Scavenger Life Episode 12: Ryanne and Jay's eBay Lifestyle

Hey, I'm hanging at the beach, but my eBay store is still selling!

Jay and Ryanne talk about what it is to live the eBay lifestyle. Always on the hunt, always scavenging, but also always selling. Even when we travel to look for cool stuff, visit family or do freelance work, our store is open and ready for business.

This episode brought to you by all sizes of Sharpie markers. I've recently bought the Sharpie Magnum and it's brilliant at covering print on old boxes for shipping.

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  1. Hi Jay & Ryanne, I'm relistening to your podcasts again. In this one, you mention that you guys put in about 40 hours. Now is that combined, or each putting in his or her hours? Because of your podcasts, I've been looking for real estate further out from the city. I'm right outside of Chicago, and there isn't much here that's inexpensive. My goal is to have this house paid off in 5 years, sell it (which will give us a nice chunk of change), and then move out into the country, I really love these types of podcasts too. Very inspiring. Between Mr. Money Mustache and You guys, my ideas about living life have completely changed. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and lifestyle with us!

    1. On solid eBay weeks, we each put in 40 hours. This is scavenging, photographing, listing, and shipping. Other weeks, we may only put in 15 hours each. Some weeks none. The point is that we front load the work so we have a large inventory, and then can be very flexible in our schedule depending on what projects we're working on.

      I love MMM. That's an inspiring community for us. He was lucky to have a high paying computer job that helped him save all the money he needed. Selling on eBay solved our issue of just not being able to work for other people. Even for 10 years.

    2. Yes, he was lucky. But he still works, he's got the blog, his rental and other carpentry work that he does. It's all about freedom. We love scavenging and traveling and the ebay lifestyle would work really well for us. I do work for myself, but I do have to go to my office and meet with clients, etc. Business used to be good, but isn't so much anymore (my hubby and I used to work together, but he got a job as our business wasn't paying the bills anymore) and my heart's not in it anymore either. My goal is to get listing and selling as much as possible so that I can convince my hubby that I can work from home and make a similar, if not better income with ebay. I'm slowly convincing him. I will be downloading all of your podcasts for him to listen to.

      If only all our debts were paid off. We still have quite a bit of consumer debt left and are living very frugally to pay that beast off!! Thanks so much!!!

    3. Yeah, it's funny when people hear "early retirement" and think "no work". I think we'll always be doing tasks or work because we're active people. Now though, we get to pick and choose what we want to work on.

      When we started selling on eBay, we also did a deep look at our spending, debt, and bills. Just being aware of our money, allowed us to cut our bills in half. We're slowly paying down debt as well. Mainly house/land investments. ( Did you see our post on saving $$$ on our cell phone bill?!)

      Ultimately, just got to get started.

    4. I did see it. And I want to investigate it some more. For now, I'm the only one with a smartphone, but I have my hubby, one of my sons, my mom and my MIL all on my contract. But I want my hubby to get a smartphone too. I was planning on waiting until next year to get him one, but if I can make it work? We'll see. Thank you for your replies and for sharing the phone post. Love them! Have a great and productive day! :)