Scavenger Life Episode 27: What's Happening In Your eBay Store This Week?

Jay and Ryanne arrive home from traveling to a bunch of cool stuff to ship. Some big ticket items too! We answer two listener questions about how to list items a month at a time and when to start an Ebay store rather than just listing items individually under your username. Thanks to Adam of The Mysterious Caravan and Charles for writing in! Check out the Ebay stores price list to do the numbers and figure out which level works for you.

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  1. When you list items good til cancel they run until sold or ended by you. And at the end of the 30 days when it relists, it keeps the same URL and item number.
    The one major advantage is that after 30 days, google and other search engines pick up the listing. This is a major advantage. Now is someone searches on google for an item, and your key words match their search, your item will pop up in the search. I get a fair amount of traffic from google and other search engines.

  2. Good info. Are you saying that you list for 30 days, let it end, then re-list again at 30 days? And this is how google re-indexing the listing?

    Will this work for items that are listed "good till cancelled'?

  3. No, I list items GTC. If you let the item end and then relist, you get a new URL and I believe a new item number. This would start your 30 day process over.
    If you list with GTC, same URL and same item number.

  4. Understood. "Good till cancelled" makes the most sense. Let it ride.