep you afloat in slower times. Shout out to Sam and Sharon who are ramping up their ebay store in Australia, thanks for writing in! Also another one of our listeners has started The eBay Freshman blog chronicling his eBay scavenging finds and methods.

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  2. holy cow! after listening to you guys talk about selling fabric i've been wishing to learn for myself. just this night we dumpstered many large rolls and folded pieces of fabric. our back seat is full and when we take everything out of the car tomorrow we'll have to take pictures of the haul. i'm pumped!