Scavenger Life Episode 26: Interview with Jena from Jumble and Clutter

We have our first interview with long time Ebay Seller Jena from Jumble and Clutter, also, she's Ryanne's mom. We talk about how she got started, how she evolved from the early days of listing auctions on dial up to having a large fixed price store that is her full time job. Check out her Ebay store here. Check out GarageSale, the Mac software she uses to write and post her listings.

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  1. Thank you, Jena for explaining why I am uniquely suited to this ebay thing! I'm an old econ major so part of me backslides into thinking "if I am picking this stuff up in thriftstores for a quarter, so is everyone else." So, I get, as you say, bottlenecked in the listing process and don't stay with it long enough to keep a presence and build on it. At my age, the other interesting unique skill I am finding is that I immediately easily date clothing just because I've always sewn, etc. I see so many vintage clothing sellers struggling with confusion. I recognize the sewing techniques, availability of fabrics and equipment, etc. and can place the time period quickly and easily. It helps me zero in on that very plain dress that is NOT plain at all but all the other thrift store shoppers see nothing. Add that to my connection with data processing and the internet (similar to you - and I started my career as a keypunch girl! bought my first home computer in 1988 - it was an "88" I think in size I found out later - even before the 288 and 488, etc.) and yes, it does make us valuable and unique in a sea of ebay sellers who don't have quite the same eye and mix of skills. I needed to hear you today - thank you!!