Scavenger Life Episode 19: What's Happening In Your eBay Store This Week?

We sold a lamp from our eBay store to the set designer of Mad Men. And look, there it is!

Jay and Ryanne talk about an exciting week in their eBay store. Seeing a mid-century lamp debut on Ted's desk on Mad Men a few months after it was purchased by Mad Men set designer Claudette Didul. Also, after many years of putting everything at Fixed Price, Buy It Now, they decide to put a necklace on auction and it grosses enough to pay their mortgage for a month!

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  1. I too sold an item to the show Mad Men. It wasn't a nice lamp like this one but only a pair of vintage pyrex lasagna dishes. They paid full price and shipping via their fed ex account. Thought it was a very cool story. They buy such great things. Must be a fun job don't you think?

  2. Totally! Imagine how much money Madmen must spend on buying all that furniture and everything. It seems like it'd be thousands for each set design. I bet eBayers are a great source for them.