Scavenger Life Episode 31: What's Happening In Your eBay Store This Week?

Sometimes summer sales are slow! Creative Commons photo on Flickr by Robb North.

Jay and Mikey talk about whats going on in their stores this week. Jay and Ryanne have been burned too many times on auctions, so they're calling it quits. They both agree that summer sales aren't bad, but they're definitely slow. Jay and Ryanne get a surprise when Richard Sinnott, Michael Kors Creative Director of Accessories and Footwear buys a bunch of shoes from them.

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  1. Love this episode guys! Great pointers ... your honesty about your lifestyles and your stores and your 'other' projects really helps make things translucent for your listeners. Having other projects that are made possible by the income from your eBay stores is our ideal goal as well. You constantly give us something to look forward to with every episode! Also - I think I got WAY to excited when I realized there were two new episodes from you guys today ... I think I've somehow become addicted to your banter and pointers. I'm not sure if it's healthy or not at this time...

    Adam - The Mysterious Caravan

  2. Thanks Adam. Always good to know when people are listening. The back and forth is helpful. We encourage everyone to suggest topics or give feedback. Lets make some money.

  3. Yeah this podcast is like a modern day mother earth news!! Love it! I too was salivating over 2 episodes!!


  4. Mr. Atari - Yes! I don't know what it is about hunting for treasures to flip on eBay, listening to other people talk about their success selling on eBay and bargain shopping ... it's like a drug for people like me. I just get pumped up about it!

    Adam - The Mysterious Caravan

  5. Yeah, I really see it as an insane positive feedback loop that almost makes me high.
    -The actual hunting for items
    -Finding a treasure in a pile of junk
    -Listing it online with the best presentation
    -Selling it
    -Shipping it as efficiently as possible
    -Getting good feedback from the buyer

    Every step of the cycle is exciting. This of course makes us nerds.

    1. You have said it perfectly Jay. Every step seriously is gratifying. One of my favorite parts of this process is seeing all of my items listed together and just scrolling down through them. It's like what you and Mikey were saying ... you look at an item and you can remember where you got it, how much you paid for it and how excited you were when you first spotted it.

      You just feel like a real 'winner' when you take an item from being dirty under a pile of junk, pay $1 or less for it, clean it up, research it, photograph it, list it ... and then there is that anticipation ... wondering ... will someone actually buy this dog shaped candle I bought for $1 ... and how much are they going to be willing to pay? (answers are yes - and $25 + shipping). :)

      Adam - The Mysterious Caravan

  6. Yeah, I forgot about the researching part. It is very cool to research the history of items. See the fashion of the time, how things were made, the story of a long closed company. I know more about the US manufacturing of clothing than I ever thought possible. Go 1930's unions!