Scavenger Life Episode 29: What's Happening In Your eBay Store This Week?

Thanks to Adam from Mysterious Caravan for this awesome anti-scavenger, anti-dumpster dive photo. wow.

Wendy and Ryanne talk about what's going on in their ebay stores this week. Wendy and Mikey just came off 5 weeks of vacation mode with no second store sales to show. Fortunately, sales picked right up when they got home. Ryanne continues to experiment with 7 day auctions with mixed results.

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  1. You guys make me laugh so hard. I just discovered the podcast and I listen when I'm working after midnight. We've been selling on ebay for years - not to the level you do, but we sell a lot (BorisBasement) and I totally relate to the non-payer story, the person who bids it way up then runs off, all of it.

    Keep up the great work and make more podcasts!

  2. Great show as always! i love the bit at the end of this show about the 'special skill' it takes to spot amazing items. Having an eye for items that have value where others would pass it up is not easy for everyone and for those of us doing this and having any level of success doing this, we should be proud that we have that skill! Being able to hit 10 yard sales and leave behind the garbage at 9 of them and bringing home 2 or 3 quality items from the 10th one is not something everyone can do.

    Pat yourselves on the back scavengers - you are amazing. :)

    Adam - The Mysterious Caravan

  3. Agreed Adam. Ultimately I think running a successful eBay business takes three key skills:
    --Having the eye to find valuable items at a low price. As you say, you must avoid hoarding junk because it's cheap. It's much better to have fewer items that sell for a lot of money.
    --Having the self-discipline to list items regularly. I hear the quiet screams of people who buy at yard sales each week and rarely list. Their stuff slowly invades the home, taking over every inch of livable space. Always be listing.
    --And lastly, having the professionalism to ship quickly and honestly deal with buyers. It's fun/sad to go through a seller's feedback who thinks customers are the enemy. Just ship ASAP and treat people the way you want to be treated.