Scavenger Life Episode 21: Finding Macklemore - A 'Thrift Store' Scavenger Hunt

If you aren't one of the over 300 Million people to have watched the 'Thift Store' video, click the link and check it out. Produced by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, a pair of independent artists, the video has gone more than viral- Thirft Store is the first independent song to hit #1 on US charts in over 20 years. Mikey and Wendy theorize that Macklemore is or has been an eBay seller. With a deep knowledge of what is valuable in thrift stores and dumpsters, is Macklemore among us on eBay? If you think you found him, link to his store in the comments!

Direct .mp3 link. Direct ogg vorbis link.


  1. HAHA I'm listening to this now! I listen to this song every time I get bored and it makes me ohhhh so happy!!!! We sell mostly shoes....a good portion are used Jordan's! ( I sold a ratty pair for $500 once upon a time!) The line about the velcros makes me giggle every time! I love that you guys took the time to dissect this song and video! I would love to know if y'all ever found his store!?!?!?

  2. I would also love to see the knock off video's!!

  3. I absolutely love this episode! FYI when I take my 8 year old daughter to the thrift store this is our theme song (minus the F-word). I listened to a lot of the more current episodes. I like the other couple as well. It inspires me to hear other ebay sellers that are also homesteading and living outside the box!