Scavenger Life Episode 32: Storage & Organization. Tips on How to Store and Organize Your Ebay Store Inventory.

This episode is all about how we store and organize our 1000 and 2500+ item ebay stores. Organization and storage are critical to a successful ebay store. It doesn't have to be difficult- some plastic bins, metal shelves, duct tape and a sharpie can easily get the job done. Check out the slideshows above to see how we store all our stuff.

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  1. Nice episode guys! We are definitely going to have to invest in some sturdy, floor to ceiling styled shelving soon. We only have 50 items in our store but the 1 room we have dedicated to the store in the basement is starting to fill up ... and thats with keeping our boxes/shipping materials in the garage for now.

    Man what I would give for some awesome out buildings like Jay has! That looks so nice! It's like a warehouse! Mikey - Those metal shelves, remind me of when I used to work for an Italian Restaurant as a server ... and my boss had a thick bushy mustache like yours ... the way you are posing in that photo I just imagine a cartoon bubble coming out of your head saying something like "Now thatzza a pizza!"

    But seriously - thanks for sharing your spaces - what a useful episode.

    Adam - The Mysterious Caravan

  2. That was a great episode. I currently work out of an extra bedroom. I'm running out of room fast. I only have about 60 items listed and hundreds more to list. I don't know yet if my organization works yet, but I package my items after I list them. It helps to be able to stack boxes and envelopes.

    I want to thank the four of you. I started selling after I first found your podcast. I have learned so much and I'm learning more everyday.

    Walt - Karens Quality Treasures

  3. Hey Walt-- We also began by packing everything as we listed. However this gets very cumbersome once we started doing volume. Plus, you get a potential buyer that has a question, and then we had to unpack to answer.

    If you must limit yourself to one bedroom, Mikey's system seems to work up to 1000 items. The big key is not buying large items.

  4. Yeah, if I package prior to sale I ALWAYS get some off the wall question about the item. Also it seems that the stress of trying to get things packaged, gives me some zen like clarity about the cheapest way to ship it. lol I have unboed items from flat rate and shipped fed-ex after the sale because of where the person lived. So pre-boxing is a little tricky I would only do it for flat rate #1, and #2 I would only do it if I really was confident I would not have to un-box it.

  5. I met an eBayer who sold brand new suits. He had some connection to an outlet and bought them wholesale. He said he would pre-box everything around holiday time. This only worked because it was the same exact brand. But pre-boxing one of a king items has a lot of pitfalls. Plus we can store a lot more items on shelves when they arent all boxed up.