Scavenger Life Episode 22: eBay Store Vacation Mode - Traveling in Portland, Oregon

Visiting The Pendleton Woolen Mill Store in Portland, Oregon. A stunning experience for any wool nerd.

Ryanne and Jay are traveling for 12 days out west while their eBay store is still up and running on vacation mode. They talk about the pros and cons of not being able to ship while stuff is selling. Overall, it's a great experience to be able to continue to make money while traveling.

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  1. So you stated that the Goodwill outlet is the "Last Stop" but I have also found that some stuff seems to go direct to the outlet, bulky or items that do not fit the "tj maxx mold" I am able to visit the outlet when visiting portland oregon, but in my state you must register as a reseller to even gain access to the outlet. I am going to do it soon, but havent gotten around to jumping through their hoops.

  2. That's interesting. I guess it makes sense that the Goodwill Outlet would have the bulky items too. Or maybe the stuff that isn't nice enough for their stores. You pay by the pound, so its not dirt cheap. But if you're patient and hang out there for several hours, we've found some interesting items. Scavenging!

  3. I heard you comment on paying $80 to ship a package home from your trip. Don't know how much it weighed, but do you use Fedex Ground? You could ship a dead body quite a distance for $80 via Fedex Ground. I believe the max size is 3 sq feet, don't know if that would be a limitation.

    1. we shipped 3 huge boxes home for $80. we went straight to the post office in portland and another time in rural New Mexico. the post office was convinent and i know they deliver to my front, covered porch when i'm not home. i will compare to fedex ground, though i find that the FedEx type stores charge a premium on top of the online quote because they are a retail outlet rather than a main FedEx hub.